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Hostmonster is really awesome and feature-packed! We have been hosting our website here for two months now and so far, no downtimes. Their cpanel is really something to rave about, the interface is sleek and user friendly. I did have some issue with their mail server junking valid email messages from valid sources before but that was easily resolved. Their customer service is great, their agents are really helpful and very understanding. I would recommend this host to everyone, its cheap as well, if you avail of their annual rates it would only cost about $5 per month.

Great webhost

HostMonster is a very good host. They provide 300GB of disk space and 3TB of data transfer, although they don't have the 300 gigs ready for you, so if everyone on your server starts to use it, you'd have a problem.

Support is great. I've used the live chat a few times, and all I can say is: wow. They're online 24/7, and they have knowledge about Linux and everything. I've performed a speed test from my home (Near Amsterdam, The Netherlands) to their server and I reached about 200kB/s, not that bad. I've not experienced any downtime yet.

I would certainly recommend HostMonster to anyone that needs for reliable webhosting, for a great price (certainly compared to Dutch webhosts).

Biggest Pro: SSH support
Biggest Con: cPanel doesn't look well

Host Monster Review

Host Monster for me is the best option out there that I have found in my searching. The things that made me go for it include; price, ability to host multiple domains, plenty of space, plenty of transfer. The price I pay per month at the time of my registering was 5.95. This is very reasonable for the features given. I have been hosting multiple sites on it for about 5 months and can not remember it ever being down on me. Also it has excellent customer support via chat that has always been available for me.

The main downside that i have found is that there CPanel is a bit of a pain. For some reason they use this custom theme which I personally find hard to navigate and just not pleasant looking. However, it has all the functionality of a normal CPanel, it just might take more time to find things. So if you aren't worried about being on CPanel all the time, then I wouldn't worry about it. Overall a very good choice in my opinion!

Biggest Pro: Host Multiple Domains
Biggest Con: The Cpanel

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