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Billing problems, no 24/7 support.

The billing department tried to charge me $35 to renew my domain (in addition to $95/yr hosting). After discussing this with sales, they failed to correct it as promised. A second call indicated everything was ok and the rates were corrected to $15 for the domain (still high when you're getting a package).
When I tried to log on and renew, the account was gone. When I attempted to contact them TWO SCARY THINGS HAPPENED:
1. I found that their phone center is now only open 8x5 (business hours on weekdays only).
2. They did not respond to an online support request over the weekend--"nobody home"!

They seemed to have great 24/7 service last year, but this is not the same company I signed up with. I am trying to get financial compensation for what is now blatantly false advertising: there is no 24/7 support and prices that are not real are posted on the site.

I still have 3 active accounts and am looking to move them to an honest hosting service.

Stay away--and good luck!

Biggest Pro: U.S. based
Biggest Con: false advertising of 24/7 service and rates that don't exist

Worst Web Host Ever

I have been hosted with Hostican for nearly 4 years, and up until now they've been ok to deal with. In the last two months they took all of my websites offline with a "account is suspended message" displayed on all my sites. The first time, they were moving all my sites to another server, and botched the entire process and I had to contact them before they knew anything was wrong and they had to do it all over again. They never even told me they would be doing that. The second time was last night when they suspended all of my sites because apparently one of my sites was getting "too much traffic" for their unlimited hosting plan. Again, without telling me they just decided to suspend all of my accounts, including my main site which makes over $100 per day. Worst experience every and I'm painstakingly moving all my sites this week to a different host.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: They suspend your account without warning whenever they want

Hostican is a Cheap Servie.


i was a customer of and purchase a basehost. in start every thing was fine. but after 1week their server gets down 100 times a day. so i contact with hostican agent and fount no response from them i contact 50 times with them but no response.
so Finally i cancel my account and as for my money back to me according to their term and conditions 30days Money Back Guarantee. so they cancel my account in 2day and not returned my Money back to me. i have sent mail to their cancellation department but still no reply.

Host i can is cheating with customers.
I request to all my friends that don't believe them and don't purchase hosting from them.
Host i can is a Fraud.
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Host i can is a Fraud.


I spent 8 days with HOSTICAN. I gave them the spcefics of my website and they said shared hosting would work for me. Everything went great until the last day. My website would go down about every 3 minutes. I called customer service they said they would look into this. I waited about four hours no change no response from HOSTICAN. I decided to find another host company. I,m glad this happend because has more then exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Kelly

Poor customer service

I have been with HostIcan for about a year, but decided to change because of the lack of customer support. The site claims 24/7 service, but I personally have never found this to be reliable. They have an answering machine to take customer service calls.

That's not so bad perhaps, but for me - I need a little better service, so I decided to transfer my domain away. That's when the nightmares began. I have been trying to transfer my domain away for about 4 months now, and I get the runaround every step of the way.

Most domain companies require the administrative contact details for security purposes, but HostIcan conveniently have themselves listed as the administrative contact. (There is a big difference between who is listed as the Primary Email address, and who is the Administrative contact email) In any event, when I try to transfer the domain away from HostIcan, they receive the request for transfer, and then just ignore it. Now I am in the process of contacting ICANN to remedy the situation, but the red tape is ridiculous.

In any event, I suggest if you are going to host with Icann, you had better be someone who doesn't need reasobably fast tech support, and you had better have your name with a reputable registrar. Otherwise, you will end up possibly losing your domain name.

Biggest Pro: The site works ok
Biggest Con: Poor Customer service

I actually got paid $5 to host here, and I can't complain at all.

Very reliable, and fast download times. Through a rebate and coupon special I actually was paid $5 for my first year to host here. I can't complain at all. I haven't encountered any problems and I have been very happy with them thus far. My page loads at a rate of .01 seconds per kb. I just hope they will continue to be this reliable when I plan on getting more page views over the summer, but so far I have no complaints. I'd definately recommend them.

Awful email system

I started using shared hosting at Hostican in January of 2008 for a number of small websites that I host. I stuck with them for 6 months until I just couldn't stand it anymore. The biggest issue was email.

1. My clients and I often lost emails for no apparent reason. The only explanation I could ever get from Hostican was that there was mandatory spam filtering in place and I couldn't turn it off. That filtering included blocking of major domains (hotmail, yahoo) at times. Unfortunately, this meant that clients had incoming emails bounced with a cryptic message and they never even knew someone was trying to reach them. In addition, some emails just never appeared anywhere - received or rejected. The only answer I could ever get from support was "We've made some adjustments - try again". They never fixed it. Or explained what they were adjusting.

2. Email forwarding was horrible. It would take 15-20 minutes for the forwarding to take place. Support said that this was a "limitation of shared hosting". Well, it's not a limitation at my new host - Hostgator.

I can't recommend Hostican for anyone that depends on reliably receiving email.


I first came across HostICan as a total newbie to hosting and domain names; being a college student I did not have much to spend and the $8-10 a month quoted by others was a bit high. HostICan is pretty expensive too; however you can get a coupon code that is freely available over the Internet giving you hosting at around $4 a month. HostICan comes with the standard cPanel, meaning that WordPress could be installed at the click of a button. It is relatively fast, the plan I took did not allow unlimited domain addons though and other plans that do are pretty expensive. Support was alright but not the best- they took about a day and a half to respond to an email I sent them with a simple query.

Biggest Pro: Speed & cPanel
Biggest Con: Technical Support

HostICan: Fast, secure, easy

Being with HostICan for only some time, HostICan has certainly lived up to my expectations. HostIcan provides great service for a low price with zero hassle or problems. The registration process was quick and secure, accepting almost any kind of payment method whether Paypal, Google, Visa, or others. HostICan provides fast service and the connection with them is fast, never lagging or any downtimes. HostIcan's basic service for a mere $6.95 beats most hosts with just its price. It also includes many great features such as webapps, Cpanel, and adding a few extra bucks gives unlimited domains as well.

HostIcan's support is really fast, and is truly 24/7 support. When I had questions, their reply came sooner than I expected. HostICan also provides users with many other standard web services for the domain, but when signing up, HostICan also offers 2000 web templates for download. These sounded silly, but having downloaded them, it was surprising how good they were ranging from simple templates to complex ones. That being said, almost anyone can sign up and create a website in just a short while with no great detailed knowledge needed. HostICan uses ModernBill for their billing service and cPanel for hosting management and this combination with the great reliability and service of the company is something quite extraordinary.

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