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My experience with Host-ed

I was never ready to experiment with my website when I am hosting it for the first time. This is why I preferred to host it with, since it was recommended by a friend of mine. He told me that I would not see much of adverts about it but the technical quality was very good. I went ahead and signed up. So here their main advantages:

Their customer support is the courage and force that drives me forward in hosting. I felt free to contact them whenever I was in need of that.

They have always kept secure backups on a routine basis so that we can rely upon, whenever we are in need of it. Their load balancing technology also ensures reliability for us.

The website was hosted at the cheapest rate available in the industry.

Setting up domains and accounts was never a tough job using This is how managed to get the site hosted.

It has been 6 months that I am hosting the site with I never had any bad experience with them.

Biggest Pro: Reliable hosting solution
Biggest Con: have not find any yet

Superior service at a reasonable price

I was a little skeptical about singing up for a hosting provider so... well, so cheap. I had been used to paying about $15 - $20 / month for my hosting service. However, has proven to be quite stable, offers a lot of features that many of my local providers weren't even thinking of adding. They also have excellent support team who has always managed to help me out with any problems that I would have to admit were caused by my mistake. Great service in comparison to the number of providers I have dealt with since I first started creating websites about 5 years ago.

I have no intention of being their reseller, but I have been recommending them to my clients. Everyone who has moved to them has been pleased so far. The only thing that was hard for me to get used to with was their control panel. They use their own one and since I was used to cPanel it took me a few weeks. Once I figured that one out, things have gone quite smoothly with them.

Biggest Pro: Superb service at affordable price
Biggest Con: Custom control panel

Quality Professional Service

My experience with has been 100% positive. Brilliant service and features with incredible dedication to providing a truly wonderful web hosting facility.

It has everything you could possibly want, stable service, amazing prices, good support - they show they care with free users as well.

Probably the only downsides it has are the few problems I had with MySQL database connection and the upload file size limit of the free accounts.

I have a few websites hosted with them for a while and upgraded to their personal plan, because I started to have 700-800 unique visitors per day and since I had a few bigger pictures I was getting short on traffic. After the upgrade it was getting even better-all features increased their capacity ten-times, all free account limitations were removed and my sites are now loading even faster.

In the end I can only come to the following conclusion: A+ Web Host, a must-have for any web developer willing to have a successful online presence.

Biggest Pro: A high quality professional service
Biggest Con: Slight problems with MySQL connection on a free server

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