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Would I Recommend Hostinger? Yes, I Would

Based on my generally good experiences with Hostinger, I would recommend them. I have never experienced any downtime or any technical issues with my website, which I appreciate. Their help pages are generally well-written, although in a few cases, I've been forced to search on-line in order to activate some features, such as email. See this page for what I mean: That page was referenced in instructions on how to activate my email account, yet as you can see, it does not fully explain what to do in the case of using an external DNS registrar! Besides a few unhelpful articles, I could also complain about the customer service wait time.

Expect to wait at least a couple of hours for a response from the Hostinger customer service team if you don't pay for the Priority Support. Also, be aware that they will offer the excuse of having an unusually high amount of clients requiring assistance. I've seen this statement written in every correspondence with them.

The first time I ever contacted them, specifically about activating SSL, the chat stated that it would only take a few minutes for somebody to address my issue. It took over two hours for somebody to respond! When the representative did respond, however, he did force the SSL on my website; I was grateful he did that.

In another more recent situation, I requested assistance with email activation, as partially described above. In this case, it took even longer than my first experience (although keep in mind now that the chat bot states that they will respond in a couple of hours). This time, it took over six hours for someone to review the question! In the time I waited, I resolved the activation by myself.

Still, despite these issues, I would recommend Hostinger, since nothing catastrophic has happened to my website. If you care about fast assistance, seek another hosting company or pay for the Priority Support they offer.

Biggest Pro: Stability
Biggest Con: Customer Service Wait Time

Hostinger review

The best thing about Hostinger is that they allow me to add multiple websites on a single hosting plan. Another valuable thing is that they allow me to add unlimited email accounts to each website on my hosting plan at no extra cost. They also allow you to send up to 3,000 emails per day, which is more than other hosting sites.

Since I have more than 40 websites, being able to add them to the same hosting plan and set up email accounts all in the same place was a game-changer for me. I was able to manage every single website and setup all the emails that I needed in the same place.

Installing SSL to your sites is also very easy with their own website builder, which is easy to navigate for non-professionals. They also support Cloudflare and offer a generous amount of database space. One note is that you may need to contact customer support for their money-back guarantee because I haven’t seen it anywhere in their website.

In my time with Hostinger, I’ve been very satisfied with their service. They’ve fulfilled my hosting needs and made my life much easier. I highly recommend Hostinger to anyone looking for a reliable hosting service.

Biggest Pro: Hosting multiple websites in the same plan
Biggest Con: It isn't obvious how to claim their money back guarantee

I don't regret using Hostinger

What I like most about Hostinger is their 24/7 chat support that is available in different languages. Chat support is available on my hPanel, which saves me the hassle of creating a ticket or having to send them an email. Although my knowledge of web design is limited, with the help of Hostinger’s support, everything is possible. They made the entire process of moving my website into their system as quick and efficient as possible.

During a separate instance, I had an issue uploading media files on my website. I tried googling for an answer but came up empty-handed. After shooting Hostinger’s customer support a quick message, they sent back several helpful articles to fix the issue. Their expertise is much appreciated.

In terms of speed, I’ve never had an issue with the processing time. It’s also important to me that my website is always up and Hostinger has never failed me in that regard. I’ve had zero downtime in the life of my website.

I recently decided to change my domain name. I chose to get my new domain from Hostinger so I wouldn't need to open another account. They offer affordable prices for domain names and it's not difficult to set up.

In my opinion, Hostinger is great for small businesses or people who want to start their own website. The hPanel is easy to understand and they also have a file manager where you can quickly access the files on your website. I had a minor situation where my website got messed up because of an errant plugin I installed. With the help of the file manager, I was able to track down the culprit and fix it without much effort.

I will definitely recommend Hostinger for someone who would like to begin their web hosting career. Their system is very easy to understand and their chat support is pleasant to deal with.

Biggest Pro: The chat support will do their best to help and sometimes they will do certain steps for you.

Is it worth the money?

I’d like to relay my Hostinger experience. Years ago, I started using the Hostinger platform. At first, it was great and free. The site builder was intuitive and quite easy to pick up. I was just about starting my graphic and web design career, so as you can imagine, I found it all quite neat.

In the 4 years that followed, I must say nothing has changed. They still have the same platform and website builder. No big improvements, same free themes. I never succeeded in uploading another theme downloaded from elsewhere on the web as there was always some kind of error.

As much as I love Hostinger, I find it kind of peculiar that they wouldn’t try to keep up with the fast-growing trends in the game. For instance, others have a much more user-friendly platform (i.e. Wix).

The good thing about Hostinger is that the price is very affordable, and it has virtually all the tools you need. I do think they could use a little modernization though. I wanted to create a website for a band where it would support video and music, but I found Hostinger sorely lacking in that regard. No video, no Google Maps. Why, Hostinger, why?

But I do have to admit, their customer service is great and always reachable via online chat.

I’ll sum this up by saying that their biggest pluses are their great value for price and outstanding customer service. However, their website builder and website possibilities are far too simple (for this and the next decade). I really hope that a plan to upgrade is already in the works.

Biggest Pro: Cheap hosting packages
Biggest Con: Website builder and website themes should be more up to date

Nice service but too many updates can be confusing

I've been using Hostinger for some months now, and I have had very few problems with their service. They have excellent chat support, but I've seen better ones. I've experienced no downtime since I've been using their service and I think they are pretty cool. They also allow you to have multiple domains and websites which is good for a lean agency.

One thing I wish they offered is Free SSL for all domains on a hosting account. They only offer free SSL for one domain in a hosting account, and that creates extra expenses for me as I run multiple websites in the hosting account. The hpanel (similar to the popular cPanel) is a bit easy to use, but you will need to take some time to understand it as it's slightly different from cPanel.

There are some significant issues with their platform, though. Firstly, I experience some problems logging into the dashboard, and this can be frustrating, especially when I'm in haste. Also, they make a lot of changes or upgrades, and they make the platform a bit confusing at times.

They can certainly make improvements on the platform and do something about giving free However, the service is pretty cool, and the websites hosted there are fast. Also, no downtime and pretty good support can make them a fantastic choice any day.

Biggest Con: No free SSL

Best Hosting Platform Yet!

Highly recommended
I have been with Hostinger for almost 2 years and I will always remain with them. First and foremost Hostinger is easy to use, it has many widgets to help you build a website, landing page, eCommerce store, & apps. Hostinger offers cloud hosting and shared hosting as well.

If you are a beginner and don't know how to use the website that's perfectly fine. The hosting platform guides you with widgets, great customer service chat team, and help guides. They provide full templates to choose from so you won't have to build a website from scratch you will already have the background and main criteria.

I have built a website for virtual assistant gigs and it has every thing I needed including a shopping cart and checkout page. You can integrate with other programs and platforms. The speed of the website is fast and you can get a SSL certificate.

The two issues I have is first, the payment setup for eCommerce stores. Yes there are many options to setup payments on Hostinger but I think even the shopping platform they provided should be designed better.
The second issue issue is the form Hostinger provides. I have to pull html codes to get forms that I found online to get a great form for leads to fill in. You can't edit the form that hostinger provides it Is really basic.

Biggest Pro: Easiest platform to use and connect API, Adobe, etc...
Biggest Con: E commerce Shopping cart they have them but it's not the best

Affordable web hosting service best for beginners

I have been using Hostinger's shared hosting from the past 3 years, it was my first hosting.
I am using Hostinger for hosting my client's web application.

I like hostinger for the following pros:

1.Good uptime: In the past 3 years I have observed uptime floats between 94%-99%( average ~98%).

2.Free plugins: Hostinger does provide the number of free plugins to use in your web application like SEO optimization, Drag & Drop site builder and different cms.
Personally I use 4-5 plugins in each project.

3.Easy Interface: Hostinger provides easy to use interface so if you don't know much about Linux shell still you can easily host web application.

Hostinger should be your choice of hosting if you want affordable and easy to use shared hosting.

I don't like Hostinger for the following cons:

1.No support over Phone: Hostinger only provide live chat support, Personally I found it is not instant, it took approximately 10-20min to get a response.

2.No c-panel: I do not provide Cpanel in any of shared hosting plan not even in the Business hosting plan, have to buy Cpanel.

You should not go for Hostinger if you are searching for the scalable option which can handle high traffic, I would not recommend Hostinger's shared hosting for audio or video streaming.

Biggest Pro: Affordable price and easy to use
Biggest Con: Customer support

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