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Best Host Ever!

Now i'm what i'd call a Career Nerd, If i'm not working on one of my sites i'm roped into working for someone else,es thats given me many time to see the differant host, etc that people use

Hostgator has consistently been the best, the speed, price and durability of the service coupled with helpful and polite support staff make dealing with Hostgator a real treat for webmasters!

Their new Shared Cpanel skin with cpu moniter is also great to avoid those dreaded "too much cpu useage" nightmares shared hosters have from time to time when some normally mundane script decides to drain more resources than the Nasa

It doesnt get any better than Hostgator

I have been hosting websites for over 5 years

I initially signed up with smaller hosts and had all sorts of downtime and reliability issues. One of my early hosts couldnt even reliably BILL ME. I had to remind them.

And then I found HOSTGATOR

Signup was easy (I even got a discount) and I have been with them for over 3 years hosting 20+ websties. They are VERY reliable and whenever I have had a problem - they solved it. Pricing is fair and their packages give you plenty of room to 'grow' your reseller hosting business.

Nobodys perfect (even Hosgator) but my experience with SEVERAL webhosts shows that they are at the very top of the game when it comes to reliable hosting at fair pricing with responsive helpdesk.

Fellas - it just dont get any better than this.

Two thumbs up for HostGator -

Biggest Pro: Reliable - fairly priced - solid helpdesk - room to grow
Biggest Con: website design is old and outdated

Great all round service and fast and reliable

Switched over from to these guys and they are brilliant and the first month at one cent is a great inticement. Have had several site hosted by these guys in the past and never had any down time. recommend to anyone who is hosting video content always find they can delivery pretty much a decent download speed. We are based in New Zealand and even this far away have no real problems apart from our local isp's getting the usual end of day bottlenecks. Also the live chat support is amazing this has helped me many times if needed suport whilst being away from office.

BRILLIANT best hosting company around plus real value for money

Biggest Pro: Service and uptime and nice Cpanel interface (i see they have upgraded recently)
Biggest Con: nothing really to moan about

Best Service

Great host. The best overall is the customer support, especially the live support. The executives respond well and the token system works great. During the initial months of setting up my website, the customer support was very handy.The uptime is also great. I have never faced any problems with the server going down till now. I felt the pricing to be ok too with the first month being offered at 1 cent using the coupon and for the later months, the billing system works fine. Solving the tension of regular billing upgrades upon expiry. Also, the additional features included in the cpanel are awesome and quite handy.

Biggest Pro: Cool Support and uptime
Biggest Con: Occassional mysql processing speed

Over 7 Months and Never Had to call Support

Last spring I moved from a VPS i had for 8 year with OLM to a dedicated server with Hostgator. I had assisted with my first server transfer to OLM, but this time I was all on my own and It could not have gone more smooth. The dedicated server has CPanel, documentation was really easy to find, and no minor hangups from weird config issues. Since day one we are at 100% uptime and i get .12 avg response and low loads. I had hoped that I was gonna be able to get something for about 125-150, but at 179 i was paying on $4 more than I was for an old, old machine with OLM.

On rating would be all 10 but havent needed support or customer service so i gave those 9, and for price, you always want it for a little less.

Biggest Pro: Perfect for the average web developer.
Biggest Con: Honestly, server or support hasnt been tested yet

Happy again!

I am pleased to report that Hostgator has lived up to its reputation as a top hosting solution. Support has redoubled efforts to solve the problems our domain was having, and made a thorough investigation of the possible causes for the hacking attack. Good one!

It's hard to remain at odds with Hostgator support when their top tech guy reaches out to us in such a professional and helpful manner, even offering compensation for the troubles we were experiencing.

And it's pleasing to know that I can once again safely go back to recommending Hostgator to friends and businesses.

Host Gator Still the Best Shared Host for The Money

I've been using Host Gator for about 6 months and it is the best shared host for the money.

Host Gator offers all of the services & software you need to run a professional site and their customer service is second to none.

Host Gator live chat customer service simply rocks. They have knowledgeable people online. They have always answered my questions right away and accurately.

I will keep using Host Gator. I will upgrade to a dedicated server once my business demands it.

Host Gator Rocks!

Biggest Pro: Customer Service
Biggest Con: Speed of a shared host (my problem for not spending more money)

HostGator Review

One of the best affordable web hosts I've used in the past 4 years I've been in this industry. A few things that stand out about HostGator from the rest are as follows:

-- Software/server upgrades: They run the latest stable versions even for the lowest paying shared hosting customers

-- Simplicity: Very simple registration process

-- Community: Great support community, saves me time because I don't need to post support tickets

Biggest Pro: Latest upgrades

Host Gator does it for me!

My Host of choice is HostGator. They have the best (read cheapest) starter packages and in my opinion the best services and choices. You’ve gotta love Fantastico Deluxe on the Cpanel. It makes it so easy that even if you make a mistake configuring your blog or whatever, you can always just start over. Very easy to become a veteran webmaster with those kind of tools.

Biggest Pro: Fantastico
Biggest Con: some rude techs on live support chat

Host Gator Are Excellent

I have used Host Gator for a multitude of websites over the years and their service never ceases to amaze me. All packages are excellent value for money and are backed by supreme uptime and speedy and knowledgeable customer service; whenever I have a problem - which is a rare occurrence - or question, a live rep is generally online to help me out instantly. In the cases where one isn't online, I only usually have to wait about half an hour or so before I receive a reply to my e-mail.

Their shared plans afford you a fair amount of space and bandwidth and their policies are such that you could host almost any type of site you wanted with them (save for illegal sites, but that goes without saying). I have run media heavy websites with them before and have never really had to spend over $25 a month to support myself.

All in all, my experience with Host Gator has been an overwhelmingly positive one and I would recommend them to anybody looking to run a small to medium-sized website. You will not be disappointed.

Biggest Pro: Uptime and Customer Service

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