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% that Recommend 33%
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Overall RatingFootnote 2 47.7%
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A good thing gone horribly wrong

I must agree with many of the previous reviews - when I came on board with, it was as good as I could ask. Issues resolved while I was on the phone, never waited more than two rings for Tech Support, always above and beyond.

Now, I can't access my site, I'm on hold for 5 minutes or more to talk to a Tech, I know they won't be able to fix the issue and that I'll have to wait for an e-mail a few hours later when either they can or can't do something about it, and they NEVER answer their Chat requests.

The price they charge is for a consistently available server with excellent service. Neither applies, I'm shopping.

Biggest Pro: When all is going well - it's great!
Biggest Con: Continuously deteriorating levels of service and support

Very Slow Downloads is now called

At 25.00 a month, I should have moved long ago.
3min to download a 60mb file from my site, on same file took 1min.
Tech said it's my problem.

Biggest Con: slow speed, over priced

Wonderful company ruined by an acquisition

Points to consider:
- In it's heyday, problems would most always be solved on the phone. Today, they NEVER are. The Phone system has become yet another entry point to the clogged email ticket system. The techs are stressed, overworked, and you can hear it in their voice. Billing, for example, all work 3 hours overtime every day.
- Both Shared SQL and Apache crash frequently. It usually takes 30 minutes for them to be back and running. Have a clogged MySQL connection pool (which you yourself cannot reset)? A ticket placed and 5 hours later, connections are usually reset.
- Despite a lack of plan upgrades for 2 years, pricing on all shared plans has been increased at least 40%.
- Billing is terrible. The control panel is riddled with more bugs than a Brazilian Rainforest. Due to an error in their control panel, I was charged the wrong price for an extra database. Their system reinvoiced me for the full amount a year later. Even it it's heyday, Billing was no cakewalk. They could not understand that their system had messed up, and so I was forced to take my issue to the call center supervisor. About 12 days ago, I was granted a prorated refund for my account. It still has not gone through.

Biggest Pro: If you like being able to talk to someone 24/7, you still can at HostMySite, but they will not be much help.
Biggest Con: Lackluster reliability, and no support to compensate


Down twice in less than a week for hours at a time. The first time was nearly a full 24 hour day. We managed to reset all our meetings from the last time they were down, sheepishly explaining that we were going through "upgrades" to our prospects. Lucky for us, we reset them for today and they are DOWN AGAIN! They are nice enough on the phone and listen to me yell at them, but everything seems to be out of their control. How does a hosting company go down at all much less for full days at a time? These guys have to be one of the worst hosting providers in the world. Stay far, far away from them.

Biggest Pro: They are nice
Biggest Con: They suck

Excellent NO MORE!!!

HostMySite was truly magnificent as a hosting company for years. Lou Honick then sold the company, and they have gone streadily down-hill ever since. They just had a major breach of all shared hosting plan logins, reset all the passwords, AND DIDN'T ADVISE ME OF THE PROBLEM OR RESPOND TO MY EMAIL AT 3PM yesterday asking for help getting back into our sites. They had advised one of my clients over th phone that I would have to rest all their FTP logins, which I tried to do BUT THEIR PASSWORD RESET PROGRAM DIDN'T WORK!!! I finally called their tech support and got ONE login manually reset.

HMS used to be the best, now that are just as bad as the rest...

I am now looking for a new host for my 20 sites...

Biggest Pro: None any more...

Excellent professionalism for 2 years

I've used HostMySite for over 2 years and have been impressed with their professionalism. When they're have been problems, they have been exceedingly helpful in explain the issue and helping me resolve it (if the issue was something I did) and equally forthcoming with details if the issue was on their end. I feel like they are more a partner than simply a vendor.

They also clearly communicate well in advance about when they will have system maintenance.

I've had no performance issues in a shared environment. (my web site gets about 4 million page hits a year, mostly during fall and winter).

I moved to HostMySite from 1and1 - it was a night and day difference in service level, technical expertise, and professionalism. I'm very happy with HostMySite.


Biggest Pro: Technical Professionalism
Biggest Con: None

Amazing hosting, Amazing Service

Amazing host! They answer the phone before the third ring, and everyone is helpful, whether through ticket, live chat, or phone call!

The speed is decent and actually better than most hosts that I have tried, and the servers are very powerful. Only thing I don't like is only having 5gb of hdd on my VPS as operating system files and CPanel also take up some of that (CPanel is 1-2gb) so I have about 1-2gb free for myself.

Otherwise they are the best host I have had yet!

Biggest Pro: Support
Biggest Con: Smaller HDD Space than some

think twice before using Host My site

Where to start with these guys. I guess the best I can say is they really do mean well. But their techs, and reps lack the knowledge needed to offer the service they do. I picked them to host my very first site. From the start I had problems. From them taking days to get my customer login info to me, to getting my permissions set up right so I could upload my site, to provide technical support. It was like a snowball effect from the start. I had so many complaints and issues that they would end up crediting me 4 or 5 extra months of free hosting to keep me content. Once I was ready to launch a new site it wasn't a hard decision to move away from these amateurs. My advice is stay away, you can find better prices for hosting and for sure much better customer service.

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