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Horrible Service and major server downtime

HostMonster does not care about their customers, and unfortunately, their staff is not equipped to handle technical problems. I was with HostMonster for 2 months and I experienced downtime of 2 to 3 days at a time on FOUR separate occasions. I called them time and time again only for them to tell me that they were trying to fix the problem and didnt know what the cause was. I asked them to move me to a server that worked and they said they do not move clients. So I sat on a server that was down for days on end, costing me thousands in advertising fees and lost traffic. I have been hosting my websites for 12 years on the Internet and HostMonster is by far the worst of them all.

Biggest Pro: I wish I had one to suggest
Biggest Con: Downtime

Overall is good but no the upload speed

I've been using the Hostmonster shared hosting plan for 6 months now and bought several domains. The overall service is good but not the best experience.

+ Fast web pages download for client browser.
+ Auto install open source scripts (so you don't need to upload common open source scripts)
+ Unlimit space and bandwidth

- Unstable FTP connection. When I try to connect my FTP client software, either FileZilla or SmartFTP, it bans my connect during the normal week day office hours. I've been reporting this phenomenon to the company. It just fixed right away but it happens again in a few days later.
- Upload speed too slow. I'm from overseas and as I know the severs are located in the US. I guess the reason for slow upload speed is due to files are sent in packets. My experience with local hosting company has 10 times faster data uploading speed.

Biggest Pro: Fast web page download for client browser.
Biggest Con: Unstable FTP connection

Hostmonster-Best Hosting

I have been with about 8 different hosting companies over the past nine years, most of which are well known. None of the companies that hosted my websites comes even close to the support and reliability, not to mention all of the features that come with Hostmonster hosting. I highly recommend Hostmonster for anyone looking for personal service at a budget price.

Biggest Pro: Full Featured Control Panel, not just he basics!

Publishing with Host Monster

I didn’t have any experience in website building when I decided to start my own online magazine. After doing some research, I read some great reviews about Host Monster and decided to give it a try. The start-up wizard showed me how to set up my Web Disk, which made it easy to update my pages quickly. In starting a magazine, advertising is vital, and Host Monster included promotional offers on advertising from online companies, which made it possible for me to publicize my website on a limited budget. I was able to set up and customize four different email accounts with no difficulty. The layout is simple and easy to use, and tech support was very helpful in answering all of my questions. My first issue is almost ready to launch and I'm definitely glad I chose Host Monster.

The absolute BEST!

Value, Value, Value complemented with Service, Service, Service. I've used Lunarpages (Very good), StartLogic (They suck), GoDaddy (So-So), and others but Hostmonster is just Fantastic. Total uptime, tons of storage, tons of bandwidth, and unlimited domains. I have 60 domains hosted on these people and they are simply the best! The only thing that is a bit of a drawback from these people is that they are constantly trying to upsell their customers on ******** services like Postini anti-spam and other crap. A minor annoyance considering the many pluses.

Biggest Pro: Unlimited Domains, Huge Storage/Bandwidth
Biggest Con: Trying to upsell clients with BS services

Hostmonster Review

I found Host Monster on Google, and it seemed to have a great hosting plan - very cheap and it came with a free domain name.

On live chat I asked a few questions about the plan and free domains, and the support staff were very helpful and told me everything I needed to know. I signed up immediately. I got my free domain, and access to my first cPanel account ever. I installed several PHP scripts (MyBB, Zen Cart) and played around for a while, before eventually setting up the main site.

In the 4 months I have been hosted at Host Monster, I have never had downtime - though the connection speed got a little slow on about 3 occassions.

Overall Host Monster is an awesome host to do business with, and my site is still going strong. I definetly recommend.

Biggest Pro: Free domain name and promotion

Hostmonster has one of the best plans I have ever tried

So just for signing up, you get a free domain, and it is whatever extension you can find. I have seen some hosts give you a free domain, but it is a .info or something. Hostmonster gave me my doamin, they had to register it of course, but that takes 5-10$ out of my expenses every year. Also, any time, day or night, that I have had a question or problem, the live chat person usually responded within about a minute, and helped me find a solution to my problem.

Biggest Pro: Unlimited domains for one low price,

Great Host

Hostmonster is one of the best hosting company I have ever known. They are really professional. Every time they do an upgrade of some sort they inform you by email and they tell you exactly how many minutes/hours the downtime will be. Plus, if you have any question they will automatically help you. Last time I wanted to see if I could index warez on my site, they responded to my mail 10 minutes later. I really appreciate all their hard work and dedication. 9.5/10 ;)

Love Hostmonstor

After dealing with another "Cheap" hosting company I was a bit nervous to go with Hostmonster. The one thing that sold me was the ability to call and speak to a live person any time I needed. I have used this a few times and the help has been fantastic. A few of the sites I hosted were hacked, this happens, but they were very helpful in making some changes to help prevent this from happening again.

My old hosting company delt with emails when you had an issue. That did not work well, their tech support always reported that the issue was resolved yet the problem was still there. It took 3 tickets to resolve the average issue. Hostmonster is not that way, the phone calls work best and if you have to wait, a voice tells you where you sit in the queue and how many calls are in front of you.

Biggest Pro: NO


Hostmonster is really awesome and feature-packed! We have been hosting our website here for two months now and so far, no downtimes. Their cpanel is really something to rave about, the interface is sleek and user friendly. I did have some issue with their mail server junking valid email messages from valid sources before but that was easily resolved. Their customer service is great, their agents are really helpful and very understanding. I would recommend this host to everyone, its cheap as well, if you avail of their annual rates it would only cost about $5 per month.

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