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*** Holes

Complete *** holes as far as I'm concerned. I'm a 18 year old student that is currently a Junior in college. I offered to take over my cousin's website as a side project. Keep that in mind reading these messages from HostHead:

Hello XXXXX(My Cousin),

This is a notice that an invoice has been generated on 10/09/2010.

Your payment method is: Credit Card

Invoice #XXXXX
Amount Due: $35.40 USD
Due Date: 10/11/2010

Invoice Items

Mini Package / 250MB / 10GB - (10/11/2010 - 10/10/2011) $35.40 USD
Sub Total: $35.40 USD
Credit: $0.00 USD
Total: $35.40 USD

Payment will be taken automatically on 10/11/2010 from your credit card on record with us. To update or change the credit card details we hold for your account please login at and click Pay Now then following the instructions on screen.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email.

Thank you,

Not having time to read the email fully I sent a quick response which hitting reply went to HostHead instead of my cousin on accident:

You should call your credit card company and tell them that you didn't authorize this. It probably was just on auto-bill but you should be able to get them to reject the payment since you're on my hosting now and don't need this.

I noticed the mistake and just forwarded the email to my cousin, but then got this reply from HostHead:

Interesting. It appears you meant to send this to your client, and not to us. Advising them to issue a charge back? Are you kidding me? You appear to have zero business sense what so ever. And you run some kind of hosting company? Anyone hosting with you would be an absolute fool.

To our client. Your card was not charged, it was just a notice that your invoice was due on 10/11/2010. In any event, it appears you would like the account canceled. We don't normally authorize cancellations this way, but since you made the request, and your "new host?" responded as well, we will make an exception. Your account is officially canceled, and you will not be, nor were you charged anything.

You may want to contact your "new host" as your site is now down, as it was never moved from our network.

Thank you,

I simply replied:

Very professional.

Thank you.
To which they replied:

You said it Charles! Please refrain from any further communication with me, or any person under the or domain names. Any further contact from you will be considered harassment, and reported to your local law enforcement.

Have a nice day.

So as they have requested, I will not provide them the satisfaction of further contact, but will instead let everyone else on the web know exactly how the people at HostHead operate.

Host Head Above All Others

I've been with Host Head since 3-21-2002 after trying numerous other hosts unsuccessfully every six months for several years beforehand. Since then, I have upgraded to a dedicated server running many happy client's websites.

The service and performance I have had with Host Head is unequaled due largely to Brad and Eli's rapport, knowledge, professionalism and expertise in the hosting field. They have responded immediately every time I had a support question or request and have addressed my needs properly.

Try Host Head, I honestly believe that you will not find a better hosting service or value elsewhere.

Hosthead Has Gone Above and Beyond For Me

I'm a writer turned webmaster, and I was incredibly lost in the great sea of webhosts when I first started out. A newbie forum post turned into a long term helpful relationship with one of Hosthead's sales reps who patiently answered all of my questions and never tried to hard sell me on their service. In fact, I actually tried out another host before going to Hosthead - big mistake on my part. Even with that faux pas, their sales rep still helped me out with every newbie webmaster question I possibly had.

Once I finally realized the errors of my ways in going with a different host, Hosthead got me set up very quickly on one of their dedicated boxes. Getting me transfered over smoothly was very important to them, which was much appreciated since my vocation is heavily dependent on site uptime.

Even though I waited until a Friday to start the transfer, they actually gave me extra BW because they were so upset at the delay of not getting me set up until Sunday. Considering that I was expecting to wait until the weekday at least, this was a very cool gesture.

They tested all of my sites and scripts to make sure everything was in order, and anytime I had a question or concern they were always around to answer. Support response time for even non critical issues was always quick (under 30 minutes in the middle of the night, and mere minutes during normal business hours).

They even helped me out with a lot of stuff they honestly could have referred me to other places for. They are really experienced with all types of scripts and the technical issues that can arise from such, so half the time I never even had to get in touch with the programmers to get anything fixed - Hosthead took care of it for me!

The one thing I think I appreciate the most from support is the fact that they explain why things are going wrong, what I screwed up with script installs, etc etc. This was a big difference from my last host, who only gave a very basic answer when anything wasn't working properly, so I had no way to avoid making the mistake again.

Price wasn't a big consideration for me, but even if it was a focus Hosthead provides me with a very affordable managed dedicated server solution. Honestly though, I'd pay far more if I had to because the support is out of this world. I feel like I'm a valued customer instead of just some anon number. You know the support is going to be good when even their support guys know what they're talking about on the technical side of things.

I would list every single cool and helpful thing they have done for me since I've been with them (a few months will make a year with them, I believe), but somehow I think I would run out of space! Simply put, I am thrilled to death with Hosthead, and I really should put every one of them on my Christmas card and booze list!

Biggest Pro: prompt customer service via email, ticket system, phone, and ICQ

Dedicated Guys For

I started my website development company about 8 years ago in Brisbane, Australia. I was dissatisfied with the level of services and support from several other hosting companies before I found Hosthead on a google search.

I was a bit sceptical about Hosthead’s reliability at first as I would have with any hosting companies, particularly the ones with very “affordable” entry level plans. Much to my delight, I’ve found the guys there - namely, Brad and Eli - so approachable that I’ve struck an instant rapport with them and negotiated a great deal way back then. My business has thrived in the interim and I struck another great deal with them to run two dedicated servers side by side.

These guys are dedicated to their crafts and are never far away when my staff and I needed help and support - that is saying something when you consider the time difference between Australia and the USA!!!.

Hosthead’s website might not look as flashy as most of the hosting companies, but hey, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Hosting with them for most part of my business’s existence gives testimony to the complete satisfaction I’ve experienced. I can’t speak highly enough of them.

Biggest Pro: support, knowledge, speed, reliablity, value for money.... you name it.
Biggest Con: none that I know of

Great Hosting Provider

Been with Hosthead now for over 3 years and can't complain about anything. They deliver very good support, uptime, prices and everything you want is possible with them.

Would recommend this host to everybody who wants a good value for his money togheter with great speed.

Biggest Pro: support, speed
Biggest Con: none

Host Head is the most reliable hosting service we've worked with.

Rum Runners is an animation studio which also maintains its own membership websites. Because of the popularity of our characters, we need a reliable dedicated system that allows us to make changes on our own quickly, but also has support we can depend on.

We have worked with numerous hosting services over the years, but no company has ever provided the kind of service we get from Host Head. If there is a problem, we usually are notified about it before we have discovered it ourselves, and it is always taken care of with speed and precision. Our downtime has been lower than with any other company as well.

We have no intention of leaving Host Head, and recommend them above all other providers.

Rum Runners Animation Studio
Chicago, IL

Biggest Pro: Rapid response to support requests

Hosthead is the best

Ive been with hosthead for several years now. ive got shared and dedicated accounts with them and never had a problem with any of them. the support is the best, if youve got a problem with anything they will fix it in no time. the price is good you cant beat it. if your hosted somewhere else you should seriously consider switching, its totally worth it. their connection is fast, fast, fast, all my sites scream. thanks hosthead your the best!

Biggest Pro: the support staff is great they will fix any problem youve got and they will do it faster than you thought.
Biggest Con: i cant think of anything bad to say about them. ive never had a problem.

Hosthead - Outstanding Value

I previously had a (managed) dedicated server with a high end (and high cost) web host. Though this host's uptime, support and service were superb, I could no longer justify paying pre year 2000 prices so I decided to look around at "middle of the road" priced hosts offering managed dedicated servers after this host refused to budge on price.

I discovered Host Head on a webmaster forum. I struck up a conversation with owner and after a nice IM conversation and finding out what I needed to know, I signed up for a small virtual account to test the waters. Though I was hoping to somehow test support during this trial period, the only thing I ever needed were some perl modules installed. I was content on waiting till next day, but they were installed within an hour. Again, this was a small virtual account!

So far, so good, so it was time to move the stuff on the old dedicated to a new one at Host Head.

Signup, setup and transfer were flawless (they moved everything). Everything went smooth for about a month - when I needed to install a new script. Again, more perl modules, and again they were installed in record time. The only other "issue" that I had was a minor one - the control panel (Direct Admin) did not upgrade properly on one occasion, and it wouldn't let me delete a user account. I submitted a trouble ticket and went to bed, expecting a response in the morning, but I heard back before I even shut down :)

Host Head's support and uptime are on par with, or even better than my previous host - and at about half the price. I highly recommend them for both virtual or dedicated accounts.

Biggest Pro: Service / Support
Biggest Con: N/A

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