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Do not sign up with this company! 15 years ago they were awesome. Now their tech support is little more than voicemail and the response is always "It's been escalated" and "we're working on it.' Had a simple ticket in for a week and despite multiple calls and emails no one will give me a response. Our dog rescue organization has been shut down for a week (and still ongoing) because we can't get an answer. In fact, I was assured a manager would call me back in 30 minutes and it's been two hours...nothing.

Server was hacked

Server was hacked. Customer service refused to fix it. I cannot delete the garbage or upload new files, apparently from file ownership problems. After filing a problem report, I was treated like a six-year old and instructed to fix my computer. BTW, I have software experience predating the Internet.

I keep begging for help, but get no response except for the arrogant first one.

Biggest Pro: Was Okay, even after they changed to a Microsoft server.
Biggest Con: No customer service,

Went down hill and having to switch now

Yes, stay away unless they make some change. They used to answer literally within a minute when you called for support, now, To get a human on the phone it takes me (and I am not exaggerating) over an hour each time on hold. 4 times now. And obviously they moved their support from knowledgeable clear speaking people to overseas India. I am in no way prejudiced, so let's get that clear, but when someone has an accent so thick I have to ask them 4 times what they said each time they ask something, that is a problem.

Then, they will put you on hold until you just give up. Happened twice now just today. I just scoured and spent an hour (which I guess I should have done in the first place) and found my answer.

Them just like that other review, the server time goes so slow after 9 am its crazy. They try to blame my site, but all 10 of my sites happen to have the same problem that clears up magically after 7 pm? Yea right.

Biggest Pro: At this point, getting to be nothing.
Biggest Con: Site load, terrible non exhistant support

They have been bad, Now they are WORST

They have had pretty low skilled managers for many years. Today I found they do not offer Technical support between 12 AM and 7 AM eastern. ( no notice - this used to be 24 hours )
I am redirected to chat, that is picked up by some one in offshore location who have trouble in even accessing the account or getting to server

Problem :: Website was not online. I logged into the server to find this "Dedicated" server is having some issues. I restarted the server to see Server is NOT coming online.

At this time these Chat support guys are trying to find server ... very very frustrating and very disappointing. Paying this premium fee to find they dont have staff available to help.

Biggest Pro: Are you kidding me ?
Biggest Con: Support NOT available 12-7, Cost, Technical staff's skills, Poor managers

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Terrible, Awful, Rotten .. for last 2 yaers

I am with them for about 15 years (Since start of 2000), This company was my GO TO company but for last 2 years I am burned by them again and again. I strongly recommend NOT to work with this company else you risk lose what you have with them. We lose revenue, we lose credibility just because STUPID HMS doesnt do its job. They are no more fit for professional environment.

One thing I'd like to mention is, if their node is experiencing the problem, they will NEVER know and wont open ticket until you call. once you call it will take them HOURS to get to it, with no ETC (estimated time to complete/fix).

Right now my domain is out for last 18 hours. ONLY because of infrastructure issues. NO ONE know why it happened and no one knows when it would be fix. They were running backup .. i just called and they said there was an error in back and they have to re-do it. so they were waiting for my call to go and check .. to find what they did hours ago broke down. Long story short, They never MONITOR their jobs anymore. This company's culture is rotten. if you are with them and not experiencing problem, you are lucky but not for long. You are doomed. Trust me.

If you open a ticket, sometimes it may go 3-4 days without any response. Of course they apologies for everything but guess what, apologies doesn't help in the business we are in.

The only reason i am stuck with them is, i have huge migration cost but I think i am not left with any other option. Have to do it.

By Ahmad on November 13th, 2014 at 09:48 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Virtual Private Servers | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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Used to be the best, now I wouldn't recommend to anyone

When I started with them back in 2001, they were a great host and continued to be until they were acquired by Then service and price took a nose dive. It went from being great and something I recommended to many people to something that was barely adequate. Ever since, I have been recommending another service to people.

Now, the last website I host with them is for support of a legacy email server. I get so much spam that if I don't spend hours filtering it manually, I fill up my quota in short order. When that happens, they shut off my ability to log in to my server and also receive mail. Basically they make it impossible to fix. All this happens without warning because smartermail does not inform you of the problem, you r notification is that you cannot log in anymore.

Stay away from them.

Biggest Pro: Tech support is fairly decent
Biggest Con: Price, bad customer service

20 years and still going strong

I've been hosting various sites with HostMySite for 20 +/- years now and I've NEVER had a problem. They have been helpful, courteous and generally very good at communicating even though I am based in Spain. The rare occasions that I haven't been able to access their online support I've received an email instead within a very short time.
I recommend them to present and future clients and will continue to do so as long as the service remains as it has been for all these years.

AVOID!!!!- Server Performance 30% - 40% Drop Off After 9AM

Wow! I'm VERY disappointing with their service.

- They don't offer CPANEL
- The server speed is TERRIBLE

- Phone support aint bad. Hold times naturally increase after 10am (just like every body else)

These guys need work.... Avoid them...

Biggest Pro: phone support
Biggest Con: Admin Panel / SERVER SPEED

Response by Gaby, who is an employee of HostMySite:

Hi Scott - We're sorry to hear that you're unhappy! We do, in fact, offer cPanel with our VPS and Dedicated hosting accounts! Feel free to check it out here: Regarding your server speed - the server your account is housed on has been updated and your speed should be back up! If you have any other problems with your account - don't hesitate to give us a call or open up a ticket at! Thanks Scott!

Posted on April 14th, 2014 at 10:02 EST

Excelente support service

I really want to recomend strongly this provider because in my experience, I have found professional solutions in every problem I have had, and that's a solid foundation for my online business. The attitude and worth service that the support team has gave to me as a customer all along these years has been very valuable. In the performance of my web site I had discovered that there is a committed customer care mision inside the Hostmysite company. Recently I experienced a programming issue and they solved with a solution that exceeded my expectations. The service they provide me, allow me to focus on my bussiness without worrying about what rest. Really happy to be hosted with them truly.

Biggest Pro: The support team service

Still the Best, After Nearly 15 Years of Service!

When I first encountered HostMySite, it was a small, newly begun company, under a different name. I had just designed a website for my husband's fishing charter service, and I honestly don't know how I achieved that, since I had just recently begun working with Windows! I had no technical knowledge about the web or web hosting. I happened across HostMySite by luck (I sometimes think, by divine intervention!) One of the owner-operators of the company assisted me by phone and email in ways that I doubt any other company would have done. The customer service was incredibly good, especially given the more than fair pricing for hosting our site and taking care of multiple domain names for us. The company has changed and grown dramatically over the years, but their customer service had remained a constant OUTSTANDING! Service is prompt, efficient, always courteous, and provided by real human beings who understand that some people, such as me, do not have the technical savvy that they do. There is always a personal touch mixed in with their excellent level of expertise. They remind me of my renewal dates, auto renew for me, advise me of any changes, and resolve any issues promptly ( there have been about two needing resolution over nearly 15 years!) If I had to name a company that I respect most, it would be HostMySite.

Biggest Pro: Customer service
Biggest Con: None!


I am the proud owner of A Word's Worth Resume Writing and Career Coaching Service, in business since 1989. Although my business has evolved into an entity that requires a fairly high level of technology savvy, I must admit, I am NOT at all tech savvy. I am a writer by trade and I was creative and talented enough to transition my skills into a thriving resume writing and career coaching business. When I run into technology discrepancies, they are major problems for me. That is why is the ONLY place I would ever have host my website. I can call them 24-7 and they are there to support me. When I say they support me, I mean they really and truly provide me with outstanding support. They talk to me -- not at me. They answer my questions that must be to them the stupidest questions they have ever heard . . . but, nonetheless, they answer them. I don't have to email them a question, then wait for their answer. When I call their telephone number, night or day, there is ALWAYS a real person at the other end of the line. And, that real person at the other end of the line is ALWAYS kind to me, patient with me, and EVER SO KNOWLEDGEABLE. If you are a business owner who would like to have your website hosted by a company who believes that customer service comes first, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND In fact, I RECOMMEND ONLY!

Biggest Pro: HMS is the only way to go!

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