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Solid Beginner Hosting Platform on Shoestring Budget

I decided to try out Host Gator's mini croc shared hosting plan after reading many good reviews on Digital Point and various other webmaster forums. With a coupon code that I was able to find I got my first month of hosting for only a penny. The prices definitely cannot be beat.

So far after two months my sites have been performing reliably and have not had any problems with speed even under high traffic conditions. It's not as fast as other providers but it's also less than half the price so I'm not complaining.

The only major gripe that I have with these guys is that their technical support department is TERRIBLE. I had a php script that was using too many filehandles and they suspended my account pending investigation and told me to investigate the issue and get back to them. I got back to them within 10 minutes of the email and they then took 10 hours to respond and reenable my account. As I make money from my sites this was not acceptable. If they would reduce response times for support I would rate them a 10, but until then they stay solid at a 9. If you need cheap hosting with no setup costs and that accepts paypal give them a shot.

Biggest Pro: Super affordable
Biggest Con: Slow tech support responses

My Experience with Host Gator

Since being with host gator, I really cannot find fault with them, After having my website hosted with them for around 5 months. I had my website hacked through a very unsecure script which I had installed, I got straight on to live support and they responed very quickly with getting the tech guys involved, They managed to stop the hacker and even gave me his IP address, They even went as far as going through my cgi-bin files and various other files to delete any ones that was letting the hacker get into my website, because my website had been deleted and they had the latest back up of my website they had it reinstalled within around 2 hours, The speed at which they responed I really can not fault, I really was a pain in the butt with all the emails which I sent to them while all of this was going on, as I had paid ads on my website so needed the website back up quickly, they understood this completly, and they always responded in a polite and professional way. The only real very small down fall of hosting at Host Gator is sometimes the speed of the server can be a little slow, I have never had any downtime through hostgators fault, and I have never had any biling problems with them. For my small website the shared hosting is good value and the support which I have recieved from them in the past 5 months has been very good indeed.

Biggest Pro: support
Biggest Con: none

Host Gator Chomps The Competition!

The initial reason I chose to host my websites with Host Gator is simply due to the fact that you can host UNLIMITED domains for one low price. Not only that but they also offer one click wordpress installs, cpanel, and great statistic traffic software. Furthermore, I was actually late with my first payment but a couple of weeks and they still allowed my sites to stay up and running and I appreciate that from a hosting company. Their affiliate program is equally impressive and I’ve made some nice extra dough promoting them. Definitely worth your time!

Hostgator: Extremely Reliable

In the few months that I've had with Hostgator as my host, I've never been let them. If there were any indications of downtime, I haven't had any. This may be because the websites that I have aren't huge, nor are the resources that I take up. I pay about $10/month for hosting, and I have several websites so it's quite a deal. The customer service is responsive and you do get your questions answered. All in all, I would recommend Hostgator to friends and family.

Biggest Pro: Uptime, customer service, price for money

Hostgator - you get what you pay for

I started my forum with a free service and let's just say, "you get what you pay for." After lots of downtime and unplanned outages, I decided that the only way my site was going to prosper was to move to a new host. After doing some research, I settled on

While their prices and packages are reasonable, they are not the cheapest around. I've already been down that road and decided that features and more reliability are more important than price.

I have been with Hostgator for over 6 months and have had ZERO down time. Also, the site runs much faster, with no noticable slowdowns or load lag. When you are trying to get a new site off the ground, you don't need the added burden of having to explain to users about extended down-time. Do yourself a favor and start out with a reliable, reputable host in the first place. Hostgator is certainly one to consider.

Biggest Pro: ZERO downtime!
Biggest Con: Not the cheapest host around

Ah HostGator, helping me take over the world.

I had first fancied hostgator in 2005 by creating an account, but mistaking them for another company I was going for - and also making the wrong account. They held true to their 30 day guarantee and I got my cash back right then and there. A year and a few months later the site I had been working on had run its course and I needed a new project, for, you know, taking over the world. Thus I looked around, and remembered about hostgator, and apparently they remembered me still from my email. I popped on their tri monthly billing plan and since then have been building a webpage slowly. It handles phpbb2 (and bb3) just fine, it handles many different sites fine, and seldom does the server load ever get outrageous - in fact most the time my site is faster than others I go to.

There have only been two issues I have ever had with hostgator, one being about a month after I signed up with the server acting sluggish and having multiple server side application failures... which was fixed within an hour, and the other being a month later with the same thing from an upgrade - and in the end there hasn't been a hiccup since. They also have PHP5 support - which is great. Way back when I had another host they had a file system structure that was quite different than the normal (which hostgator has) where the main root folder held a subfolder for every domain and subdomain - listed as the full domain name. It was not a windows server, as I had asked the owner and apparently he'd done some of his own modifications to whatever he used, it made it so much easier to navigate around instead of having one root folder with a billion other folders for other domains and subdomains. Thats the only thing I dislike about HG - and thats mainly because my memory is lacking... yours would be too if you were attempting a total world takeover.

Basically I'd give HG a 9.9/10 - and an 11/10 if they ever changed the way their file system works. Or maybe I just don't know something everyone else knows...

Biggest Pro: Server handles everything fine - not an overused and abused box.
Biggest Con: File organization, on the main account folders can get confusing.

degradation of technical support

I have used Hostgator as my primary host service for over 3 years, currently hosting over 35 domains with them. For several years I was very pleased with their service, however, over the past 3 to 6 months it seems that their technical support has degraded substantially. I have had numerous simple issues take days to resolve or take several days and still not be resolved.

Unfortunately, I am now having to look for another host service to migrate my domains to because reliable technical support is critical to me.


I just recently switched from my current host to Hostgator about a month ago. Before switching, I had consulted to their customer support. They were very helpful and informative; answering all of my questions swiftly. After switching, I found out that Hostgator even supplies SiteStudio, which can edit your site to your needs automatically even if you do not know HTML. This was a much needed tool for me. Moreover, when accessing Cpanel, I was surprised to find out that they had Fantastico and other gadgets which can install blogs and other scripts with just the click of a button. To summarize, Hostgator is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. They make building websites as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Their server uptime is near perfect, they have great customer support, and their plans are definitely affordable. Overall, they are a great web hosting company and I would recommend them to anyone.

Biggest Pro: Great Customer Support

Host Gator - Good Host

So far my experience at HostGator is great. Their prices are reasonable and it is fairly simple to sign up and pay. I was also pleased with the amount of space and bandwidth they give you. My account was set up in no time and so for I have had NO problems with this host. I have heard bad things in the past about this host, but so far I am very satisfied and will continue to do business with them. For only 9.99 I am getting a substantial amount of space and bandwidth and I am allowed to park 1000 sites there.

Mildly disatisfying

I had spent quite a while drifting from host to host before deciding to give in to the temptation of using a bigger and somewhat better known host. I think everyone has heard of Host Gator before and that was the first host that popped into my head. I setup an account and as soon as my nameservers had updated I began playing with the Control Panel and such... Just to see what (if anything) was new. My package uses CPanel X which is pretty much the norm for most web hosts. With that you can expect such liberties as 3 click script installation, advanced website statstics, phpmyadmin access and so much more. At first I was happy to pay the few dollars extra to what I was used to but that feeling soon faded as I began to notice a significant drop in the loading times of my website. I decided to weather the storm and see if the guys at Host Gator would fix it, and they did. That is, for a week or so before I noticed the drop in speed again. This time I was working on my website - and half way through my website went down. I was shocked. I spent the rest of the evening, the entire next day and the morning after constantly refreshing my browser hoping that I would see my website load up. And eventually it did. Since then I haven't had any trouble whatsoever and I think the problem with the speed was due to the fact that i'm using their shared hosting package, which is fine for some websites... But as I found, it's not fine for mine.

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