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I had to take time out of my day to write this, for their support team is always there for me any time of the day.
I have 3 sites now up with gator host. They are very reasonably priced. I have had some problems with my site staying up. One click of the button, they got me up and running. I had to upgrade, To much traffic causing my site to go down. I've had my programmer working on my site for me that was causing site to go down. No fault of gator host, But their tech will get you back up and running .I was with Cirtexhosting before. I know better, but I was kicked off blue host for adult contents and need hosting ASAP. I didn't read reviews on cirtex. 6 months with them my site went down!! I try to contact them, no support, get some one, they pass the buck. Never the less, I lost 1,000's of my ads on my site. All they had to do was restore data. 1 click of a button. That's when I looked at their reviews. All bad. Try switching your hosting from them to anther service. It took me a month to switch over to gator. Cirtex was slowing the process by keep giving me wrong EPP key.
The Internet is the new way of life, as a business owner too. We rely on other peoples reviews so we don't get caught up in a scam. I learn from my mistakes, I never buy any thing to I google company..
Have a wonderful day!
Thank you gator host for making my business run smooth on your end!

Biggest Pro: I created my problems! Thier always there to fix them!

Okay over all but sadly found Big Sales Deception

I have been with hostgators for one year. Support has been good and have been satisfied with BabyPlan so decided to upgrade to VPS.
Before joining I read some complaint from other reviewers but overall was good so I joined.
Today I came across something that is clearly deceptive on their part and want people to be aware and hope that hostgators will be more honest.
I will just mention one example. As of today 10/1/2011 on their main VPS it says
in big bold letter "Each VPS account comes with..." and lists those items it comes with including "MySQL Databases". Also mentions it supports: MySQL.
So I went through the purchase. One day later I get an email saying that it doesn't. When I asked, hostgators referred to an
obscure link that was never referred on the sales page. That page says "MySQL - Not included":
To have it I have to have pay $10 every month. How are we supposed to know some hidden link that contradicts their sales statement?
How many hidden links are there? This made me angry and makes me wonder if I should continue to do business with such a company.

Biggest Con: Sadly cane across sales deception

Wouldn't go with anyone else

I absolutely adore Hostgator. I've recommended it to all my friends who are building websites and they all love it as well. Their tech support is pretty much top notch if anything goes wrong. There was a problem earlier in the year with some new members using bots and programs they shouldn't have, which caused issues for my, and others, sites, but they fixed it right up. My only complaint is they recently changed their backup plan. It used to be as long as you had less than 100,000 inodes, they would back up your site every week. If you were over 100,000 they'd just back up your datebases. Now if you site is over that or 20GB, they don't back up at all.

I've always had a website of some kind since 1998. I've been to a LOT of hosts, some free, some paid, but hands down Host Gator is the best. If you're going to build a website, don't hesitate. Use them. You won't be disappointed.

Biggest Pro: easy cpanel and 99% uptime
Biggest Con: they don't back up your site if it gets too big

Hosting Multiple Domains on Hostgator

I have been with hostgagor for 5 years now, after moving from a much more expensive Australian Host (who hosted from US anyway) and have been delighted with them. As a web developer and professional and personal blogger I host over 20 domains on the one account (.com and .au) and multiple sub-domains (for myself, clients, friends and a couple of non-profits). A few have Google ratings of 5-7 which indicates how much traffic they get and I am only on their baby plan.

If there has been any downtime at all since have been with them it must have been so short as neither myself or clients have noticed it and I am working with my sites for hours each day.

The only times I have needed to contact customer support has been for problems I have created myself and the matter has been dealt with speedily through their online chat. The operators have all been friendly, very helpful and knowledgeable. I have helped other bloggers with their own sites hosted through various different hosts so I am confident that I have chosen the best.

PS - I am not a hosting reseller for Hostgator so I have nothing to gain from writing such a glowing review.

Biggest Pro: Reliability-Price
Biggest Con: None

Absolutely Flat-Out the BEST

I've been with HostGator for almost two years now. I have never seen another company strive so hard to make constant improvements and provide the very best in service and support.

I've submitted two support tickets to them, and I'm not exaggerating when I say they were on it in less than one minute. It is not humanly possible to provide better support than that.

Their servers are driven by wind power, a sustainable energy source.

The ease of use of their CPanel is outstanding. Hosting plans are very reasonably priced.

I recommend HostGator to everyone. You can't go wrong with these guys. They are the best.

I am glad I moved to hostgator

I had my over 20 domains and websites hosted at hostmonster before on different accounts. I was always wondering why most of my websites were slow loading till I found out that they throttle your account if one site is causing problems with the code. So your site might be perfect, but if you have a site hosted together with yours on the same server from another person which is not perfect, you lost. Sometimes the loading time was over 20 seconds!!

I switched with all my accounts to hostgator, pay a little bit more, but having no trouble at all is worth the few extra bucks.
Sites taking now the longest time of 3 seconds to load. What I like is: you can pay monthly.

Biggest Pro: Loading Speed and support
Biggest Con: Charging 50% more on Domain registration and privacy than others

Very happy with Host Gator

I've not have had any problems of any sort with Host Gator. Website runs smoothly and super fast connection.

CPanel and site is easy to use and site easy to navigate and as yet, I did not use support other than when I transferred DNS from JustHost (big nightmare) to worry free zone Host Gator. Transfer was easy and super... super fast.

All in all, as yet, no complaints or problems.

Biggest Pro: Worry free zone, excellent CPanel and no contract.

Couldn't be happier with Host Gator

I have been with Host Gator for just over 6 months. In that time I have not had one single issue or down time. The control panel is so superior over the garbage that AIT provided, I just had no idea what I was missing.

Not only do my websites run flawlessly, but I've been able to set up two extensive, professional store fronts and generate sales at no additional cost. The Mcart that AIT offered was an embarassment.

I am extremely pleased with Host Gator and their tech staff and would recommend them to anyone, without hesitation.

Biggest Pro: 100% uptime, great tech support, great cpanel
Biggest Con: none

Outstanding Customer Service!!

I have been a HostGator customer for the last 3 years, and I truly can't speak highly enough of their technical support department and the services HostGator provides.

I am the developer for a system that is designed to send alerts to members of the general public during severe weather events along with several other tools that we have created that are designed to assist with the protection of lives, property, and communications. The service we have created is utilized by emergency response organizations all around the country. The systems we have created were designed to provide the difference between life and death in alot of situtations.

I can truly say that with the work we are doing, and the true impact we have on the organizations utilizing our services, its very critical that our servers are fully functional at all times. A week or so ago we ran in to a serious problem with our dedicated server and our mail system was blocking text messages from going through. This posed a serious issue due to the weather and the possibility of a tornado being produced. I contacted HostGator, explained the situation, and within minutes their support department went to work to resolve the issue at hand. This was one of the situations where it could of turned out to be a life or death senario. If the alerts didn't get sent out, and a tornado had touched down and someone was killed, it would have caused massive devistation to the work that we are doing.

If it wasn't for the knowledge and quick response of the HostGator technical support team, our entire operation could of gone under. Because of situations like this that have arisen in the past, HostGator has never once failed to step up and correct the problems we faced (and in come cases the problem was actually on our end and not theirs), I would have to say anyone looking for a hosting company with outstanding reliability, amazing customer and technical support, and great prices, well HostGator is the best company out there!

Biggest Pro: Technical support is just simply amazing!
Biggest Con: I have no complaints what so ever about HostGator.

Best Support in the Industry

I have been using Host Gator over 5 years. I can not tell you the number of times they have helped me with situations. Even some that I don't think really had anything to do with them. I have a dedicated server with close to 80 websites on it. Whenever I have a problem, I simply send a ticket and within a very short time the problem is addressed.

A couple years ago, the servers went down due to a problem with The Planet. They did everything they could to help even though most of it was out of their control. I delt a great deal with a gentleman named Josh, who gave me advice that really saved me a lot of time and money.

Anyone interested in hosting sites can not go wrong with Host Gator.

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