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Host Cabin / Rob Miller Hostage!!!

When I first started building sites several years ago, a friend told me about Host Cabin. Boy, do I regret ever having THAT conversation, and I give my friend grief every time I speak with him for getting me hooked up with these scam artists!

(This survey asks if I am still a customer... only because I'm being held against my will!)

Where do I start?! It all started a couple of years ago with a few simple requests that fell on the deaf ears of Host Cabin & Rob Miller. I sent multiple emails trying to get a response to the point I thought he left this sorry excuse for a web host. I sent more that 20 emails to every contact on their site and I think I got one vague response that made no sense. I think they hide behind their little computers screens and ignore any questions or comments unless it is to pay a bill on a site they are holding hostage.

I have 2 site with these shysters and over the last few weeks, I have built up the energy to try to get them to release the domains so I can point them to another host. Rob Miller, the Admin (probably the owner too) of Host Cabin simply chooses to ignore my multiple request for giving me the transfer codes to move my sites. He's like the spoiled little brat in the school yard the takes his ball and goes home if you don't play by his one-sided rules.

I assume Rob Miller owns this chicken-crap outfit, because no one would keep an employee that treated customers like this.

I hope that anyone that reads this avoids these thieves (Host Cabin) like the plague! I could go on, but I feel I'm doing the world a favor to get these postings out to as many review sites as possible so others will stay away.

I gave this guy fair warning. I gave him 24 hours to release the transfer codes for my sites before I started posting reviews on every blog and business forum I could find. Guess what he did... Rob Miller & Host Cabin once again ignored my request!

Biggest Pro: NONE!!!

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