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GO DADDY Worse Than Qaddafi

What a tyrant godaddy is. It's not bad enough that they block userts in Syria, etc, etc, etc, from seeing the sites. If you find yourself traveling to these countries you are completly blocked from your web interface, email, hosting, uploads, etc MEANING you are 100 percent OUT OF BUSINESS until you leave the country. Even services like NINja Cloak will nto gain you access. I am ready to SUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

********, demons, pigs, tyrants, censors, idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Daddy Sucks

My business partner and I fell for the hype. We thought that we would get great service and flexibility with Go Daddy and all we ended up with is nonsense. Go Daddy puts up an advertising banner on your site. If you try to remove it they put it back up and warn you that removing it violates your terms of use. It makes your site look like crap.

They also implemented this thing called website tonight. This only allows you to used the limited templates that they provide, You also can't use raw HTML, and they charge you an additional $4.99 + per month.

Their customer service is rude and doesn't seem to really care about what you have to say. We are looking into transferring our domain and hosting it on our own server.



Biggest Pro: Great for amatuers or hobbyists
Biggest Con: Bad for people running serious websites

steer clear if you use mysql

I wish I had read these reviews before I signed up with godaddy. like most who have written reviews, I found that the performance was horrible. My site has been with goddady for a little over a month, and I haven't launched it yet so the only traffic hitting it is me testing it, and I periodically get mysql errors stating it couldn't connect to the mysql database. I guess for $4.99/month you get what you pay for, but I have to wonder why anyone would sell a service that simply doesn't work, regardless of price?

my advice would be to steer clear of godaddy if your site uses dynamic content.

Biggest Pro: cron, ssh, phpmyadmin
Biggest Con: performance sucks!

GoDaddy not Going very fast..

Had my site hosted here for the past 2 years (up until today)... I run a joomla cms site which uses php and mysql and its not a very popular site, just something I threw together for work. I was getting 20 - 30 second load times per page.. just getting to my site it took almost a full minute to load up everything. I called godaddy's customer service and they recommended I try getting a semi-dedicated account. It seemed my php scripts weren't optimized and I was hitting the cpu governor on my account. That didn't seem right as like I said my site isn't very popular and its joomla, not that cpu intensive, but I went ahead anyway just to see if it made any improvement.. They switched my account to a semi-dedicated hosting solution that had 9 other customers on it. I had full ssh access (which was really nice!) and could monitor my scripts cpu usage and all. They even gave me a big discount on the hosting solution ($120 a year where normally it was $33 a month, but I was paying $89 a year for delux hosting)..

This however did not resolve the problem, it did give me slightly faster load times 5 - 10 seconds per page and 25 seconds on the initial load of my site (note my site does not have a lot of graphics or anything major going on so there is no reason why it should take this long to do anything with it).. Aggravated, I didn't bother calling back their customer service, I shouldn't have had to after upgrading.

Yesterday was my renewal date for my contract, I decided to test out my own server at home with the site I had hosted on godaddy... I loaded up my content and database, and used my tethered cell phone connection to test access (testing it locally through my lan wouldn't have been a fair test). My local server (an old semprion 1.4ghz with 512mb of ram running win7, IIS + php and mysql) loaded my page in about 8 seconds flat (compaired to godaddy's 25+ seconds) and page loads were 4 - 5 second load times.. My net connection my home server is on is only cable and doesn't have a static ip.

So I payed an extra 30 a year for a few seconds quicker load time.. yeah I won't be going back to godaddy and I don't recommend anyone else use them either. (Oh another bad thing all their adds on their login page are soo friggin annoying hard to navigate and get to stuff you need to manage your account)

Biggest Pro: Customer service was friendly enough, ssh access
Biggest Con: Slow load times on even a basic html page.. ads, ads and more ads good luck finding your management area after you login

poor customer service

what was once one of the best is now one of the worst hosting sites available. I signed a long term agreement with them, and it was a big mistake. Their price is good, but the service is BAD! Avoid at all cost, you get what you pay for. remember I told you so.

Biggest Pro: price,uptime
Biggest Con: everything else

Support line

I signed up with these people based on a recommendation
There support line has been down for 2 days!
I get email to call the number and I get a "not accepting calls at this time"
I think this firm does not have adequate support resources. I am

Biggest Con: You get what you pay for,,,

Go Daddy -POOR web hosting. Stay away

They show no mercy to me when they kept my site down for 48+ hours. I made 8 phone calls asking for the ETA. Each one would say a different time but the promises were never met.

My visitors were getting error "Forbidden" error.

Speaking to the supervisor, he spoke to me like a cop, asking what did I put on their machine? Heck!! I am getting the hell out of If you care about uptime and reliability, stay away from GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is like a $2 hooker - cheap, nasty, and crowded.

Where else ya gonna get a #@&-job for $4.20 a month with multiple domains, databases and email? That's less than Paul Reubens paid for his mini-movie, but when there's trouble you will want to bite your own face off, and the problems get worse every year.

The biggest issue lately is that the database servers appear to be badly overloaded. Of course, usually they are just "normal-shared-environment-slow", but way too frequently they get so slow that the script processes timeout or the viewer dies of old age. Tonight, I'm enjoying the third hour of "Page cannot be displayed" on a simple PHP page with no database queries. Typical.

Contacting GoDaddy support is exactly the same as being gang-raped by 11 DRUNKEN MONKEYS and half a dead possum.
> Step 1. Ignore the request, and copy & paste an unrelated help file.
> Hand off to a different DRUNKEN MONKEY...
> 2. Pretend that "frequent fatal errors" means "occasional minor slow-downs."
> Hand off to a different DRUNKEN MONKEY...
> 3. Up-sell more expensive services, when the cheapest should do the job.
> Hand off to a different DRUNKEN MONKEY...
> 4. Blame the scripts. (WordPress, Joomla, SMF, etc.)
> Hand off to a different DRUNKEN MONKEY...
> 5. Never admit that GoDaddy could ever have a problem.
> Hand off to a different DRUNKEN MONKEY...
> 6. Return to Step 1.

Fun, eh? Suck it up cheapskate! There's no complaint department, and no shelter from the flying poop. Oh, and your site is still down.

If you are so tight you squeak when you walk, GoDaddy is your girl. Whenever I get sick of slumming and shop around for another host, I eventually just lie back, close my eyes and try to picture a host with all her shots, her own teeth, and the free time to process my code.

Biggest Pro: GoDaddy is cheap, low cost, and the prices are great.
Biggest Con: DRUNKEN MONKEY SYNDROME aka "Support"

Previous reviews by Swiftek

The information below is no longer valid because the user has posted a follow-up review above.

After 5 years, I'm finally sick of Godaddy

Godaddy's shared hosting just plain sucks. I hate to finally admit it, but their prices have kept me on the hook... until now. It's true that you can get all the services you need for dirt cheap from them, but there is a much bigger price to pay.

Every support request takes days of back and forth repetition and correction, only to have the problem go away on it's own if at all. The reps know nothing about the web or their services, and don't care if you stay or go.

As I type this, ALL of my sites are STILL experiencing random 500 errors that have been going on for days now with no work from Godaddy. This would not be such a big deal if Godaddy weren't pretending it is Joomla's fault, and if something like this didn't happen at least once per month.

This recent problem may be related to the fact that Godaddy's drunken monkeys corrupted most of my files when they moved them from one server to another after I canceled my SSL cert. Since then, they are not even returning my emails. I'm so angry I could explode.

I used to be a huge fan of Godaddy, but the years of useless support, up-your-a$$ advertising, snail-slow performance and downtime, I think I've finally had enough.

By Swiftek on November 10th, 2010 at 15:35 EST
URL: Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Still the best value and still terrible service.

Godaddy service has not gotten any better, and their marketing methods are even getting more obnoxious and misleading, but the product is still the best value among the big (and respectable) names; that is... IF you are highly skilled technically and NEVER (I repeat, NEVER) need technical support.

Having said that, I must mention that Godaddy is allowing spammers to remain working on their systems. "National Positions" is one of the worst spammers in America (Google it) and now HTPcompanySupport is another violator being protected by Godaddy.

By Swiftek on May 10th, 2010 at 14:58 EST
URL: Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Support still sucks, but you can't beat the bargain.

It's funny that I was reminded to update my review today. I just had another support request get completely blown off by GoDaddy again.

If you are smart and only ask difficult questions, you will be very frustrated by any attempt to get a decent answer from GoDaddy. They just assume you are stupid and that you haven't read the help files. They then simply copy and paste the same thing you read before asking for help. When you point out their mistake and reword your request, you've been handed off to another tech who makes the same assumptions, and so on, and so on... It's MADDENING!

However, for roughly $70 per year, you get every feature most webmasters could ever want, and on systems that are secure, respected and extremely reliable. No spam, no junk, no problems... mostly.

One thing about cheap hosting that everyone knows is that security and respectability (not having your stuff on the same servers as pornography and spammers) are usually non-existent. Not so with GoDaddy. Everyone knows the name and they don't put up with any crap on their systems. So your mail won't get marked as spam and your site isn't sharing a server with pornographers and scammers. Over the years, I've learned the hard way how important this is.

GoDaddy's current rates a products are GREAT. Just don't expect to get any answers from their supportards.

By Swiftek on November 9th, 2009 at 22:52 EST
URL: Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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GREAT features and price, USELESS support... still.

I see a lot of inaccurate information in other reviews here. This may sound like I'm a fan-boy or work for them, but read to the very end and you'll see that I don't.

I've been using GoDaddy (and recommending to my clients) for a few years now and I have TONS of sites with various things going. Everything works as advertised when setup properly, and that isn't difficult once you understand it. All in all, I'm quite satisfied. The more I learn about web-hosting, the more I like (AND hate) GoDaddy (see below).

GoDaddy provides every little feature most webmasters could ever hope for and it all comes included. Free premium email, TONS of disk space, bandwidth and multiple databases w/ every hosting account gives you everything needed to create a cutting-edge, 100% professional web presence equal to anything on the web for as little as $66(US) per year.

Their PHP and SQL systems are state-of-the-art and work PERFECTLY. They are setup to be very secure while still allowing all necessary functions.

The servers support fancy SEO (search engine optimization) and they pre-register every domain name with Google's Webmaster Tools (critical for good ranking) to make your site famous for ZERO cost. I've never spent a penny on web-advertising and I get many new visitors from all the search engines.

Performance is on par with other shared hosts if you optimize well. Up-time is never a problem, but if your site is complicated and you don't optimize, it will run terribly slow.

Now the BAD STUFF:
Their Control Panel pages are a complex and sluggish maze of links and logins that requires at least three times as many clicks as should be necessary. The upside of this is that the system provides very detailed, flexible and powerful control over all aspects of the various accounts and products. A site can be built and managed completely from the web interface.

GoDaddy's support department is filled with retarded monkeys throwing poop at each other while trying desperately to avoid doing any real work by regurgitating pre-scripted and unrelated help files in response to every request. On average, even the simplest request will need to be repeated at least 3 times in various ways before they will even address it, then it will take 3 more attempts before they will stop blaming it on you, your ISP and anyone else they can think of. After that, they will say that they cannot recreate the problem which actually means they fixed it and to try again. If you remember that they are knuckle-dragging, feces-flinging, brain-dead, lazy do-nothings, then you MAY actually get help when needed. Since their systems have very few problems and their help files are very complete (if you really hunt for them), the support problems can be tolerated... almost.

I recommend GoDaddy, but pretend that they have NO support at all, and be patient with their control pages. Then you won't be disappointed... maybe. Get yourself a good tech or learn it yourself and you'll be happy with the results.

By Swiftek on May 9th, 2009 at 18:12 EST
URL: Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Reliable and reasonably priced.

The best thing is the reliability for the price. I can't think of the last time there was any issue with any of my services.

GoDaddy is also very full-featured and provides all the normal requirements for sophisticated websites and related databases & controls. I'm frequently surprised at what is included with even the Economy plan. I have the Deluxe plan for $66 / year and it's amazing.

The email system that comes with hosting is also very complete and doesn't lack anything. It's important that GoDaddy is a respectable company that cares about keeping it's mail servers off of the spam block-lists so that my mails don't get blocked at the recipient's end. Many smaller hosting companies don't care or have the resources to properly fight spam on their own systems in order to keep their servers off the block-lists.

GoDaddy's support department is full of drunken, retarded chimpanzees that cannot read, but if you don't need support, it's fine.

By Erickson Swift on November 9th, 2008 at 15:12 EST
URL: Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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26 people voted yes

Guess I was one of the lucky ones.

While I don't technically own the plan, my buddy and I have been hosting at Go Daddy for over a year now. The uptime is great and the speed is pretty quick also. Nothing totally ridiculous, but our site loads up in a little over two seconds on a good high speed connection. The home page of the domain attached queries two separate databases and displays them in a reasonable time with PHP. The guy that funds the operation initially signed up for a Website Tonight (their super-basic web design program) plan which I recommend you all stay away from. They're overpriced and do not offer much storage, something I taught him through example that we needed. Also, they cap the amount of data transfered and do not offer you databases. Those plans are really designed for static HTML pages, which hardly anyone uses anymore. Besides, you can design a better website in Microsoft Word. Go for the raw hosting plan and you should be just fine, especially since they recently released the data cap on all of them! The control panel is easy to use, but a bit redundant between the navigation bar up top and the javascript navigation below. Deleting one of these would make the load a bit lighter.

This is more of a limitation of shared hosting instead of just Go Daddy's shared hosting plans, but I initially wanted to set up a live audio stream via Shoutcast. Well, turns out Go Daddy blocks all the ports except those required by standard website loading (port 25 (or 22, I always forget) for FTP, 80 for standard HTTP access, and 443 for HTTPS, once you install shopping cart software, and the port required for mail serving), for very good security reasons. I also tried their relay servers, but I forgot that the Shoutcast software should probably run on those servers to relay our original feed; and as such, self-hosted Shoutcast is an impossibility. They're pretty big on security too, understandably so. If you call and ask, they won't open up any ports for you or install extra software on their relay servers. They will recommend that you upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting however, without any form of hestitation! Go figure... Free SSH access is always nice.

I have been a "fix issues yourself" guy for quite some time, but the few times I called the support line, I always got good support. They were native English speakers and simple to understand, and phrase things rather simply. I noted above they are sticklers for security. Before you even get help, you have to list off a domain you own as well as your credit card number. Since I don't finance the operation; I was able to scrape by with just listing off a few domains, as more than one are hosted off the same account.

Billing I have a little issue with. I recently found out my partner has yet to point an unused domain to a folder on our server. As a result, he kept paying for a product he never used and never actually had a clue he was not using it. Go Daddy wouldn't tell him. Rolling through the configuration panel helped me figure this out.

Overall it's pretty good for the money. I have seen cheaper hosting plans but many of their customers gripe about support, uptime, not honoring their money-back guarantees, speed, etc. The more "expensive" shared hosting plans were actually on par with these plans, except when you go one or six months at a time. That's when your value goes down the drain. While I'm sure Go Daddy isn't without flaws (the advertising budget, primarily), most of the bad customer support complaints come from the 2008-2009 era. I have yet to encounter bad support.

Biggest Pro: Uptime, reliability, support, speed

GoDaddy Shared Hosting Cannot Handle WordPress

(1) I found out after signing up with GoDaddy that its shared hosting has severe problems with MySQL - used by WordPress.

If you want to learn more about this issue below is the link to a thread on GoDaddy's problems. My contributions to the thread are on page 3 under tallreed.

(2) Here some other quibbles I have with GoDaddy (pulled from my post on above thread):

"Lastly, I have had several issues with GoDaddy even before this dealbreaker. I signed up specifically for GoDaddy's PHP 5 and clarified I would get PHP 5 with a representative. After signing up I learned I could not get PHP 5 because they signed me up for grid hosting. So then they signed me up for another 3 months (in addition to the 3 I had just purchased) to make the switch to shared hosting. I have had to call support about half a dozen times at an average wait time of 8 minutes. They are helpful native English speakers but some give the lackadaisical help-guide response and don't appear to know more than I do. I understand this can't be avoided, and would not switch if not for the WP speed dealbreaker."

(3) LASTLY, GoDaddy has no return policy. (I believe GoDaddy says you have to show the problem is on its end for a refund. Good luck getting them to admit that.) This lessens its incentive to provide good service. You are locked in to the contract length.

Biggest Pro: Women in its ads.
Biggest Con: Shared hosting cannot handle WordPress.

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