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HIVELOCITY dedicated web hosting service is THE BEST!

So, it took me a while to figure out that the cheaper web hosting servers are exactly that. I didn't want to continue that, and I didn't want to pay too much, so I found Hivelocity. They are not cheap, but if you wait and find a good deal like me, they are very very good for the price. Reliability is always priority number 1. I have an online Vietnamese card game website called Tien Len. And the most important thing for my website to grow is the ability to stay open 24 hours a day. It may seem weird, but the nature of internet gaming is that if players can't access your game they will simply go somewhere else. No waiting, not even for 10 seconds. I've found very good uptime with Hivelocity so far (i've been with them for 4 months now, going on 5), its at around 99.99% and I can't ask for more than that. But I think this should be a standard, nothing to be proud of. I think, more important than uptime and reliability though, is technical support. Because, once you do have a problem, they are usually more important than any uptime if your server is not working, for example. Hivelocity, has the best technical support of any company (webhosting or not) i've ever experienced. I've never had a problem with them go longer than 15 minutes without it being addressed. Thats right! 15 minutes! You find me a better web hosting support service than that and all double your money back! Their support is even available on weekends and evenings and early morning 1-5 am hours! They are there 24 hours a day and ready to respond at a moments notice! My last web hosting service has support only available during weekdays and would take half a day to respond. If my server went down on Friday, it would take them till Monday afternoon to fix. And remember what I said about reliability being #1, and my success is based on me being able to stay open 24 hours a day? Well, that model didnt work too well. Not to mention, I make about $300/day minus expenses, so for each day, that the server is not working, I lose that much money. For each hour that it is not working, I lose money. For each minute, it is down, I lose money. It wouldn't make sense to use anything be the most reliable service available. So that is why I switched to Hivelocity and that is why I am recommending Hivelocity to everyone!
Johnny Lee

Biggest Pro: Technical Support

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