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Reliable and Affordable Web Host

I have been using HostGator for my client for more than 4 years. The client had several problems with his previous hosting company, and moving the website to HostGator solved literally all of his problems. In general, I'm really satisfied with their services. In 4 years, I had only one problem with website accessibility and when I contacted support, they were very knowledgeable and fixed the error in 3 days. I liked the frequent notifications that made me aware that work was being done to resolve the issue.

I'm very satisfied with their server speeds and solid server uptime. Their customized control panel is really user friendly and they also offer a variety of feature-packed hosting plans. Their support is fast and efficient. Additionally, their restore point/backup section is quite handy and although HostGator doesn’t do automated backups more than weekly, you can manually backup your site whenever you like. Additionally, they allow you to save a number of “restore points” that let you roll back your site to a previous version of its contents.

Overall, I would recommend HostGator as a very versatile host that caters to a wide variety of website owners. They are especially user-friendly for beginners.

HostGator Web Hosting Review

I have been using HostGator for 4 years and have been truly satisfied with their service and support. I always suggest to my clients to host their sites on HostGator. Here are some pros and cons of HostGator:


Hosting Plans: HostGator offers a great spectrum of plans to choose from based on your site’s requirements. They also make it easy to upgrade your plan even in the middle of already using one.

Support: HostGator's support is the best compared to some of their competitors. I have used a few other hosting services, but their support was never as good as HostGator's. Their 24/7 customer support is fast and very accurate. Whenever I had any issue or confusion, the support team always helped me patiently. Their support team has very humble and expert people.

Reliability: HostGator's servers provide great reliability and security. I have been using their shared hosting and never faced any issue in this regard.

Fast Servers: I am from India and I use US-based Linux shared hosting but never faced any issue or delay in file transferring or accessing.


Price hike at Renewal: I prefer to buy hosting annually and whenever I renew my hosting, the cost is always higher compared to buying a new plan. In order to save money, I usually buy a new plan from HostGator using a different domain instead of renewing my existing plan. I then shift my old HostGator server data to the new HostGator server.

Biggest Pro: Great Customer Support
Biggest Con: Price hike at Renewal

Hosgator Review

We purchased a reseller plan from HostGator in 2011 or 2012. Initially, I started with the minimum package (Aluminium) and with time kept upgrading the package. Currently, we are using the Diamond reseller plan.

I am very much satisfied with HostGator and have absolutely no plans to move to any other hosting providers. Whenever I have any issues, I just open an online ticket and the matter is quickly resolved. On the very few occasions that they take a little longer to reply, they’re also very responsive on Twitter (@HGSupport). Overall, customer service is great and I have no complaints.

Regarding reliability, downtime is very minimal, with about 99.9% uptime. As far as the billing is concerned, they provide a 10-day grace period to settle balance payments after the due date. Once, I even requested that they split my invoice into two smaller invoices because it would have exceeded my credit limit. They did that and it helped me pay my bill more easily.

You can also live chat with the support to get your issues resolved. Be aware though, it takes a little longer to connect via live chat and once I even had to wait around 30 mins. Overall, I recommend HostGator as I am a satisfied customer.

Biggest Pro: Customer Support & Uptime
Biggest Con: Live Chat sometimes takes a little longer

Reliable Hosting Service: HostGator

I have been using HostGator for more than 3 years, running multiple websites on one multi-domain Linux server. I’ve never faced any downtime with the server. I’ve encountered some errors and bugs at the application coding level which were solved with the aid of technical support from HostGator. They’ve definitely gained my trust with their support and technical resolutions. I also get emails for any server issues, which I find very helpful.

It’s ideal for beginners to start hosting some websites on shared hosting at the lowest cost. One can host multiple sites including WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, and lots of other Unix-based CMS’. It’s easy to install a CMS with the setup wizard: even non-IT experts can run blogs or sites.

They also offer unlimited storage and bandwidth and good support. I get unlimited email accounts and it is very easy to create one and configure with mail clients.

Some things I don’t like are the shared IP address and low memory allocation (2 GB) for my account. They need to improve their chat-based support system. If the site gets a malicious file, they ask for a manual process, which they charge for. Sometimes the clients refuse to pay further, which creates chaos. If your site gets infected, it suspends operations of all other sites and services hosted on the same server, which can create pretty big setbacks.

Biggest Pro: Cheap and Reliable
Biggest Con: Paid Solution

Hostgator Hosting - Using from past 2 years

Two years ago, I was looking for a reliable hosting provider for my digital marketing journey. After debating various hosting names, I settled for HostGator after reading several positive reviews on various sites.

I started with one domain and quickly set up my first WordPress site with cPanel. It took 10 minutes to go online with my first domain. A few months later, I got a few web development projects and upgraded to the Baby plan with unlimited domain hosting. Two years later, I’m running 10+ websites on HostGator. I’m much more familiar with the functions on HostGator, and the intuitive simplicity of the FTP, domains, and SSL options are easy to navigate. Their customer support is also responsive and resolve issues quickly.

I’ve tried other hosting providers here and there, but none have been as reliable as HostGator. I’m soon moving to the Business plan as it offers a lot of unique features. I’m looking forward to spending my 3rd year with HostGator.

Biggest Pro: quick support

Really happy with the user friendliness of all features

I’ve been using HostGator for more than two and a half years and in that time I’ve enjoyed wonderful, user-friendly web hosting. When I first started developing my web site for my group of companies, I didn’t have much knowledge with web hosting services, so I purchased hosting from a different company. However, I found it very difficult to use as a newbie. After searching for user-friendly services, I finally found HostGator.

From my humble beginnings with HostGator two and a half years ago, I’m now hosting eight websites on my hosting plan. Another important feature in my journey is the 24/7 customer support. As a beginner, I had several things I needed to clarify and customer service helped me out along my way.

Stats and details are clearly visualized in cPanel, eliminating the need for extra services or gadgets to see the stats. With the features they offer, the cost is competitively affordable. I’ve never experienced any server down time and I’m extremely happy with the speed on my web sites. I’ve also been able to create unlimited email accounts, which is great. I’m very happy and satisfied to have a great hosting service like HostGator. Whether you’re an expert or beginner, HostGator will be a great fit for any user.

Biggest Pro: User-Friendliness

Happy with HostGator's baby plan

I’ve been using HostGator’s baby plan for about three years now after having shifted from previously using their reseller plan. Being familiar with the service, I was confident in setting it up on my own.

I’m currently running more than 5 sites on HostGator: 1 eCommerce, 1 AdSense running site, and a few blogs.

I’m very happy with the website speeds, setup ease for WordPress hosting, email setup, and hosting different domains. I was, at first, hesitant about speeds and the provided RAM, but 3 years on and everything has been running smoothly.

A few of my colleagues recommended shifting to GoDaddy rather than HostGator’s baby plan, but seeing as I was already aware of the settings and intuitive setup process with HostGator, I decided to stick with what I knew. I stand by my decision. If you’re looking to buy hosting at competitive prices and want decent support, then HostGator is the way to go.

My current plan expires in April, and I plan to renew my hosting with them for the foreseeable future. I hope to continue having a great experience with HostGator.

Biggest Pro: Price

Good for small business

I’ve been buying HostGator shared server hosting for about 3 years now and currently have 5 websites hosted on a HostGator shared server. If you have a small-sized business or lots of websites to host on a decent budget, then I highly recommend HostGator for your server hosting needs.

Why we prefer HostGator:

- Several promotions and discounts: HostGator provides discounts to every new user who signs up and buys their hosting service.

- Easy to use cPanel: HostGator provides an intuitive interface with cPanel so anyone can easily manage their websites.

- 24/7 customer support: HostGator's customer service is available around the clock.

Some cons of HostGator:

- Doesn't offer a free domain: HostGator doesn’t offer a free domain with their hosting service unlike many other hosting providers.

- Slow page loading: HostGator's page loading speed is sometimes slow, which can affect the overall loading time of the website by nearly a second. This may have a negative impact on the visitor experience.

- Extra charges for restore requests: Website backups are free but not restore requests. That means if you need to rely on HostGator to restore your web site, they charge a $25 fee to do it on your behalf.

Overall, we’ve had a decent experience with HostGator, apart from the slightly slow page loading and the extra backup charges. Their customer support is very responsive and will reply with a solution immediately to your queries through chat or video calling.

Biggest Pro: The customer service is exceptional
Biggest Con: Slow page loading speed at times

I initially started with Host Gator’s Baby plan.

I started using Host Gator when I was a high school student almost 7 years ago. I also tried other hosting providers during this period but they didn’t compare. They either had poor customer service, lots of downtime or both. That is when I decided to stick with Host Gator.

I initially started with Host Gator’s Baby plan. Due to my expanding business, I later purchased the Business plan with unlimited domain hosting and bandwidth for 3 years.

When someone asks me where they should host their web site, I always recommend Host Gator because I currently have 20 web sites with them. My web sites are online 24/7/365 and my files are secure. Host Gator’s uptime is very noticeable (in a good way) compared to the other hosting providers I’ve tried. I have never had any issues on that front.

I occasionally read about people who have had a bad experience with Host Gator. I can’t relate to those people because I don’t share the same experiences. It is possible that other factors play a role in those experiences, such as not knowing what FTP is or relying on HG for more than just hosting.

Before discovering Host Gator, I hosted my web site on a local hosting provider. That provider caused me unbelievable heartache because all of my client web sites vanished without a trace. I was not able to recover the web sites and lost most of my regular clients as a result. It was a tragic experience and one that I never want to repeat.

I recommend trying Host Gator for a couple of weeks before committing to them. Apart from reading reviews, that is the only way to really gauge for yourself how they will perform.

Was better 5 years go; Not NOW!

5 years down the line, Hostgator was one of the popular Shared Web Hosting Provider. It was one of the first Web Hosting being used by most of the Bloggers and Internet Marketers that time because there were not many options available and second Hostgator used to provider great uptime and customer service, but sadly not now.

Loaded with the basic features which other Linux C-panel based hosting provides; site builders, one-click installations of scripts, 1-year free domain etc. People do opt for Hostgator because it's one of the affordable Shared Web Hosting providers, their shared hosting starts from just $2.75 per month and if you buy in the Black Friday season, you would get for dirt cheap price.

Coming to their customer support, I would say, it was terrible that time but I hope it's improved now. It's been years since I try Hostgator but I heard they've improved their customer-service and people are actually recommending them, may it's because of the high affiliate commission ;)

If you're a newbie, you can try their Web Hosting. It's still considered as decent web hosting for smaller blogs and websites. Anyway, if you're not happy with their service, you can ask for a refund. Yes, they do offer 45-days money-back guarantee.

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