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Terrible support

I am using hostmonter for 6 months.
Everything was OK.
Now I installed wiki and got cpu throttling 5-30 second per hour.
As I was going to install forum in addition, I applied to hostmonster team.
They proposed me high cpu server for $19.
After moving I had cpu throttling 500-1500 second per hour.
Even after removing wiki and DB I had cpu throttling 30 second per hour.
I asked support for help, but nobody even tried to fix something.
So $19 server is much more worse than $6 server.
If your project is small, hostmonster is good for you.
Otherwise, you should search something else.
And advice, do not buy $19 server at hostmonster.
It is cheating, move instead to dedicated server.

Used to love host monster, recently left them

Host monster started out great. I used them for about 5 years and had absolutely no problems. If any tech issues came up they were by far the best company I have worked with for tech support. Their staff is always available and always willing to walk you through the most mundane and rookie problems to get you back running. All of this stopped about 6-8 months ago. It seems the passion has left that company (layoffs? New leadership? who konws..).

I also started having some real problems with security and spam in my email accounts. I have tried numerous times to rectify the problem with them but don't have a solution. Then my ip was blacklisted and I couldn't get help fixing that. Another host walked me through the process of fixing everything and I have since switched over to them.

If you need a simple host to handle your small site or blog, these guys are the choice. If you're running anything business related, go elsewhere. You get what you pay for with Hostmonster.

Biggest Pro: price, support system, form, reliability
Biggest Con: confusion in cpanel, security, security, security

Have some traffic ? Want security ? HM is a no-go.

we had 2 bigger shops on HM - first support was real fast and friendly. Suddenly sites became very slow.They kicked out some other customers and all OK again. Later on we had attacks on our one website, I told them and they blocked the site (instead of looking for a solution). other shop got hacked too - they left obviously many already known vulnerabilities open (scanalert was showing them). Now they blocked both accounts, keep all the money and are not even willing to provide the data we have still there and would need urgently ! Very stupid company.

Biggest Pro: connectivity
Biggest Con: security

Hostmaster suspends without warning

Horrible mess with this company. They call me about 4 days after I signed for the service and inform me that I have been checked and all fine and rosy, thank you for your time. I receive an email with the same content. After ten minutes I notice the email set for the domain is off. I check the site and to my surprise it has been suspended for content problem. I do not want to comment on the content issue, but I believe it is a horrible practice the taking down of a website without any warning.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Customer support practices.

Hostmonster were good, now terrible!!!!!!!!

There were good, cheap and I thought to be reliable until..............

From time to time, I did not question any thing about this company and trust them completely because I think their service worths the money!!!!

Today, customers called me to complaint about the sites suspension then I know how awkful this compnay can be!!! They SUSPENDED sites without notice, problems?? Don't think so. i just posted an mp3 player with no downloading functions!!!! They say------all MP3s cannot be on their server, even I showed them proof of purchase.The most stupid answer ever!!!!!! i cannot use server to store my songs????

They did not listen and suspended all sites and parked sites and quoted me nonsense rules!!!!

Extremely angry and disappointed and I need to do refunds for customers and our goodwill gone completely!!!


I no longer Hostmonster

My website goes down now on a weekly basis including 3 times today. I always get the same reply from tech. that they are aware of this issue and it will take around 20 minutes. I kindly informed them that this has been going on for weeks! The first 2 times I was ignored and the last was suggested to look at another host organization with dedicated servers! My website is around 25 pages with very little traffic. Perhaps they should have said this before taking my money and place on their home page that they have server problems! Bad support! Seek elsewhere (as recommended by them if you want good server up-time)!

Biggest Pro: great cpanel
Biggest Con: terrible tech. support and regular downtime


STAY AWAY FROM HOSTMONSTER. I've never seen a worst people like them, as soon as you start getting any real traffic, your site will be shut down. My site was SHUT DOWN WITHOUT ANY PRIOR WARNING, and no explanation was given. My site was down for 48 hours, costing me money. In addition my hosting fees were not refunded.

They really a Hosting Monster....indeed!!!

They Suspend Loyal Customers WITHOUT NOTICE!!!

They will suspend even loyal customers without notice. I was with for over 2 years and I was running a PR5 entertainment site which received 14K distinct vistors a day, making +$1,800/month in revenue, and getting 3-4 new subscribers for each month at a commission of $65 each. One day someone decided to file a complaint against my site because they didn't agree with my content. The Hostmonster abuse department suspended my account and then would not allow me to make any fixes to get my account active again. Heather from the abuse department was a total bitch on a powertrip! They yanked my site without notice and I lost around 12 hours of uptime costing probably $200 in lost revenue. This is not how a decent company treats their customers. A phone call asking for a resolution would have been much more appropriate. However this bitch, Heather, decided to pull the plug without even an email. DO NOT GO WITH HOSTMONSTER!! review - don't purchase from them review: they suspended my account because they said there were "performance" problems. This was bs and that is why I am writing this review. They took my money, never wrote or called, but suspended the account - I suspect because I got too much traffic. Recommend you find a different host than If you have a problem with I suggest you write a review so others will know they are not a good company if you have a successful traffic website.

Not Recommended

I have tried several hosting companies in the past 5 years. I found hostmonster to be the worse! If you only want to host your 1 page personal page that gets 2 visitors per year, I would recommend it. If you are running a business or something else, DO NOT even think about this company. Each shared server host more than 1000 domains on it (for proof check below)

If you get more than one visitor at the same time, they wil get the CPU Quota exceed error and will bring your site down for an hour. Then they try to upsell their upgraded package to you.

BTW I have requested their package and its been more than a month, the ticket still remains unresolved and am stuck with this stupid host.

Most of the features they market are not even installed on their machines!! They will install on demand!!

I guess you get what you pay for!!

If you mean real business, STAY AWAY from them!!!

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: slow, not for pro sites, can only host 1 page sites

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