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Quality & Consistency over 5 years

I have hosted my site and other sites with Host Gator for over 5 years. My needs have changed throughout these 5 years and Host Gator has helped me find the best solution to meet my needs, and also helping migrating my site/sites between different servers as I expanded from a baby plan to a business plan and then onto a VPS plan.

Customer service and tech support is always available, wait times consistently reasonable, especially easy to connect with an agent via chat, and the agent has always followed through.

I have only had one negative experience with Host Gator which resulted in a malware infection that went un detected by their security technology. This malware infection resulted in multiple different malware files reproducing through the file directory, and as the files weren't detected and removed by Host Gator, they said they would remove and fix the problem for hundreds of dollars. This was my only negative experience hosting for 5 years with Host Gator, if I was not happy with the service they provide to me for VPS hosting, email hosting, and time machine backup storage, I would have gone elsewhere - but the service they provide is consistently good for the reasonably low cost.

Biggest Pro: tech support
Biggest Con: Security

Quality Shared Hosting

I'm using Host Gator from last 4-5 years for my websites, for my client's websites, installed several themes, scripts, plugins, downloaded & uploaded data, and not came across any big issue with them, except some minor issues.

When I faced some minor issues, and not able to fix them at my end, I contacted their support team and them helped me every time with very ease. They providing support through emails, phone call, chat support etc, which is best thing I ever found with them. Because of this I didn't have to wait for my hosting service provider to fix the issues. When I face any issue, I make a call and they resolve it in few minutes.

As they claim 99% uptime which is correct at some points but it would be great if they provide 100% uptime, because I don't want to annoyed because of 1% downtime. Earlier I tried several hosting provides for my websites, but nobody meet near to my expectations except hostgator. I'm also in the service industry and I know its very important to provide quality services and meet client's expectations. And meeting someone's expectations is almost impossible.

I've shared my experience with my hosting service provider and I can recommend hostgator to someone else, for their businesses & clients as well.

Biggest Pro: Uptime, Support Team

Seems Good so far

I'm using Hostgator since last 3 months only and it seems good so far. I moved to Hostgator for the first time after using Godaddy for 4 years. The main reason to switch from Godaddy was, the price they are charging, low RAM space, their server speed and their poor customer support services. Godaddy was good for initial few years but synario changed after sometime.

As I'm running a coupon website and its important to have a great hosting service to offer different type of coupons to different users worldwide and thus I required a hosting provider with 100% uptime and that's the main reason I choose Hostgator over several different service providers. I saw several good reviews about hostgator and those helped me to make my decision of moving to Host Gator.

Now a days I'm frequently installing different scripts, plugins, update existing pages & products without any issue from hosting service provider. Once I had a chance to contact their customer support team for a minor issue and they solved it very professionally and quickly. I think they have one of the great support system, and they provide different ways to reach them for example support through email, through phone, chat, ticket support etc.

HostGator Shared hosting


I have been using HostGator as my service provider for more than 3 years. During this period we have been constantly installing various scripts & upgrading my old websites without any major issues.

One of the best thing about HostGator is that it has the best support system. They provide various means to get support like email, toll-free number, support ticket & chat support, etc.

The best of these are chat support which is 24*7 service & the most effective way to get your problems solved quickly.

During this long period of 3 years, there have been times when some problems could not be solved on chat support. In that case, they raised a support ticket for me & a specialist contacted me to provide a solution.

Some of the downsides of HostGator is that sometimes the websites gets slow. While they claim to have 99% up-time for their shared hosting which is true this 1% still gets annoying.

There are many web hosting providers out there but I have been stuck with HostGator for a reason. The support they provide is so good that no other service provider comes even close.

That was my experience with HostGator which I use till date with no plans for any changes.


Biggest Pro: support
Biggest Con: Some times a bit slow

Host Gator Web Hosting experience

I have build my first website ever. This is my first experience. I was suggested by someone to purchase hosting from Host Gator. It has been a good experience so far. No issue of servers speed or connection. I like this company because you can purchase your web hosting at a low price and in simple steps. It has been a superb experience with this hosting.
So, as far as my experience is concerned, I am more than satisfied with the services of web hosting. It has good hosting and never faced any issue of down server or connection speed. I like this company because what you are looking for? Your site is always active. Their server never went dead. I don't think there is even a single reason to dislike this company's hosting. Based on my own user experience I would highly recommend that company to buy hosting from. After my first website, I have created one or more websites and tried different web hostings but results are not as good as the results are of Host Gator.
Price is not too much. Easily affordable. There are different yearly plans available that you can opt for your website. It provides a good user experience. Highly appreciate the customer support response. Their response is always timely. So overall excellent service.

Hostgator affordable host, perfect for beginners.

With the belief that one of my reliable friend is suggesting hostgator so I thought to give it a try. I've been using hostgator for more than a year now and would agree with the fact that things might come cheaply and easily but everything that shines isn't gold, right? But Hostgator is gold here. Fascinated with the services being provided in different plans I choose to go with baby plan and its perfect value for money. Hostgator offer Cpanel with its hosting which makes everything easier to us. I am running 10+ domains on my baby plan and all are running fine with around 1k+ page views a day.

And as an active user I must add that speed is better compared to other hosts, negligible down times I must insist. The customer support is company's week point and I haven't seen any improvement in it as for now. The first instalment will come cheap, however you might find renewals costlier. Also, the loading time for your websites is more then two second which will irritate you sometimes. But overall the features will help you as you are a new bee and want to start your career in blogging field. I would recommend that when your site grows go for dedicated server.

On a scale of 10 I'll rate my experience 8 as services are affordable and good to begin with.

Biggest Pro: Cpanel
Biggest Con: Customer Support

Reliable Service and Good Technical Support

I have been a customer with hostgator for about 9 months now and I plan to stay with them. So far their service has been great. I have never had any downtime or any server related issues. When I registered my domain with them, I was pretty new to setting up email, installing wordpress, etc. But their technical support team helped me step by step to create my email, install wordpress, and providing other information about how to manage the panel.

I remember once I faced an issue while uploading some images on the wordpress site and it gave me some http error. I just immediately called hostgator about the issue and they were just knew before I finished talking about the issue. They provided information on the call on how to increase the php memory limit and helped me few other php settings and I was good to go.

I also recently transferred one of my domain that was hosted with WIX to hostgator. I was not totally sure about the process as I was doing it for the first time. When I called hostgator support about this they told me the entire procedure for the transfer of domain and I was able to successfully transfer the domain to hostgator.

Another thing I like about them is their 24/7 tech support. I work late nights and it gives me a sense of confidence and security that if I get stuck on some server related issue, there is always someone there to help you.

Biggest Pro: Customer service

Hostgator: A serious player in business

I've been using Hostgator for more than an year now after moving from one of the prominent hosting / domain providers for almost 7 years.

I must say, it was a wise decision and perfect selection of service provider at a time when I needed to grow my business and needed a reliable and competent provider whom I can blindly trust upon.

The customer support is fantastic and goes beyond expectation as they're not just merely to please / empathize / pamper customers rather they're technically pretty sound in resolving anything and everything related to technology. Also, when it comes to generic queries like billing, upsell etc, they're again very prompt, specific and to the point without any further cross-sell pitches.

Positives & Negatives according to me are as under:

- Uptime, Site Speed (Connection speed), Reliability is flawless
- Technical support over chat / email is beyond expectation
- Absolute Value for money
- No unnecessary ad ons / up-sell while making any upgrade or fresh purchase
- Basic features like SSL, Site Backup etc are added in the starting plan itself

- Control panel interface is a bit less intuitive and UI look and feel seems to be pretty obsolete. (Doesn't creates any issue while navigating but its just that its less eye pleasing)
- Help files have lots of jargon which might not be easy for a non-tech to grasp, but again, the support team is beyond expectation so you can anytime avoid help files and reach them :)


Biggest Pro: Customer support
Biggest Con: obsolete UI


Do not use the site and do not enter any of your personal information.
Otherwise you will find out one year later, that their system kept your information and settled the payment method as an automatic and you will be charged for whatever package you were looking for. even though you thought you deleted your information there.

Most importantly, they do not refund? Because they want so. Because they are desperate, hunting for every penny they can steal!.. This is their another lie that they cannot refund. They simply do not want to refund.

They may send you an email, which can be easily inactive, but they will never use your mobile number, which they have to inform you that they are going to charge you. which is another sign that they do not want you to be informed about potential charges, because that is how they are making money so "legally" from every person who makes that terrible mistake to start registration and try their service.

Shortly, stay away from them and do not enter your personally information, there are alternatives and they are even free, for example Wix, and they do not have such kind of surprises after couple of years to charge your for service, you did not even were aware you were using,

Biggest Pro: Seems cheap
Biggest Con: Stealing money

The Customer Service in hell is better

I have been using HostGator since 2009, when i first signed up the service was amazing. All add-in apps and basic server apps worked great. Then over the years they started laying off their customer service representatives. Now the service is so bad that it takes generally about 6 days for customer service to reply to a ticket. The last time i attempted to contact customer service via chat the hold time was actually 150 minutes. For this reason alone the hosting service is not at all usable. Even while they were slashing the customer service level to a dismal level they had the nerve to raise their prices.

Biggest Con: Customer Service

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