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Worst hosting in 12 years experience

The people at Hostnine are nothing but a bunch of chuckleheads, except for Matt. To reach Matt though you may need to place your call at 1 a.m. The company has no understanding of the meaning of timeliness. Tickets hang and hang forever.. then finally 10 days later someone contacts you and asks if this was ever taken care of. Then that person botches things up and in order to fix the problem you need to talk with someone else from a different department. When that person finally responds rather than look up your tickets they ask you redundant questions.. waste more time.. maybe help you.. or maybe just forget about you and hope you go away. Nevermind trying to contact them by phone during regular business hours, you will be forever on hold until the system finally boots your call. The way they operate with other people's livelihoods is nothing short of sabatage. Hostnine is absolutely the most unreliable, unbothered, unprofessional hosting experience I have ever encountered in 12 years of running online businesses. Unless you're a fan of ulcers, migranes, anxiety attacks and anger issues avoid H9 at all costs. They will shorten your lifespan and rob from you your quality of life, peace and happiness. They're complete ******* worthless idiots.

Biggest Pro: cheap and not worth a single cent of it
Biggest Con: heads up asses

Avoid Hostnine or risk your site and visitors

HostNine seemed to be the answer to my dreams. The transfer to them from my previous host was seamless. Their monthly billing of $3.95 was ideal for me. I could try them out...but everything went well. Except for one downtime of a few hours after about a month with HostNine, I never noticed any other problems...or so I thought. It is my guess that they decided to increase their price to $6.95 a month to be paid a year in advance and wanted to weed out those of us only paying $3.95. You would think they would just discontinue that lower rate and give their customers the chance to leave or upgrade to the new price. I wasn't given such an opportunity.

On 4/11/09 my site was shut down with no warning. I then discovered an email from them that I had been suspended for exceeding their acceptable memory and cpu usage. The problem was very easily corrected, which I then tried to do, only to find that I had been totally locked out of my account. I couldn't even access my files via ftp. I emailed them and asked if they could fix the problem and reinstate my account. They merely responded that they could no longer host me and that I needed to look elsewhere. I had been with them for 9 months with no problems. Couldn't they have let me know ahead of time that there was a potential problem that needed to be fixed? Was it really better to decide that what was done was unforgivable? I guess so with HostNine. I then asked if they could at least provide me with a backup, so I could get my site back up and operational. The support at HostNine said they could provide a backup. It took me a week to get that promised backup and that was only after I publicly posted a complaint on a popular web hosting forum where hostnine is a member.

And the drama is not over with. I got my normal monthly invoice from HostNine's billing department on the 18th. I wrote them back and told them of my suspension and advised them to contact the support department. I got a response with a link that I needed to visit and fill out their special cancellation form or I would be billed for service! They suspended my account on the 11th, and I was paid up through the 18th! They owe me for those 7 days, but they expect me to continue to pay them?

My cancellation with HostNine went through on the 20th, and they sent me my first overdue invoice notice on the 22nd. I just feel so sorry for those of you that used this pitiful host and paid for a year in advance. Especially those that used a credit card instead of Paypal.

I have done a few searches, and most of the problems people have had with HostNine is that it's hard to cancel billing with them, especially if you used a credit card. I did want to point out that this is another HUGE reason not to host with them. Let me detail a situation for you. Let's say that you are naive enough to sign up with them and pay a year in advance. At their current rate of $6.95 a month, that will set you back $83.40. Let's also say that a month goes by with no problems. You're feeling pretty good about your new host, since they have great uptime and you know you won't ever have any problems exceeding the space and bandwidth of your plan. Unlimited is unlimited, right? Then one morning you check your site, and it's down. You stare in shock and wonder what happened. You paid for a year and still have over 10 months left, so what could be wrong? You then check your email and find a suspension notice that is dated that morning and only a few minutes ago. suspended? For what? They copy and paste a bunch of mumbo jumbo that means nothing to you and inform you that you have exceeded their acceptable memory and/or CPU usage that is detailed in their TOS. You can only blink at first. Didn't I pay for unlimited, you ask yourself? Remember though, that HostNine doesn't know what unlimited means, and they are sneaky in their TOS. If something wasn't covered in their TOS, they will simply edit them to include whatever they say you did. You've been suspended, and you try to see if they will reinstate you. You beg and plead, only to be told that you will need to find hosting elsewhere. You gasp and sputter, after all you paid for a full year. You ask them about your unused months, only to be told that they do not issue refunds after 30 days...but you canceled me, you respond. No we didn't, they spew, we only suspended you. See, that's their trick. They don't cancel your account, they suspend you. Your account and all your files are still there, and won't be deleted until YOU cancel. If you want to cancel billing, so they won't say you owe them even more money, you would then have to cancel. Then they are covered as far as having to refund anything, since you are the one that canceled. How can they get away with it? I'm not sure how it can even be legal, but until someone takes them to court, I doubt it will stop. The only thing you can do to keep them from doing it to you is....Don't host with them.

Oh, and I almost forgot! There was a virus within the backup they sent. At least the removal is as easy as deleting the file.

Biggest Pro: uptime, free transfer
Biggest Con: untrustworthy and unprofessional

DOn't make this mistake by choosing this host

Been with this host of rless than thirty day and still have been unable to get them to transfer my domains as promised. A million excuses and still no solution. Spend you money selsewhere. VERY DISAPPOONTED. CUstomer service does not respond to problems and looks like I will bee looking for a decent host. Are they any out there for a reseller? God what a buch of crap they reseller site are. HORRIBLE for the most part. I just want something that works. Is that too much to ask for!!!!!!! really

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: horrible solutions fix. All talk and no solutions

Constant outages.. every month another drama..

i would avoid this hosting company ..... i love the site, the support is great, the control panel, the price.. great.. but constantly going down and losing my sql databases.. showing visitors a database cannot be found page is not acceptable ... and no backup solution...

Biggest Pro: cheap and looks nice.
Biggest Con: always upgrading or rebooting or some excuse to be down


I can say that HostNine customer support is ok for the reason that they are very polite in answering my questions and by providing assistance. However, I will not recommend this company due their uptime problem.

It's really a very wrong decision when I paid my hosting for 6-months. I'm with them for more than a month already with more than 10-times downtime as well.

But I will still give them a chance since I still have 5-months to go.

Biggest Pro: Customer Support
Biggest Con: Uptime Reliability

HostNine - Highley Recomended!

HostNine is not as popular as many other hosts, well i had a hard time finding them (i was actually recommended by a friend). But the service is great!

When registering, you can pick which server you want to be located on (i selected the Illinois based one, as it's the closest to me). I thought this feature is a great thing that other hosts may want to work on.

I've only experienced very short downtime twice, the first was actually due to my payment delay so let's make that once. I straight away contacted Live Support (which is a great feature that they have), and they assured me that my website will be back within a few moment. (They where just restarting apache, which isn't an unusual thing).

Sever speed is great, i haven't had a problem with slow page loads or anything along those lines, they even provided me with more than enough bandwidth so that wasn't a issue either.

Overall i must say that i am very happy with the service provided. - I'm only paying ~$6 a month!

Biggest Pro: Price, Support, Uptime.

Solid, reliable hosting

I've been with Hostnine for a short while now.

When I originally signed up I was very pleased with the speed in which my website was ready. Admittedly it wasn't instant, but it was ready for use within several hours - and I feel that having each account manually verified has led to a more reliable service (unlike experiences with "instant setup" companies).

They use the latest version of cPanel, and uploading my website was "a doddle". Their FTP is nice and fast, which saves me a lot of time. Speed is good on the most, however, during some "peak internet use" hours it does slow significantly.

I LOVE their Live Chat feature. I have the option to chat with a live operator for basic support questions 24/7. This is just amazing! I've made use of this support several times, and operators are always extremely polite and helpful.

Despite their high level of service they do have some niggling problems:

My welcome email was EXTREMELY confusing. It seems that nobody has actually proof-read the email for a long time, (or at least) nobody proof-read my welcome email. With manual verification of accounts I would expect them to skim through these details as they are vital to the use of your account. I had to make use of Live Chat to actually get my account working and my domain set up.

Fantastico seems to have disappeared. On their website they state that each account comes with Fantastico, and I haven't seen anything of it. This is another suggestion that they aren't quite as organised as they should be.

Live Chat can sometimes involve an extremely extensive wait. Sometimes I feel that I would rather have been redirected to leave a support ticket than waited for such a long time. Then again - I sometimes also suspect that the member of staff on Live Chat might also be manning the support desk. At other times operators can take a long time to respond, explaining that they are very busy. Give them a break Hostnine.

In honesty, I am quite fussy - you may find that the issues above prove no issue to you... Overall I would definetely recommend Hostnine to anyone looking for shared hosting.

Biggest Pro: Live Chat Basic Support
Biggest Con: Lack of organisation

Hostnine Review

I've been using for reseller account and have a bit to say about them. From the start, the ease of creating my account and such was very easy. But then after I've set up a few accounts, some of them had problems. Support has been helpful, but many times my tickets have sat and sat, and I have needed to "bump" the tickets to get response from the tech support team.

All in all, I would hesitate to recommend them to the novice - but would recommend them to the professional web person.

Biggest Pro: Reseller control panel
Biggest Con: many times hosting is down Review

Hostnine was very helpful to me. Being an advance webmaster and knowing a lot of the functions I was already looking for in a host Hostnine was great. Uptime has been great and speed has been great also. Whenever I have had a problem I have used the live chat and gotten it taken care of fairly quickly. The control panel allows me to adjust and modify things that I need to on the fly. My favorite part is the add-on domains. Often I come up with web site ideas in my sleep and I know that my web hosting package can support it because i have unlimited domains I can addon. The services are cheap and afforable without sacrificing quality.

Biggest Pro: Many sites cheap price
Biggest Con: None

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