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I can say that HostNine customer support is ok for the reason that they are very polite in answering my questions and by providing assistance. However, I will not recommend this company due their uptime problem.

It's really a very wrong decision when I paid my hosting for 6-months. I'm with them for more than a month already with more than 10-times downtime as well.

But I will still give them a chance since I still have 5-months to go.

Biggest Pro: Customer Support
Biggest Con: Uptime Reliability

HostNine - Highley Recomended!

HostNine is not as popular as many other hosts, well i had a hard time finding them (i was actually recommended by a friend). But the service is great!

When registering, you can pick which server you want to be located on (i selected the Illinois based one, as it's the closest to me). I thought this feature is a great thing that other hosts may want to work on.

I've only experienced very short downtime twice, the first was actually due to my payment delay so let's make that once. I straight away contacted Live Support (which is a great feature that they have), and they assured me that my website will be back within a few moment. (They where just restarting apache, which isn't an unusual thing).

Sever speed is great, i haven't had a problem with slow page loads or anything along those lines, they even provided me with more than enough bandwidth so that wasn't a issue either.

Overall i must say that i am very happy with the service provided. - I'm only paying ~$6 a month!

Biggest Pro: Price, Support, Uptime.

Solid, reliable hosting

I've been with Hostnine for a short while now.

When I originally signed up I was very pleased with the speed in which my website was ready. Admittedly it wasn't instant, but it was ready for use within several hours - and I feel that having each account manually verified has led to a more reliable service (unlike experiences with "instant setup" companies).

They use the latest version of cPanel, and uploading my website was "a doddle". Their FTP is nice and fast, which saves me a lot of time. Speed is good on the most, however, during some "peak internet use" hours it does slow significantly.

I LOVE their Live Chat feature. I have the option to chat with a live operator for basic support questions 24/7. This is just amazing! I've made use of this support several times, and operators are always extremely polite and helpful.

Despite their high level of service they do have some niggling problems:

My welcome email was EXTREMELY confusing. It seems that nobody has actually proof-read the email for a long time, (or at least) nobody proof-read my welcome email. With manual verification of accounts I would expect them to skim through these details as they are vital to the use of your account. I had to make use of Live Chat to actually get my account working and my domain set up.

Fantastico seems to have disappeared. On their website they state that each account comes with Fantastico, and I haven't seen anything of it. This is another suggestion that they aren't quite as organised as they should be.

Live Chat can sometimes involve an extremely extensive wait. Sometimes I feel that I would rather have been redirected to leave a support ticket than waited for such a long time. Then again - I sometimes also suspect that the member of staff on Live Chat might also be manning the support desk. At other times operators can take a long time to respond, explaining that they are very busy. Give them a break Hostnine.

In honesty, I am quite fussy - you may find that the issues above prove no issue to you... Overall I would definetely recommend Hostnine to anyone looking for shared hosting.

Biggest Pro: Live Chat Basic Support
Biggest Con: Lack of organisation

Hostnine Review

I've been using for reseller account and have a bit to say about them. From the start, the ease of creating my account and such was very easy. But then after I've set up a few accounts, some of them had problems. Support has been helpful, but many times my tickets have sat and sat, and I have needed to "bump" the tickets to get response from the tech support team.

All in all, I would hesitate to recommend them to the novice - but would recommend them to the professional web person.

Biggest Pro: Reseller control panel
Biggest Con: many times hosting is down Review

Hostnine was very helpful to me. Being an advance webmaster and knowing a lot of the functions I was already looking for in a host Hostnine was great. Uptime has been great and speed has been great also. Whenever I have had a problem I have used the live chat and gotten it taken care of fairly quickly. The control panel allows me to adjust and modify things that I need to on the fly. My favorite part is the add-on domains. Often I come up with web site ideas in my sleep and I know that my web hosting package can support it because i have unlimited domains I can addon. The services are cheap and afforable without sacrificing quality.

Biggest Pro: Many sites cheap price
Biggest Con: None

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