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Stay away from Hagio Host

Haldar still owns me $75 which he promise he will pay me back. I sign up with Hagio Host back in Feb 08 on the yearly plan for $75. As soon as I switch my hosting plan to hagio host I have notice a major drop in traffic for my 3 sites using google tools. I then submit a support ticket to hagio hast and got no response. After 5 support tickets and no response I decided to get my money back because Hagio Host offer a 30 days money back guarantee. I got a response from Haldar to tell me to follow their fine prints on how to request a refund. I follow exactly what the fine prints wants me to do and was told by Haldar that I will be getting my $75 back in a week. After 3 weeks have pass and still no refunds I decided to write them another support ticket only to find out Hagio Host will not allow me to log back in. I then send email to Haldar and got no response. I hope this review will help someone from making the mistake I make. Stay with a well known hosting company and if it is cheap it usually is not worth it. And if you still want to give them a try do not sign up for the yearly plan , even if you will receive 50% off, once they have your yearly money they will just ignore you.

Still with hagio host

After 7 months I'm still with them. And why I wouldn't? They are still the best proxy hosting service around. Now I also have there shared account also for my non proxy sites. It's very cool that they have there reseller and shared accounts on separate servers then proxy accounts. Since I'm with them they have upgrade there cpanel version, so they are up to date.

Biggest Pro: Always working servers
Biggest Con: Non realy

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Hagio host review

I had my share of "proxy hosting" providers but no one had so fast servers. Any one that have proxy site know that the biggest problem that you can have is slow server, low bendwidth and low uptime. That's why I was so amazed when I was able to surf with my proxy site so fast, that you couldn't notice that I was using proxy. They have realy wide choice of plans and a lot of domains allowed. Prices was also very low and I'm happy to say that I'll be staying with them for long time. Definitively the host that I would recommend.

By Tomaz on February 1st, 2008 at 15:36 EST
URL: Customer for Less than 1 month
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Brilliant service from Haldar

Thumbs up to Haldar, and the rest of the hagio-host gang! Used to have a dedicated from them before, then moved down to there reseller plan. With fast server's, brilliant hardware and brilliant uptime, ive never been unsatisfied. Haldar, the owner of hagiohost, is also good to chat to on msn and helps you alot! I must say, one of the best webhost's i have ever been with.

There support, now that's a different matter! I have never, ever in my life, saw a support ticket answered within3 minutes, with a fully answered enquiry! Overall, very great host! Well done HagioHost!

Biggest Pro: Fast server and great uptime and support

Fast Servers and good support

I have been a customer of from two months now. I am amazed to see their response time, all the support tickets gets their attention within 2-3 hours. They provide support via gtalk, msn and yahoo also. I host 5 of proxies their. My traffic is very high but still their servers are powerful enough to support that kind of traffic, though i am on shared hosting but i never feel like being on shared hosting. They don't oversell, thats the main reason behind my satisfaction.

Cool service from Hagio Host

I hosted my 4 sites on Hagio Host.. on their standard plan. They are giving me a cool service. 2 of my sites are hosted for one year and other two is running for more than a year.

Their Customer care,Support ticket, well build control panel, fast servers has astonished me. They spam filter is very tight. many spammers IP got banned every day.

They have a 24/7 online support also by a USA desk phone. Though the line is too tough to connect.

Whenever any problem faced just have a support ticket and all is done. They also have solutions of database problems.

Biggest Pro: Uptime, Support
Biggest Con: Busy phone line

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