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YES HIghfluxhosting service stinks

We have been trying to get service out of this co for 6 months and not once did they even bother to they have disabled my online ship I will be stopping payments to them..I DARE THEM TO CONTACT ME OR REPLY TO THIS


support is aweful, fantastico isnt installed as advertise.

I have been waiting 3 days now for there 24/7 support to start working, I will be claiming back my money and going somewhere else

Biggest Pro: there isnt one
Biggest Con: the entire service

Highflux Hosting is HORRIBLE

This is the absolute most horrible company out there, other than

What a joke. I got this through ebay and they're absolutely horrible to deal with. I asked for a simple question recently, and they DELETED MY USERNAME from their support system! They DO NOT let you ask Support questions anymore, even after being with them since 2005! Their uptime is a joke, for the most part.

Basically, if you have a website dedicated to your dog, they may be OK to work with...but DO NOT do ANYTHING with this company if you're serious about needing a webhost!

Biggest Con: support, childish, disrespectful

Most unresponsive company ever

No complaints until my credit card expired and I started getting over due notices. They told me to update my CC info and click the PAY button on my account page. THERE IS NO PAY BUTTON! I have written numerous emails over the last few months, tried different browsers on different OSes ust to be sure I wasn't having a browser problem. None of my emails have been answered. I cannot pay. They will not take my money. Their so-called "Customer Support" link takes me to a 404 error (no surprise there). Meanwhile my site is offline. There is NO ONE to communicate with. They seem to have no telephones, no street address, no way to contact them except by emails which they do not even acknowledge. Meanwhile, my site has been down for weeks. If it were just another scam, they would probably accept payments. But no - maybe it's just some kid with too much money and a sick sense of humor, collecting domains and then locking them while watching his customers squirm.

Biggest Con: Yes, this is the biggest con I have encountered on the Internet. The customer support is totally bogus.

HighFluxHosting - Great Reselling!

Hi there,

I found HighFluxHosting while searching eBay for cheap reseller hosting, i stumbled upon them as i had very low funds at the time. I was just gonna try HighFluxHosting because I needed anything to get my own webhosting website up at the time for clients, within a day my hosting was setup and completed, later on my DNS had resolved and i was UP in no time! They had the fastest support system ive ever seen, usually within 10minutes i had a genuine answer that helped me though my problems. I quit using them because i never gained enough of a client base to raise money to keep the hosting going at the time. But would try again if i did!

Biggest Pro: Support, Price
Biggest Con: eBay?

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