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Hello i purchase dedicated server after 2 week hostedfx nobody delivery me my server and when i ask full refund hostedfx lie me paypal refund done just wait
5 day when its reach your paypal account stupid lie any paypal refund come instant and paypal notice it dont purchase anything if you dont want lose your time and money!

Best Webhosting I Have Been To Great Uptime

This is a great host. The support is friendly and the uptime of the server is great. They offerd me a great promotion when i requested a live chat request. I must say the best thing i like about them is how fast thier server is. The upload is really fast downloading is really fast i have a addon domain for downloading files and i got allot of good reviews from my customers. This is a great host with an affordable price.

HostedFX review

I have been using HostedFX since about September of 2006. I decided to use HostedFX over other hosts because of the cheap price on their shared plan, at just $5 a month. Since I've been using them, I have never had any serious problems with them, and my sites are up 99.9% of the time. HostedFX also provides a fast level of professional support that previous hosts did not, and whenever I have any questions or need to contact Gareth, the owner, he is always there and is always willing to help. The amount of space you receive for the price is also amazing, 2gb of space and 60gb of monthly bandwidth transfer for just $5 a month. Overall, I would give HostedFX 10 out of 10 for amazing support, cheap price, and great reliability, and would recommend this host to anyone for whatever their reasons of wanting a website.

Biggest Pro: Support and uptime

HostedFX review, from a relative new user

I was looking for a host, and heard that hostedFX was a nice host. (i visit often which is owned by the same guy). Hostedfx is really reliable, only down when some maintenance is done, and the servers are upgraded emediately if neded. Also if you have a problem with you account, or even need to know something about php or other programming languages the are always happy to help. Just submit a support ticket of post a on the forum.

Also the prices are nice, you have hosting plans for $5, and the $5 plan comes with 60GB Monthly Bandwidth. which is pretty cheap.

I recommend HostingFX to everyone who searches a nice shared host.

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