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Fraud from the beginning to the end!

Stay away from that company since every information they declare on their website is total false.

Don’t believe to supplement of unlimited space! At one moment, without any notification they have limited my plan and I got unable to manage my sites.

It was not first time when they have changed conditions of services or made strange settings leaded to awful quality of hosting. Do you think somebody have sent notification to clients informing their about changes that caused the full stop of websites? Of course, not!

After I have published application with demand to provide me unlimited space as were declared, support did not the smallest effort to analyze the situation and found nothing better than to write that problems were on my side.
I am web developer and I can understand when the problems are caused by unprofessional hosting!

Because I still was unable to manage my websites, I have decided to change hosting and at least get refund for unused months. But! It is not surprising that despite the refund policy stated on their website, in addition to awful quality of service was not going to translate promises into actions.

After I have sent the requirement for them to pay back refund for unused months of hosting, support just disappeared from communication. The only reaction from them was a silence.

It is very ironic that company choose not to refund 15 USD to be mentioned all around as tricksters and fraudsters. So, don’t believe the reputation matters for them something and they are going to stay here for a long time. Their clients should not be very surprise when one day they discover that their hosting went down forever.


This company is a joke. I have been with them for 1.5 years with a couple very simple, 1 to 5-page websites. I have had WAAAY too many issues.

Their servers go down pretty often. My last 3 hosts never went down so this is not normal. This server has been down over 10 times in 18 months! They never send out notifications when there are issues or the server is down. My server is down right now and support cannot give me the slightest hint when it will be back up. They said it went down "for maintenance due to security issues" but they cannot or will not tell me if my private info has been compromised. This is typical.

Their servers are in Bulgaria and I get the feeling that they are not in a facility that is not staffed 24/7. I think that when something happens, which is often, they have to wait until someone goes over to fix it.

I've had problems with the mail servers too. Their mail server IP is regularly blacklisted. I have submitted remove requests a few times but it gets back up there pretty quickly. Obviously, they have some spammers and/or con artists working off the server and they must not even monitor the lists to try to find out who they are and throw them off.

For the low-volume sites that I have up the speed they offer serves OK but for the price I am paying I expected something better. The times I have tried to upload larger files it has shown to be the slowest server of the 5 hosting services I have worked on.

As noted above, tech support people are empty heads. They can't give simple information. They give generic answers to most questions so I suspect that they might just be an answering service that they hire to parrot back canned lines when you contact them. They don't seem to know the most basic things about their own services. I had to explain in detail to them how to fix a problem with my email server and then had to wait 24 hours for them to actually fix it when it was just a simple change of one setting and then a restart of the service. Again, it just doesn't seem like their servers are looked after very closely.

At the price of $71.88 per year they are not anywhere near as good as my $29 per year host. So for value I have to give a 0.0. The $1.99 per month hosts work better than these clowns.

Biggest Con: They don't know how to keep their servers running well

I do not recommend

I had here free web hosting for couple months. For free web hosting they do not provide any support at all. Servers were down quite often. Then finally, they suspended my account, suddenly, without any reason or any explanation. So I had to leave and thus I do not recommend at all.

Biggest Pro: no ads
Biggest Con: account suspended suddenly, withou any notice or explanation

Pirates, website hijacked

Three weeks after activating my free service, they suspended it without prior notification. After asking about it, they said my website (a Wordpress private blog) was consuming too much memory. To get this information I had to send a lot of mails because they just said I had overused the server resources and didn't gave me more information. They only wanted for me to get a paid account. They hijacked my website, so I never could get back all the information in it. They are pirates, once they get you site, they make it fail and ask for money if you want it back. About the service, when it worked, performance was poor and there were frequent drops in the service, so it's a hosting I would not recommend at all.

Biggest Con: They suspended my service without prior notification

Not the best hosting provider

I have been using their hosting for little under a month now and it started of working really good everything was fast and worked like new. But over the past week or so the hosting has had a lot of downtime and PHP scripts don't run on the website and get PHP errors all the time. Also the main website,, is down as well so there is nothing to even see how long the downtime will be. The most i have waited is a few days for my site to come back online and even then it is very slow. I am giving the support and customer serivce a 5 because i havent contacted them.

Not a very good hosting provider in my opinon, search elsewhere.

Look nowhere else

Over the last few months so, it has been increasingly difficult to make contact with my previous hosting company support team. Most wait times on the phone or chat have been in excess of 45 minutes and if I opened a ticket online, it could take 10 - 24 hours before getting a response much less a answer. There have been times when PHP/MySQL board/DB was working incorrectly-not on my errors or any changes I had done. At the end they were not even able to provide me with the transfer info of my domain name so I had to register a new one.

I filed for a divorce with my previous provider just a few weeks before my renewal with them! Hitched up with in a flash. Transferred all files to server and reset the DNS name servers.

Host-ed control panel is basic on the front end but has good depth as you move into the needed functions. The support emailed me in 5 minutes after I signed up with all the needed DNS name servers and a login.

Had a issue with PHP to the new site and need to change config.php file. Emailed support and in 10 minutes they were back with the correct link and in fact went in and did the edit of the file for me. Everything was up and running. Took no more than an hour for the domain name to resolve and show on Host-ed. Great support! Good server speed and a fair price for the product.

Biggest Pro: Good server speed and a fair price for the product.
Biggest Con: None

Beautiful, but hard to login

I have been using the free hosting with host-ed for my homepage for half an hour. Thus, my impressions are very fresh, even if naive.

It was very easy to set up an account and the site management is easy, rich, friendly, and convenient. Unlike many other free hostings, it worked straight away. It was Firefox on a Linux computer.

Then I went home and tried to login from another computer (using MS IE 6.0). The host-ed login form did not react anyhow on the button presses. It did not work. It is really a hateful part that such basic things don't work out of box.

Now, I am using my chance to test how good their customer support is.

That's how you walk away from a service, even a good one, when the problem of the last inch is not solved: you click once, twice and then you leave for something with fewer features, but working.

Biggest Pro: easy to set up and manage
Biggest Con: login seems to be unstable

Great for VPS

I find them through a google search I thought that a VPS at $17 per month is a pretty low price for a good quality solution. After a thorough research on the internet I called them and spoke to a sales representative and he gave me the information I need, so I decided to try them. I signed up. My account was setup within less than 1 working day which made a good impression on me. For the few months I have been with them I am really surprised that such a low price solution could give such high performance! The server is fast and table the there has been absolutely no downtime! The support team answers my questions with in 30 minutes every time I send them a request.

With the time I saw that my customers sites (I am a web designer and host my customers on that VPS) google page rank has improved and this must definitely be due to the high speed server I am currently hosted at.

The only thing is that if you with to have major development (to set up MySQL) they charge a certain fee, that is their only disadvantage I've found so far.

Otherwise all I can say is - Great service, great performance.

Biggest Pro: Good investment
Biggest Con: Unmanaged service - some support is paid

Great Start

I have been in need of another web hosting account and went back and forth between adding more resources at one host that I like and where I have 2 accounts already or to diversify and get an account at an additional host. The latter won and I finally settled for a new web host that is around for quite a while already: host-ed

I signed up late in the evening and just missed the cutoff for new accounts to be activated by a few minutes. No problem.

This morning things worked its way and my account was approved and setup very quickly. I also got a detailed welcome email with information about their environment and my new main account. At first I could not log into their helpdesk, but a quick ticket solved that issue in 15 minutes after submitting my ticket.

My next ticket was about moving my accounts. I asked them if they would be able to assist by moving my account (which really makes a site move a breeze). This ticket, low in priority was answered within 45. The bad thing is they do not want to offer moving of all my emails, but at least they are willing move my site and database which puts a little more work and time usage onto me, but overall that is fine.

So, so far I got very fast ticket response times combined with cheap pricing. I also browsed their knowledge base to read about problems and I get the feeling that host-ed web hosting is a great choice to host websites with.

Biggest Pro: Fast support
Biggest Con: No cons so far

Good for both personal and professional use

Good for both personal and professional use

At first I found in a forum where one person was recommending it to another. Since they have free hosting and I am working in the field of web design I started using it to test my customers' web sites, before I do the final upload and present the site to them.

With the time I realized that their service is quite reliable and I decided to try a paid account. The things there were even better. It had all the scripting for am experience web master and at the same time it was not at all hard to use. I happened to contact the support once or twice and they are good too.

That is why I started recommending them to my customers as well. Now they are happy that their sites are up and running and I am happy that I get what I need.

Apart from the minor issues that I some times have with the speed of the servers they are one of the best I hosting solution providers I have ever used, so the next time you are looking for reliable provider consider them. Anyway you will not loose anything if you start with a free account and upgrade later-the same as I did some time back.

Biggest Pro: Good for web designers
Biggest Con: it is a bit slow some times

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