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Hosting Source ruined my business

I had generally been satisfied with Hosting Source because they are low cost and did a good job...until a software upgrade exploded my site. Hosting Source was supposed to do a weekly backup of my site, so I asked them to restore the backup.

However, the backup was from two months ago. My business is a message board, and losing one month of data is a catastrophe.

Moreover, in an attempt to ask them about this, they have avoided my calls and have been most non-responsive into inquires about the reason why there is no recent backup. In other words, I have no answers. This is the sticking point, because while I can understand a mistake, I cannot understand the business practice of avoiding a customer.

Biggest Con: They ruined my business

I'm extremely happy with Hostingsource service

They manage to provide a good work based on quality. Hostingsource hosting service gives me the flexibility to host my ModXwebsite either on a Linux (with cPanel) or Windows (with Plesk) web server. Excellent and friendly staff, network and feature rich hosting packages. It has a nice pricing, and a nice customer support. just a second when the ticket is responded.

Highly recommend! Amazing web host

I have been with SSDVPS hosting for a while now and have to say their reliability is great. They never point you in a direction on your own but see the issue closed by staying with it and putting their time in selflessly. The response times are lightning fast. The techs contact me checking to see if I have any issues just to be on the safe side. Can't complain about anything.

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