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Don't Use Hostnine for SSL sites

A security update with Google Chrome and Apple Safari adhering to the new provisions has caused all sites not using a current security cipher to no longer be displayed. My https site was essentially blocked from users of those browsers with users of other browsers able to view, but with a security message.

Since August, Hostnine has allowed their servers to not be upgraded with the new ciphers. It is now October and I am finding a new host ASAP.

Derrel A.


I have been with HostNine for over a year. Their VPS hosting has been going down every month for the past 7 months. I think I got through 6 weeks without downtime and it was a miracle!! Their online support chat people are great, but their hosting is just terrible. I had 10 VPS servers and just about to be down to 3 after transferring all servers away.

STAY AWAY FROM HOSTNINE! I don't know about shared accounts or dedicated but their systems are just really bad.

Biggest Pro: Online chat people are great!
Biggest Con: Servers down every few weeks. And then take about 30 hours to get back onlnie

Bad Service in Abuse department

Today, seven sites in my hostnine reseller account, was attack for professional spamers, and hostnine give not any solutions. Only they request me that I make several actions form prevent futures attacks.

I think that the server safety is hostnine responsability, no mine.
For this cause I lost customer for the guilt of HostNine.

Host Nine Deletes files!

We purchased a catalog store to have it hosted in our Host Nine account. The installation was flawless and everything worked well. Within 8 hours, our site was down with an error message. We called the company from where we purchased the product and they informed us a file had been deleted. The site was fixed, and 9 hours later the same problem. According to HostNine tech support "This file was most likely removed by our malware detection software automatically, it inadvertently flags some files for using php base encode". Upon further communication, we discovered that not only did their software delete an important file, but they don't have backups of anything prior to it's deletion. As a result, we will have to pay again for installation because their software deleting our files. It should also be noted that the only reason we were aware of the problem was because of a monitoring service.
We have over 90 websites hosted with various companies, and we have never run ito this. Given the fact that their malware randomly deletes pertinent files, I cannot recommend HostNine.

Biggest Pro: initial cost
Biggest Con: randomly delete files,

Perfect VPS hosting

I work for quite long time in the web hosting business, but I was new to VPS hosting.

The main reason for me to get a VPS was to have a plattform, where I can test out all the 'good, bad and ugly' things, which I don't dare to test on my production servers. My choice came to h9, not only because they have the best offer in the market, but also because I'm already a deeply satisfied customer of them.

My small budget for 'fun' let me choose their L1 VPS for as little as US$ 19.95. I was and am still truly amazed about the power of this tiny VPS. I can now test out all the patches and tools with a 'real' root-server in a huge data center without disturbing my production environment. You can't compare this with your own server in your office, just to mention download speeds of 28.9 MByte/sec. I montitor the server with several tools (nagios, munin) and that shows me an availibility of 100 %, beside of the reboots I caused myself.

And of course, not to forget the excellent customer support. They helped me with several very special requests, which went far beyond standard customer care, e.g. installing another OS, kernel-patches, my screwed up sshd_config, just to mention a few. And all that with shortest response time, tickets were always replied within a few minutes.

100% recommendable! (And I mean 100 %!)

Biggest Pro: Reliability, support, price

Horrible customer service, no tech support suspended my account because unbeknownst to me it had been using 100% cpu for so long that it crashed the server. But when I asked them to unsuspend it so I could transfer my site to a new host, my tickets went unanswered. They were submitted on Wednesday through Saturday. Still no response. They say that they offer 24-hour support but that is not the case here.

They advertise they have phone support but if you actually call their number it says the people can only answer general questions and cannot help with technical support or billing questions.

My site just won two awards this week and now no one can even access it. Hostnine's unresponsiveness is costing me new readers, affecting my ad revenue and sabotaging the momentum of my site's success.

Biggest Con: No help when you need it

Fraudalent Billing - Check your billing!

After accusing me of overloading their server, they cut me of without any proof. Now they are chasing and for money never owed from next billing period. Cheap criminals shysters!! AVOID

Biggest Pro: Appear professional
Biggest Con: Worst customer service and billing fraud

Response by Ben Gabler, who is an employee of HostNine:

There is no fraud about this at all. If you follow the directions in the email simply reply to us and we'll void out any invalid invoices. If you received this email it's because your account had unpaid invoices associated with it.

Posted on November 7th, 2009 at 11:15 EST

I lost my face in front of my Clients because of HostNine

I took a reseller account from Hostnine shifting from Godaddy's VPS account. I expected that medium company would provide good service for small webhosting/ webdesigning companies as I had felt some problems from Godaddy (compare to Hostnine, Godaddy's problems were nothing). First 2 months I thougth I got a reliable host. But then problems started to appear - Outrages!. I said clients it is temprary everything will restore soon. This phenomenon became routine. Regarding websites nobody will not care if it is down for few hours. But 'Email's are real Problems. Often my clients start call me complaining about emails. Few my close clients left me. Now I started to shifting my clients to Hostgator. I have tested my few accounts which using email communication lot, and no problems reported after their accuount shifted to Hostgator, By 2010 I will transfer my clients account to another safe location.

Majority of IPs hostnine using are blacklisted. So your emails will get blocked by SPF. They are not providing any security from hackers. I didnt face any delay in getting answer for my tickets, but once one of my account got terminated. They said one of my websites that ever crossed 500 hundred visitors in a month used over CPU. (the real reson : it was hacked and used for spreading spams by some spammers)

Response by Ben Gabler, who is an employee of HostNine:


I'm very sorry to hear about this experience. Do you happen to have a ticket ID related to these issues mentioned in your review? Please feel free to email me directly at [email protected] and I'll do anything and everything I can to get to the bottom of this.

Posted on October 12th, 2009 at 14:34 EST

HostNine Reseller Account offers great value and service

I signed up with HostNine when I first started my online business, and took out the reseller account so I could add unlimited new domains. Actually HostNine were recommended to me by a company who already had a large internet presence.

The Reseller Centre interface shows me all my sites at a glance; I can make changes to each site here or log in directly to CPanel.

On the very few occasions I've needed support, which HostNine offer 24/7, the response has been rapid, direct, and effective - which is exactly what you need if you are an online marketer!

I'd recommend HostNine to anyone or any company serious about an online presence.

Peter, Founder

Biggest Pro: 24/7 customer service with "time to respond" indicator

Don't make the same mistake we did.

Originally we chose this company because they offered 50% off the first year. As they say, you get what you pay for. The staff have managed to screw up just about every aspect of hosting: billing, MX records, DNS records, backups -- if it's important to you, they've probably screwed it up. Their servers are regularly blacklisted, which means that you can't send mail to any mail servers that rely on blacklist information. It's not uncommon for no one to answer the support telephone number, even after you've waited on hold for 45 minutes. Messages to staff go unanswered, and help tickets routinely take more than a week to receive a cursory answer. Solutions, if they come at all, take much longer. The frontline support staff are pleasant, but are extremely limited in their technical knowledge. They will try to help, but in our experience, often make the problem worse because they don't pay attention to details or they simply don't understand what they're doing. If your problem gets escalated to Level 3 support, you might as well go on vacation because you won't be getting a response for weeks. We stayed with them for a year because we kept thinking that the support couldn't possibly get worse. We were wrong.

Biggest Pro: The price
Biggest Con: The lack of technical knowledge and customer service.

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