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Cheap hosting and good supports

About 6 months ago i purchased 2 years domain and hosting plan from Godaddy. I was so confusing while selecting hosting plan and about hosting performance, i went to many public forums and asked better hosting company which really be good for my business without any disturbance, some was unsatisfied & some satisfied. along with good hosting i was looking a cheap hosting price. then i have decided to move to Godaddy and bought. I am satisfied with all godaddy's products and their prompt customer services always presence.

email support is REALLY REALLY BAD!!!

If you want to use a pop3 email program, this really sucks. They claim that the client side program (MS Outlook, etc.) are at fault. However, I've never had a problem with any other email hosting service.

They claim you need to change the ports but this has no affect. They also make you go through a time-wasting reconfiguration of your account, but this has not effect. Then they say they just don't support whatever client-side software you have.

It would be minor for them to fix their problem so I'm assuming that they really just want you to use their crappy web-email so you buy more storage from them.

What else could it be?

I'm switching as soon as I figure out what other vendor to go to.

Biggest Pro: basic hosting is fine
Biggest Con: email

Vicious Circle...

It was impossible to cancel this service. We had forgotten our password. They wouldn't give it to us and we couldn't cancel without it. We wrote several letters demanding cancellation and even wrote to the attorney general. After many months of billing us for service we did not need, they finally cancelled. We will NEVER use them again.

If You RequirePHP and mySQL Stay Away from Go Daddy!!!!

This is the feedback they asked me to give when I canceled my hosting account.

Deluxe hosting package on shared service had atrocious performance with respect to communicating with the sql database. I dealt with performance issues for weeks thinking I was doing something wrong before someone at godaddy actually told me that the shared hosting server wasnt able to execute the PHP script completely before the SQL connection timed out (probably to prevent denial of service situations)

Support told me that they don't support the mysql commands and scripts to test for connectivity from the web server to the DB?? I have another account with grid hosting where currently, I cannot even execute the following commands in a php script:


The individuals that I have spoken to today about 3 so far have been unable to understand that there is a problem with the grid hosting account and PHP. They think that because they can access files like UPDATE.txt that there is no problem with the webserver.

Finally I reached a supervisor (misty) whom has actually validated my problem for the first time (It's 1:30pm now, I've been on and off the phone since about 9:30am) saying that there have been issues with PHP on the grid hosting.(FIANLLY! I'm getting somewhere!)

One of the people (about 12:45pm 4/11/09PM)told me that they don't support any of the scripts I'm trying to use (its a Drupal installation) and that "it's a problem with your application" the guy repeated this several times, to which I enlightened him that he may not know what he is talking about, and after he lied about somethign as obsured as stating that godaddy doesnt support PHP I enlightened him: "you're full of it" to which he hung up the phone instead of getting me to someone who actually understands PHP and mySQL and could realize that in fact, PHP is a fundamental part of LAMP hosting that has failed!

I mean c'mon, really...

If I was to venture a guess, I would have to say that the people maintain the databases and the people maintaining the web servers are at odd with each other because they don't want to deal with complaints. For example, the DB guys would set timeouts to very strict to make the web servers responsible for the connection failure during high traffic times, and the people at the web server side get shafted with issues because they need a fast server to execute the sql commands before the timeout, which is hard to account for in a shared environment with different loads at different times.

I really like the interfaces, I've been using them for a long time, they have gone down hill fast recently, I would have rated them high a couple years ago, the support is usually good, the anomaly of getting lame sounding, un-knowledgeable, and know-it-all types is unusual with GoDaddy, it happened twice in one day tho... for the first time really, but coupled with the poor performance over the past 3 Weeks, I would be the fool to stay with them.

Biggest Pro: Friendly Support Staff (usually)
Biggest Con: All of their hosting products are poor.

Go Daddy - spamming you with renewal notices

As many others we carry multiple domains names; (.biz, .net, .com) etc for all our trademarks.

Go Daddy sends out 4-5 renewal notices for each and you have no way of changing your account settings so that these renewal notices are stopped. They come even if the credit card they have on file is valid.. The renewal notices starts arrival 90 days before payment is due

One can only consolidate .com or .net to one billing date - and they have the nerve to charge a fee to bill them on the same date.

IWe have argued with Go Daddy on the issue but they are no listening.

What they should do; is bill per account number and not by domain!

We are actively working on changing all our domains to another provider.

Biggest Con: Billing practices

Godaddy, good prices, good value dependable.

I have been buying domains from them for about 5 years now, and a few months a go I purchased a couple of their Website Tonight hosting plans. I didn't know what to expect at first, especially from these "limited plans" that allow for a limted number of pages. But I found the templates to be quite acceptable, and was able to build 2 decent sites with these plans. I had intended to use these sites on a temporary basis until I built replacements with some type of WYSIWYG program, but after looking at the quality of the sites than can be built with WT, I might just stay with them. It obviously will cost you a little more to go this way instead of getting a plan that allows for hosting unlimited domains, but when you figure in the cost of the program and the learning curve needed for any new program, the Website Tonight accounts hold their own quite well. I have found their service people to be great to deal with, and no matter what time of day I call, always get a resolution to my problem. Over the years, If a billing issue has come up, it was resolved with little or no hassle.Their site is a little quirky, but once you get used to it, its fairly simple to navigate. They are a huge company, but in the past 2 years or so, they have really notched up their customer support to the point that I think it would be hard to find somebody out there that is better. Highly recommended for "small time" guys like myself who need a little direction once in a while. Great prices and good support make them a winner in my book.

Biggest Pro: Pricing, ease of use
Biggest Con: No website builder for unlimited hosting plans.

Hosting and domain

The best company i have ever worked with, and i have over 12 domain names at this time. some with other companies. I have transfered domain names, hosted and purchase domain names with this company and had nothing but great service. customer support is great 24 hours and believe me i have call them at 2 or 3 in the morning.

I cant praise them enough.

Biggest Pro: tech and customer service
Biggest Con: None

Reliable and reasonably priced.

The best thing is the reliability for the price. I can't think of the last time there was any issue with any of my services.

GoDaddy is also very full-featured and provides all the normal requirements for sophisticated websites and related databases & controls. I'm frequently surprised at what is included with even the Economy plan. I have the Deluxe plan for $66 / year and it's amazing.

The email system that comes with hosting is also very complete and doesn't lack anything. It's important that GoDaddy is a respectable company that cares about keeping it's mail servers off of the spam block-lists so that my mails don't get blocked at the recipient's end. Many smaller hosting companies don't care or have the resources to properly fight spam on their own systems in order to keep their servers off the block-lists.

GoDaddy's support department is full of drunken, retarded chimpanzees that cannot read, but if you don't need support, it's fine.

Biggest Pro: Reliability
Biggest Con: Support is almost non-existent. Prepare to be infuriated.

Refuse to have servers that are porn-free. -so blocked from China

NOTE: The numbers are low ONLY because I live in China and I need people from China to see my website.

As you know China blocks all offensive websites. The problem is that Go daddy allows porn websites. The big problem is that they REFUSE to keep some servers porn-free. So, that means all websites are vulnerable to be blocked by China. They moved my website once now, they are refusing to move it again. So, now I have to find another hoster and lose money. They said I would get prorated amount, but of course that is not a great deal especially when you have to pay someone to move things from one site to another.

even the godaddy website is now blocked from China. Even this website, is blocked from china. I can only post here because I am using VPN.

If a company wants to allow porn, then they need to have some servers that or porn free otherwise it affects good sites like this one ( from showing up in China.

Really wish they would change!

Biggest Pro: lots of options
Biggest Con: REFUSE to have porn-free servers

GoDaddy Web Hosting Review

Go Daddy has treated me pretty good over the years, I have been with them for about 3 years now with about 50 domains with them. a few times I have call customer service and they answer quickly and most of the time know what they are talking about. If I was going to recommend a web host GoDaddy would have my vote.

Biggest Con: does not have reverse DNS so a company's email is going to need someone where else to live

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