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Holdfire was a good host right up until mid 2011, where the original owner stopped updating any of the social network accounts for the company, and in the following months, uptime continually decreased until at one point in February 2012, my site was reverted to its state in either 2008 or 2009. At which point I knew that due to a lack of available support and multiple online forum postings indicating that others were having the same issues, the company had gone under.
Sure, their selling domain is still up, but they have not answered any support tickets, nor is their support website functional for previous customers (it now connects to "flaredhost").
If you are thinking about using Holdfire (now Flaredhost, apparently?) RUN AWAY. Something is very fishy.
I jumped ship back to Dreamhost in February 2012


Gone to crap

In the last few months, uptime has been horrible. For hours, it would be down and there would be no explanation. Word has it that the original owner sold Holdfire and since then, it has been horrible. At the moment, the site is STILL down and it's been down for +24hrs with no contact, no notice, nothing.

If it ever returns, I DO NOT recommend this hosting provider AT ALL.

*I also wrote the first review when it was doing well and if I could take that back now to properly reflect its current service, I would.

Disgusting service.

The lack of professionalism that both the owner and the staff members of Holdfire show is absolutely astounding. As a client, I experienced the feeling of being completely undervalued. Whenever I submitted a support ticket, the replies I received were in a tone that made it seem like the staff member was annoyed that I had yet another issue. After I terminated my account with Holdfire, I was subsequently blamed for all the issues that the server was having before I left. When I protested this accusation (being completely unaware that it was "my fault"), I was personally attacked and called ignorant and a liar.

The only positive thing I have to say about Holdfire is that you get what you pay for... and I don't know if that's actually a positive thing.

Biggest Pro: You get what you pay for.
Biggest Con: Customer service is absolutely disgusting.

Hold Fire Hosting, I came to this company because i had had a bad experience with hosting companies in the past. I had heard good things about them plus it was dirt cheap ($40 for a year on there basic plan). I was directed here from, who had a post up about people looking for reliable and cheap hosting, that exactly what they are. One of my customers hosted there and had only good things to say about it. I have only had great experiences with them as well.

A Few examples of my experiences:

Support - I submitted a support tick at around 2o'clock in the day and had a reply within half an hour. That is fast because with my last few hosts i have been waiting 5hours to over a day for a reply!

Cost and Uptime - It cost me $40 for a year hosting (a generous plan as well) with free domain transfer. I have had no downtime a tall, even as soon as i signed up i was allocated a temporary address for my website so i could set it up and wait for the domain to transfer. the domain was transfered and set up within 2 hours.

Services - There is alot of addons that you can have to customize your plan, i didn't need any of these for the basic reason the plan itself is over generous. You get loads of extras included in you cpanel and account.

An Awesome host, Recommended to everybody.

Biggest Pro: Fast and Helpful Support as well as Instant setup and quick domain transfer

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