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If this host does not meet your expectations, please browse our search section to find one that does. lost my files! lost my cron script and an entire directory (they migrated from one server to another... and probably lost it in the migration process).

When I alerted them, their response indicated cluelessness and denial.

The only saving grace was that they respond promptly.

Losing files is a grave mistake a hosting site can make, and the only thing worse is being clueless about it.

Biggest Pro: Responsive customer service
Biggest Con: Technically not so sound..

Hostcats are scammers

How these scammers are operating...I will never know. They forcefully cancelled my account before month's end even though I already paid. The billing department threatened me for more payment over phone. I have proof on my credit card statement that I paid.

Customer service takes days to reply back. Now, they won't let me access my files and emails. Basically, I was so fed up with these people that I decided to cut my losses and move to another company.

Hostcats is a scam company. Stay well away from them!

Response by Neji, who is an employee of HostCats:

Sorry for any inconvenience happened from our end.

I believe something messy happened with your account. We don't suspend any accounts unless we receive any genuine complaints against your domain.

To check and give a clear explanation about this kindly update us with your ticket ID, Hostcats user name and domain which was hosted with us. It will be great if you can provide the details as we can also agree your review is genuine and correct our self if mistake happened at our end.

Posted on March 5th, 2012 at 00:38 EST cheated me

Initially, I was very happy with and their shared hosting plans. They responded to my complaints promptly. Then, after 3 months, things started going from bad to worse. The sites were very slow and they took many days to respond to questions. I noticed this happened exactly after the 100 day refund guarantee ended. I asked then why my site was not showing and they said that they have moved it to another server and it will be resolved in a few days. But, nothing changed....

They knew that I could not do anything now. Finally, I had no choice but to move my website to another company. is an Indian company and my advice is to stay away from them. They have cheated me of my hard earned money but this is not the way to run an ethical business.

Response by Neji, who is an employee of HostCats:

Sorry for any inconvenience happened from our end. Kindly update us with your Hostcats user name and domain hosted with us. Also provide us the ticket ID so that we can have a look at the issue and explain what went wrong. It will be great if you can provide the details as we can also agree your review is genuine.

Posted on March 5th, 2012 at 00:35 EST

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