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One of the best hosts ever!

I just love HostGator! They give 600gb of storage and 6tb of bandwidth per month for only 10$ per month! That is great! Their customer support is fastest ever, their operators are 24-7 online! And best of all - their servers are always up and very fast! Once I got stuck when I wanted to install some script - I seeked for help in their live support and one of their operators helped me installing that script in no time. I would recommend HostGator to anyone looking for a good, cheap, and reliable hosting service!

HostGator Hosting for a great price with lots of standard feature

I've been using another hosting company for years. Then I became more serious as an internet marketer. I needed to save money and be able to host multiple domains on the same plan.

I switched to HostGator a month or so ago and have all of my domains hosted there. It is saving me about $15 a month. This doesn't seem like much at first but it does make a difference.

The cPanel 11 interface is outstanding and very easy to use. But the best thing I've found about HostGator is their technical support.

I use their chat support feature whenever I get stuck. I get immediate responses. Their support people are well trained, very helpful and speak my language.

I recommend HostGator to all of my friends and can even make a few bucks through their affiliate program.


Biggest Pro: Host unlimited domains
Biggest Con: Shared hosting could be faster

Carefree Hosting - Hostgator!

This hosting proved to be a reliable and stable server.Since my inception in this hosting only once there was a maintainence down except that case the server was doing really good.I never had a server load issue with them which normally all hosting service providers used to do they force sites on shared hosting plans to shift to dedicated one.

The best thing I like from HostGator is their Control Panel ( Cpanel ), its really cool and its very helpful and easier for me to set up a blog adding to my site. The only thing which I don't like with Telephone support. Once,I tried to know about their newly added features and has to clarify some technical details, but that time it is really worst and made me to be on phone line for several minutes giving me a worst reply. Overall, than these things I can give a big plus to them in relating to the hosting factors. Most importantly they have good number of Uptime records.

Reliable hosting for advanced users

As an advanced user of hosting services and as my site gets more hits i took this hosting service.This hosting initially looked very normal to me.But at later stage i discorvered that ,this hosting is very stable.Stability is just one feature but the important aspect of this hosting service is its accessing speed.The server offers maximum accessing speed.Transfering data through FTP also is a faster process.With unlimited bandwidth the site has remained ON all the time.The key feature of the hosting is the server's reliability.A periodical checking is done to the server by the admins so that the server never crashes .A perfect backup of data is also maintained.Hence the server act as very reliable one.

Hostgator the best

Hostgator is one of the best, if not the best, webhosting company I have ever experienced. They are amongst the biggest in the industry and can claim even the ultimate in this field. Their packages are well spread to choose from. The live support and the email supports are unparallel. The availability figure definitely matches with their guaranteed figure. The billing aspects are smooth. The price tag may sound little higher, but the benefits surely outweigh the cost. I shall recommend Hostgator to anybody who is seeking a reliable host with strong backbone.

Hostgator, the best in host!

I have been using this hosting service for more than two years. In this two years I have never felt bad for subscribing to their service. I say this since I am happy with their service, no frequent server down. The main thing is their server speed it is extremely fast. I have never felt like this in past. My site is a dedication to actor, Ajith Kumar, contains lots of picture and news about him. The pictures are loading at a very good speed.

The only thing I don't like with them is the price. They are some what higher than the other hosting services. As well as they are better in service than others. Overall they are the best in hosting service.

Reviewing The Gator , HostGator

I have been looking for a reliable hosting which would guarantee me high speed and uptime and finally I found the right host , HostGator. I have been using them for 2 months now and I have never had a single downtime which means they are professional and they are taking care for their clients

Everytime I have had any problem (coding problems or php problems which are not related to the host provider ) i asked the live support and they have always helped me

Regarding to the price , I am using Baby Package right now and I'm paying like $10 which is really cheap compared to the quality and the space (600 GB) and the speed of the hosting.

Personally I am really satisfied with them and I think I will continue hosting at Hostgator as they are simply what I have been looking for. At the beginning many webmasters told me not to go with big companies as they are overselling but its better using a big company as you will be more secure

HostGator seems to be the ideal choice for all new webmasters. I consider myself a new webmaster and I wanted a professional hosting so choosing Hostgator was a challenge for me.

Another advantage of HostGator are the endless coupons they are providing for different promotions which you can use to save some earnings (you can get first month hosting at 0.01$)

It is natural that a company will also have some negative parts but luckily those cons are not related with the hosting. They are using a out-dated template which I believe , as a big company , they must have had another new - looking template

Also I would say they are using a great billing software which is easy to navigate and its really understandable.

If you want to look professional , I would strongly recommend you to use one of the big hosting companies and in this case i would recommend you HostGator

Biggest Pro: support , uptime , billing

Hostgator is a Bloggers dream come true.

If you are in the blogger niche, hostgator is the place to host your domains, with 10 second wordpress installs and a whole host of back end utilities it can not be beat. Speed is comparable with most high end hosts i've used and there has never been a moment of downtime. 24/7 live customer service available (though complex issues has to be emailed in). Plans are decently cheap. AWSTATS and Webalizer on every domain, custom error pages and easy to configure .htacess. Also has hotlink protection for you image hosting.

Now the one downfall: Hostgator uses phpsuexe. Which is great for blogging and various scripts. Upload your script and go. 99% of the time no chmodding required. But this is a downfall for TGP users that use scripts that upload and install files during installation since most do not support phpsuexe you will have to go back and redo the chmodding after install and it just seems not to work right after that (forget one file during your re chmodding and your screwed).

Biggest Pro: phpsuexe
Biggest Con: phpsuexe

The best one so far

Looking for the best host suitable for my site took much longer than I thought, godaddy failed to provide a decent service for dynamic sites such as this. They'll only do fine serving up static html files & sell domain registration.

Godaddy's site is terrible, it's slightly slow and full of ads. I can't believe I took the bait of choosing price over quality. I asked for a refund anyway and they accepted it.

After looking around , sitepoint and devshed, I found the right host I was looking for. Hostgator. They provide less than competitors, less bandwidth, less storage... no ssh access or other bells and whistles of a typical webhost company. Why did I choose this? well, based on reports and customer complaints... those sites giving out large amount of storage and bandwidth is overselling. They could not possibly provide full terabytes & 10000GB's of storage for each client, they are expecting that not all will use them up anyway. The problem with these hosts is that... in one occasion or more, one of the customers will DO use up all the bandwidth for their shared hosting, affecting all others. Hostgator didn't oversell, they provided honest specifications for their plans and you can be sure the service will be much more reliable than those who oversell their plans.

So, expect better performance for my site from now on. Also for future sites I plan to make :-)

hostgator review

its a very good web-host with a number of packages available I had tried many other hosting services but since I joined them their service and support has been excellent.

I advise you not to use their cheapest option forget cost I found out that it lacks most of the key features you would need for a good website, Their customer service is great they provide live support even on sunday or late in the night and most issues I have had with them regarding my site had been resolved almost like the same day,

my site has never been down since I have been using hostgator and the connection speed is fast at least by my standards, though I am not too happy with their pricing I think it is a bit high but thats the price to pay for superb quality.

I recommend them to anyone looking for a good web-host

Biggest Pro: your website uptime is guaranteed and their customer service is superb

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