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HostGator - A+ Host

I have hosted sites on hostgator for a few years now and my experience has been excellent. I am currently hosted on their swamp plan, and love the unlimited domains offered. I currently host the majority of my sites on this account and can add more whenever I want at no additional charge. Uptime has always been superb, and in years I have been hosted there, I have only noticed one or two periods of downtime that lasted only a few minutes.

Support for hostgator is also excellent. They always have people on live support to assist you with technical or billing problems. They have always worked with me until I have resolved technical issues I was having and made sure that I knew what I was doing when installing things, etc. They also use cPanel for their control panel, which is very easy to use.

I honestly can't think of many things wrong with hostgator. Their prices are a bit higher than some other hosts, but their quality is definitely better than most other hosts out there. They will make up for this slightly higher price with increased uptime and better support. Hostgator has been the best host I have ever used for shared hosting and I would recommend them to anyone.

Biggest Pro: Excellent Uptime and Support
Biggest Con: Price can be slightly high for some

Advantages of HostGator

Some of the advantages of the HostGator that I enjoyed so far are:

- First of all, one of the best advantages is the Unlimited Parked Domains feature, which allows anyone to park different domains under one shared web hosting account. What it actually means is that you can have one primary domain/account. With this great feature, you can run as many websites as you want, just by paying for 1 web hosting account.

- Other advantage is the Unlimited MySQL Databases creation ability, when many top web hosts such as GoDaddy or HostRocket limit up to 10-15 databases per account.

- Some other good things are the up-to-date cPanel, MySQL/PHPMyAdmin version, PHP Version as well as with all account Zend and IonCube Encoders are automatically installed.

- - One disadvantage is that customer support takes some time to be replied, up to 24 or more hours sometimes, while HostRocket uses to answer to almost all inquires within 30 minutes or 1-2 hours which is really great.

Biggest Pro: Unlimited Parked Domains, Databases, E-mails, Sub-Domains
Biggest Con: Customer support sometimes takes a little bit long.

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