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Reliable Service and Good Technical Support

I have been a customer with hostgator for about 9 months now and I plan to stay with them. So far their service has been great. I have never had any downtime or any server related issues. When I registered my domain with them, I was pretty new to setting up email, installing wordpress, etc. But their technical support team helped me step by step to create my email, install wordpress, and providing other information about how to manage the panel.

I remember once I faced an issue while uploading some images on the wordpress site and it gave me some http error. I just immediately called hostgator about the issue and they were just knew before I finished talking about the issue. They provided information on the call on how to increase the php memory limit and helped me few other php settings and I was good to go.

I also recently transferred one of my domain that was hosted with WIX to hostgator. I was not totally sure about the process as I was doing it for the first time. When I called hostgator support about this they told me the entire procedure for the transfer of domain and I was able to successfully transfer the domain to hostgator.

Another thing I like about them is their 24/7 tech support. I work late nights and it gives me a sense of confidence and security that if I get stuck on some server related issue, there is always someone there to help you.

Biggest Pro: Customer service

Hostgator: A serious player in business

I've been using Hostgator for more than an year now after moving from one of the prominent hosting / domain providers for almost 7 years.

I must say, it was a wise decision and perfect selection of service provider at a time when I needed to grow my business and needed a reliable and competent provider whom I can blindly trust upon.

The customer support is fantastic and goes beyond expectation as they're not just merely to please / empathize / pamper customers rather they're technically pretty sound in resolving anything and everything related to technology. Also, when it comes to generic queries like billing, upsell etc, they're again very prompt, specific and to the point without any further cross-sell pitches.

Positives & Negatives according to me are as under:

- Uptime, Site Speed (Connection speed), Reliability is flawless
- Technical support over chat / email is beyond expectation
- Absolute Value for money
- No unnecessary ad ons / up-sell while making any upgrade or fresh purchase
- Basic features like SSL, Site Backup etc are added in the starting plan itself

- Control panel interface is a bit less intuitive and UI look and feel seems to be pretty obsolete. (Doesn't creates any issue while navigating but its just that its less eye pleasing)
- Help files have lots of jargon which might not be easy for a non-tech to grasp, but again, the support team is beyond expectation so you can anytime avoid help files and reach them :)


Biggest Pro: Customer support
Biggest Con: obsolete UI


Do not use the site and do not enter any of your personal information.
Otherwise you will find out one year later, that their system kept your information and settled the payment method as an automatic and you will be charged for whatever package you were looking for. even though you thought you deleted your information there.

Most importantly, they do not refund? Because they want so. Because they are desperate, hunting for every penny they can steal!.. This is their another lie that they cannot refund. They simply do not want to refund.

They may send you an email, which can be easily inactive, but they will never use your mobile number, which they have to inform you that they are going to charge you. which is another sign that they do not want you to be informed about potential charges, because that is how they are making money so "legally" from every person who makes that terrible mistake to start registration and try their service.

Shortly, stay away from them and do not enter your personally information, there are alternatives and they are even free, for example Wix, and they do not have such kind of surprises after couple of years to charge your for service, you did not even were aware you were using,

Biggest Pro: Seems cheap
Biggest Con: Stealing money

The Customer Service in hell is better

I have been using HostGator since 2009, when i first signed up the service was amazing. All add-in apps and basic server apps worked great. Then over the years they started laying off their customer service representatives. Now the service is so bad that it takes generally about 6 days for customer service to reply to a ticket. The last time i attempted to contact customer service via chat the hold time was actually 150 minutes. For this reason alone the hosting service is not at all usable. Even while they were slashing the customer service level to a dismal level they had the nerve to raise their prices.

Biggest Con: Customer Service stealing money form customers

I was a happy customer of for a year with no issue with it's hosting and software. But the hell broke down when I suddenly received a sms from by bank stating that my credit card had been charged 9770 INR under the name of hostgator. It turns out that hostgator automatically enrolls people to auto renewal of there hosting account. And charges the customer a premium price on a premium currency conversion rate. When applying for refund they refund in USD so making 10 USD free of cost in the processes.When on contacting support they say very arrogantly contact your bank we do not deal with money conversions.I can imagine if you do the same thing to 100,000 people.Making a 1 Million out of nowhere. I must say nice strategy my people at Dupping people of there hard earned money for their own selfish interest.

Biggest Con: Unethical Practices

Sneaky Refund Policy

Easy to sign-up and great customer service to start blogging website. Once I tried to cancel via the 45-day money back guarantee the issues started. Over two hours on hold and talking with representatives at hostgator in order to try to cancel my membership via their website. Informed I would be sent an email within two business days with the cancellation information. Received the email with a cancellation date a year out from when I signed-up with hostgator instead of the date I actually cancelled. Spent another two hours on hold and talking with representatives from hostgator. Spoke with a very rude representative who indicated hostgator policy is to use a cancellation date one year from when you sign-up unless you write them to indicate you want to cancel immediately. I thought the previous two hour phone call where I stated I wanted to cancel and receive a refund via the 45-day money back guarantee in addition to following their instructions to cancel online covered this. I contacted paypal and put them on the phone with the representative. The representative was still rude. I disconnected the phone call with hostgator and worked directly with paypal regarding the refund issue. The cancellation confirmation email from hostgator also indicated I should cancel my hostgator subscription information in paypal to ensure I would not get charged again. The email had faulty instructions so I worked with the paypal rep to cancel. I will never deal with hostgator again and will notify people not to deal with this company. They seem to use every sneaky means necessary to prevent you from receiving the 45-day money back refund!

Biggest Pro: Easy to sign-up and great customer service to start blogging website.
Biggest Con: Sneaky refund policy including rude rep and long hold

They have literally put me out of business!!!

In the beginning I had absolutely no complaints, everything was going great. Then the server they had me on slowed down to the point where it would take 3 to 4 minutes for a page to come up on one of my websites. They would move me to another server and things might be good for a few months and then again one problem after another.

For the last few months every couple of days I receive a message in my email that my SQL has failed. And from time to time over the years one of my websites wouldn't come up and by the time I find out about it the site had been down for weeks. You see I have about 60 websites not real big sites, but it's how I'd put food on the table. Host gators doesn't seem to care when your website goes down. In fact most of the time they blame you.

The whole attitude at host gator as changed in the last couple years. It has gone from a company who cared, to one, that can only think about getting new customers.

That's all they think about is getting new customers while the old customers can pretty much go to hell.

I'm a senior citizen and combat veteran that relies heavily on the little money I get from my websites. But now host gators has taken that away from me. I've lost all my clients. Last couple of weeks four of my websites have been down. They will do nothing to get them back up and running. Oh, they did say if I pay more they would help. Obviously the security for their servers is next to nothing.

I'm looking for a new hosting company and hopefully can find a good one. I just hope posting this Hostgator doesn't take all my other websites off-line for the revenge.

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Your sites will be off line.

From best to bad in a few weeks

I'm a long time customer, and was a fan of Hostgator. They simply got things done.
In the past month I have had some FTP trouble. I contacted the tech people at Hostgator.
It took them over 2 weeks to get back to me,
My problem was that I couldn't log into my FTP account.
Their answer.was... and I quote: "Looks good on our end." (unquote!)
After two weeks? Seriously?
So I wrote back and asked them if they have any solutions because my FTP sessions were coming up blank, no folders on the server.
Their response... and I quote: "Everything appears to looks good on our end, we even show you logging in."
Great. No questions, no attempt to get to the root of the problem.
And the problem turned out to be a VPN issue.
Could they have not foreseen that? VPN's are in popular use now. I have to shut off my VPN to use my FTP program??
Their help was scant and worthless. They couldn't be bothered to help a long time customer who has hosted many accounts with them
Major dissapointment. I guess it's time to pack in an migrate everything to Amazon AWS.
Too bad, they were once the hosting service that went the extra mile.

BEWARE of Hostgator. They don't help e-commerce companies.

We have been with hostgator for years, we've always recommended them to many people and been happy with their service.

Unfortunately however they were bought out by another company a few years ago and have gone down hill now sadly.

our website was put into restiction mode/cache mode last sunday, 18th jan. Because our web develop turned of the cache in prestashop for a few hours so he could work. I dont know how this made our website go over the hostgator CPU limit but it seems to have done.

When they put our website into cache mode last sunday, our website was put into an old design cache and it completely stopped working. Our customers data got shared with other customers (so hostgator messed up the databases when they put our account into cache), customers couldnt pay because the prestashop payment modules were broken when hostgator put the account into restricted mode.

I wasn't nervous at first, i went on the hostgator live chat and told them hostgator had put our website into restricted mode which has broken our website, i explained our whole e-commerce company was now on hold until hostgator puts our account back to normal. I explained our developer has turned the cache BACK ON for our website so we should be fine now, but the hostgator live chat guy said ''theres nothing i can do, need to open a ticket??'' i told him but we cant wait for a ticket we would loose thousands of dollars in revenue, the restriction mode that hostgator put on our website means customers cant checkout or order. But the live chat guy didnt care.

I have been on their live chat everyday waiting for them to help us, our whole ecommerce company has been non operational for 7 full days now! Nobody is putting our account back to normal, nobody is replying to our tickets and most importantly nobody has fixed all the damages to our code from when the put our website into restricted mode.

So dissapointed with this company, they used to be the best, their servers are good and reliable but they dont seem to understand or case that if they put a website in restricted mode because it went over CPU usage then they need to lift it ASAP, within a few hours as long as the issue is fixed.

Ask yourself, if you own an ecommerce company, would you want to host your website on a hosting company that puts your website into a unusable restricted cache mode, not for a few hours to help fix the servers, BUT, for 1 WHOLE WEEK! meaning your whole ecommerce operation is on hold simply waiting for 1 week for some one from hostgator to fix the issue? And waiting for 1 whole week for a simple reply and fix of the situation?

Never in a million years did i think hostgator would treat an ecommerce company like this. They wont help, they wont reply.

Until now we are waiting for them.

Biggest Con: they dont care about your business

They have failed.

When I started with Hostgator years ago they had the best performance, the best price and the best support. However since they have moved their data center from it's original location to their Utah facility, the performance, reliability, and accessibility have become absolutely terrible. There is frequent outages and I still have visitors that can not access the websites hosted there. For some unknown reason there are certain people that can not even access the server. They can not get email or even view the website. They do not have a fix for this and it has been almost a month. I am moving all of my sites away from them. This is a terrible way to treat long time customers. They have lost their edge. AVOID AT ALL COST...

Biggest Pro: Non
Biggest Con: reliability, and accessibility are terrible

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