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Longtime HostGator client still happy

I had a reseller account with HG for about 3 years and have recently upgraded to a dedicated server.

All in all I'm very happy with HG. Tech support is generally very good and reasonably fast - having the live chat capability is a big plus for less complex problems. There's a pretty good community of support available on the forums and HG is not afraid to post bad reviews - to me that says they care what people think.

The only major issue I've had with my hosting in the last year was an emergency drive replacement that resulted in basically 4 days of downtime while the RAID array was rebuilt - that was really difficult to explain to clients and I think that could have been handled better, possibly by scheduling the rebuiliding at night, which did help when they decided to do that on the last day. However, this was an isolated incident.

I still recommend HG to clients who don't go through my hosting company. I have no qualms about those recommendations.

Biggest Pro: Chat support, thorough technicians
Biggest Con: Slower support times for ticketing lately

Host Gator is #1

I've had my website hosted on them for only about a week and I have encountered no problems so far. It was all fairly straight forward I decided to choose the hatchling plan which is pretty much like the baby plan but you don't get unlimited domains and it lacks a few e-commerce features which is not what I need anyway. By the way you can easily update your plan without ANY fees of any sort you just get put on the new payment scheme so that's good to know, If I ever decided that I need more domains or if I want to make e-commerce websites!

The whole purchase process is really fast and everything was done and set up within like 20 minutes. I can see why Host Gator is rated so highly all over the internet it really is THAT good. I always see really popular websites hosted by Host Gator and that was one of the main reasons why I decided to go with them. You just don't get all these cool features and reliability anywhere else for this kind of price. I am yet to try out their Live technical support as I am pretty tech savvy and their documentation is really thorough so I have not had any need to. I assume they are just as knowledgeable as people have been saying.

I highly recommend Host Gator!

Biggest Pro: Feature Rich and the ability to pay month by month with NO contract or disconnection Fees!
Biggest Con: None

Dont look at any other hosting company!!

Dont waste your time with all these other hosting companies who have people leaving bogus positive reviews. HostGator is the ONLY company you need to host your website. I recent;y moved my website from a nightmare experience with to HostGator. I was very reluctant to believe any of the positive reviews i read about Hostgator especially after reading the same for Justhost. After moving my site in 7 hours, and the great customer support from HostGator, i am happy to say that I am here to stay for good!! This is the most stable, fastest, most reliable hosting service i have ever experienced. Their servers are high power and not oversubsribed. I even had comments from people overseas accessing my site asking what had changed since the overall performance skyrocketed!!

Dont bother with any other service. Use HostGator for your hosting needs.


Biggest Pro: Reliability, speed, stability, customer service is US based.
Biggest Con: They dont offer a backup service i can use to automatically backup my directories and databases.

Glad I switched to HostGator

I've had a six year old relationship with another host provider. I have to say I did not have many problems with the previous vendor, until I added a second server to my account.

Two months after I had purchased the second server I was still trying to get it to work. It is fair to say that in two months my server simply did not work.

Out of frustration, I looked for another host provider and for some reason I remembered the name HostGator, so I decided to give them a try.

I was so pleasantly surprised that my server was up and running within 1 hour of purchase. I've submitted a couple of support tickets and I have gotten an intelligent, appropriate and meaningful response within 2 hours. The previous host provider took days and usually did not address my issues.

I have been very pleased with HostGator service so far. The only problem I have seen is that apparently their servers (mine is a shared linux server) have big loads, so my site now feels considerably slower to load than before.

Biggest Pro: Easy to set up and very responsive customer and tech support
Biggest Con: Shared servers are relatively slow.

Do not choose HostGator!

I hosted my website on HostGator for 3 months. I have CONSTANT downtime; I was often suspended to. They could never clearly state why I was suspended. They always just said I pose a significant risk to the users of the server I am suspended.

However, I did find out that they suspended me for using 200gb of bandwidth... hello I have unlimited bandwidth, I NEVER used above the resource limit, and I have unlimited bandwidth, so they are misleading.

Out of the 3 months I hosted, I probably had my website up for 2 months. I then moved to slicehost, my site grew, then I moved to softlayer for a dedicated server and it grew even bigger. Now I have multiple servers loading my website for images and all. HostGator was a huge waste of my 3 months and I would recommend them to nobody.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: To much downtime

Very happy

We switched to Host Gator because our last host was getting worse and worse. Our site was frequently down and the old host techs kept telling me there was no problem. We have a business and can't afford for our site to be down. Night and day difference between what I had and Host Gator. To my knowledge the site has never been down since we switched to Host Gator and it's a faster connection.

Host Gator's cpanel is light years ahead of my last host. It is a hugely useful cpanel. I especially like the Awstats. It not only gives you all sorts of traffic statistics for your site, but it also shows 404 link errors and other such errors. Adding subdomains and other such stuff is a breeze.

I've only called support once. They answered right away and fixed the problem right away. The problem was some annomus ftp was using up my bandwidth. The tech blocked them and I've had no problems since.

Biggest Pro: The site is always up.
Biggest Con: None that I've found

Simply the Best

I would just like to say that I would recommend Hostgator and I am really impressed, I was having quite a few issues with my old hosts (DreamHost) as they were blocking POST messages with paypal, and do not answer tickets for over 24 hours, so no good if your running E-Commerce!!. After a quick online LIVE chat with support here they assured me that this would not be an issue with Hostgator, and guess what?



Biggest Pro: Support, Uptime and Packed with Features/Extras
Biggest Con: None that I have found

Host Gator is the Best!

I have been a reseller with Hostgator for about 9 years with a small reseller account and I have always been treated like a VIP by their support teams who have gone out of their way to help me with things I needed help with, above and beyond what a support team would normally do. This includes over the phone or with their live chat. There are many web servers out there but I wouldn't recommend any one of them except Hostgator.

Biggest Pro: Great Support, great prices
Biggest Con: Can't think of any.

Outstanding Service From HostGator

I have been a HostGator customer for a number of years. Up until recently I have had two shared business accounts there, and have always been impressed by the service. Heck I was only paying ~$30 a month, but whenever I needed anything from the support group I was always made to feel like HostGator's biggest customer.

I just recently acquired a dedicated server for a new site (which will hopefully justify it in the next couple of months ). I was a little nervous about making the move, mainly because I have never managed anything other then some early Windows servers back in my "hands on" days at work.

The HostGator support & transfer team, along with the GREAT video tutorials HostGator makes available, made the move a snap. I spent a week or so going through the tutorials and familiarizing myself with my server and WHM (the managemnet interface which I had never used). When it came time for the move the HG transfer team was outstanding to work with. Immediately after the move I had a few questions regarding some standard practices on my server setup, and the support team was more than helpful.

HostGator just ROCKS. From the stable infrastructure, to the great equipment and affordable service, to one of the best support teams I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I am definitely looking forward to a long term partnership with HostGator as my business grows, and would recommend them to anyone!


Biggest Pro: The HostGator Support Staff

A review from a VPS owner


I'm a owner of 50+ websites and I own a VPS and a (more or less) system administrator, at least I manage my own VPS and servers from a few people around the world.

So, this bring me a prespective of things that most users do not have. As a VPS owner I use my HostGator account to spread the hight load to the HostGator account on my heavy websites, and also because redundancy.

So, if you have a HostGator account for less than $10, and they offer you a Google Coupon that gives 50$ PLUS freebies on ther website, why not join?

Also, if you've a very bused server, you can count on HostGator. Dedicated 8 processors (or more?) capable of getting a digg front page (or a similar one on my country) and not spicking the load.

My VPS load comes from 6+ to 1+ thanks to HostGator and I don't have to pay much more for it.

So, you guys, are the best. Period.

Biggest Pro: Support
Biggest Con: 6

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