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I’ve been a client of HosterPK for nearly two years now and I’ve had a very pleasant experience. Their support and customer care are very impressive. They usually respond to open support tickets within about 15 minutes. They’re also very knowledgeable. If I have any server-related issues with my WordPress website, they take over and handle it for me.

Let me give an example. I once had an issue with backing up my data. My WordPress version got an update which wasn’t compatible with my theme and I didn’t have a backup of my site. I opened a ticket and they informed me that they kept backups for some dates. The support person quickly resolved the issue and got my website up and running again.

In addition, they also have a live chat feature for queries. Whenever I had any kind of trouble, I would first chat with them on live chat before opening a support ticket. They have helped me out countless times with issues like invoicing, deadlines, expiry or renewals, etc. I am very glad that I found them and am satisfied with their service. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Excellent Hosting

The verdict: hosting on HosterPK is good, and their customer support is great.

HosterPK is a very cost-efficient service. In the 2 years I’ve used their services, I’ve never faced any downtime. The website UI could use some improvement. Likewise, cPanel hasn’t yet been updated to the latest version which supports languages like Node JS, Python, and Ruby on Rails. It is, however, perfect for WordPress and PHP websites.

It's also a great option for South Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Iran, as they’re based in Pakistan.

Customer support is extremely responsive—the few issues I’ve encountered were all resolved quickly and effectively.

Overall, I’d recommend HosterPK to those who want to deploy PHP or WordPress websites on shared hosting and are on a limited budget.

Being in Pakistan severely limits the number of options I have for hosting service providers. In that regard, I believe the people at HosterPK are doing an excellent job. Keep it up!

A great experience so far

I just initiated a new event management company and wanted a website host for the domain I purchased, I really didn't have much idea about web hosting before and I didn't know which one I should get. So I asked my website developer to do some research and give me the best and cost effective option that is available in the market.
He then recommended HosterPK. I decided to go ahead with it, because it seemed like the rate was pretty affordable and the hosting was provided for a long time in that money.

So i bought it and my web developer hosted my website there. Since that has been done, I have never faced any issues, regarding, slow loading speed, or errors or security issues etc. Our website loads within no time. The servers are always active, and there hasn't been any downtime. For the most part, there haven't been any issues and my experience with HosterPK has been great. I would definitely recommend it to others. The only time I had doubts about the service was when my web developer told me that he wanted some help regarding the hosting but the their technical support wasn't very responsive, they answered a little late. So that was my only reservation, rest as I mentioned has been a great experience for me.

Biggest Pro: Great value for money, great load time
Biggest Con: Technical support can be improved

HosterPk is quite satisfying service.

I am using HosterPk services since October 2018. I have a satisfied journey with HosterPk as they are good for startup websites. There were situations when I felt like hell and heaven but the company is worth trying. The hosting experience with them for me is enough so far. I am actually using their unlimited plan for a yearly basis. I am running actually 4 domains on the same hosting and it mostly worked well in the past so far. I chose the baby plan first to see how it works and later on I upgraded my hosting plan to the unlimited one. Since then I have tried so many domains on this hosting from which, few are still running websites. As a writer and wordpress developer, I have to keep my mind coming up with new ideas and so my ideas are transformed into some kind of websites which HosterPk has done for me. I tried different website ideas and failed at many as well. Currently my most active website is which is kind of informative website focused to provide helpful material to students and job aspirants. As I told earlier, I am running multiple sites on this same hosting plan so I am also running my blog which is linked with this hosting plan and a forum as well. They are running smooth as well. I have tried some other hosting pans as well. I tried Godaddy different plans but they were kind of complex for me. They are not sharing enough information for customers and you have to be awaking while ordering any hosting plan. In addition to that, Godaddy is also more costly than hosterpk if you talk about your budget. I found HosterPk and found it way better than Godaddy in terms of cost effectiveness and customer support.
The customer support system of HosterPk is very active and cooperative. You only need to say hi to their website chatting panel and they will reply back in less than a second. I like their customer support due to this reason of responsiveness. They are kind of ready to support you at any time, any day 24/7 and I found it true. Their claim about 24/7 service quite realistic and tried one. I have contacted them many times during my installation process of Wordpress and regarding tips about which hosting will be good for me. They were supportive in this regard as well. When I changed my hosting plan from the initial one, they changed my plan but the RAM and other resources allocated were not according to the upgraded plan. So I contacted the support team and they were ready to solve it. Although it took time for them to find out what is wrong, they finally solved the issue. Since then, I faced little or no issue with their services. Before my current website, I had another WordPress website for my writing portfolio. I was unable to give time to that due to my studies' burden and after a month or two, when I open the link of that website, it looked kind crashed one. I contacted the support team but they were not responding at that time. However, later on, they solved that issue as well. I don’t know what the issue was but they solved it.
Actually, I am using JetPack plugin in all of my WordPress websites so I get information about when my site goes down. I don’t know exactly how much their uptime is because I am a little non-technical but it works well. I sometimes receive an email about that my site is not loading from JetPack but normally another email comes about the site running again with minutes. Although I have not seen my site down, I am just talking about the facility of JetPack about my site working. As I told earlier, it mostly runs smooth but recently I had an issue with one of my sites on HosterPk unlimited plan. Actually, the cPanel was not loading. The website also showed 404 errors. I tried to log in to my admin panel of WordPress which I also failed at. I contacted the support team but they sent me some weird links and said use this instead of your standard cPanel link. I was quite disappointed with their reply. But when I asked what the reason behind all this mess is, they said you had changed your nameservers to Cloudflare and they have blocked your domain name. I did not ask them any further questions due to my non-technical aptitude. Actually, I have changed nameservers back when I started this plan and I did not realize what that means but heard somewhere that Cloudflare works well so I changed it. Anyways, thanks to their support team once again, I asked them to change it as soon as possible. They asked to send an email on their support address for requesting nameservers change. And finally, my issue has been resolved thank God. To talk about their billing facility, they are excellent and provide a variety of checkout options. As I said earlier, I have changed my plan a couple of time and also bought some domain from them, the checkout and invoicing was quite fast. I actually used my credit card for billing purpose and it went well.
Finally, if I talk about my website loading speed and working efficiency, I also satisfied with Hosterpk. For my website Qaiep, I have tested it on various platforms and the loading speed was between 2 to 3 seconds on average. This is quite satisfying for my type of non-technical website user as I can remember the frustration when it does not work. The reason why I am saying the speed is satisfying because I built my website on my own and I don’t know much stuff about website development except WordPress. And it worked well for me. Overall, I would like to say if you want a reasonably priced and smoothly running experience, try HosterPk for sure. I am satisfied so far with this facility.

Biggest Pro: Cost Effective
Biggest Con: Some accidental crashes.

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