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Shared hosting and wordpress - dont bother

I recently signed up and I can tell you if you are thinking to host wordpress sites or any database related sites off godaddy you can forget it. Remote database, and overloaded servers have forced me to shift providers which is a very time consuming task. Will not be going back for Shared hosting any time soon.

Biggest Con: latency with database sites

Too big. Too slow.

Godaddy used to be quite fast. Many features I liked, although their interface always sucked RAW bones. Plenty of disk space, more than I needed, etc etc. But they got too big. I used to get over 1mbps downloads from my site, no matter what time of day. Now I'd be lucky to get 300kbps. I know, I'm not paying for any premium features, but still, that's a big drop, and for their interface to suck so badly, I should not have to endure continued insults. I use 2 different hosts concurrently to ensure my clients can reach me, and Godaddy was always faster by far. Not anymore. So I ask you, what's more important than speed when you have to move files? Their tech support will talk to you, but they're just making excuses for their massive speed decreases. Not acceptable. Oh, and get this--I lapsed a payment ONCE in the many, many years I had hosted with them due to the fact that I had a credit card start declining while I was on a job out of state, and Godaddy had the balls to completely erase my 50GB site within 1 week, and then had the nads to tell me I'd have to pay 'em $150 to recover it. SCREW YOU GODADDY. Never again. I see your ads all the time, and I guess those big boobs went to your head. You're gone and I'm not coming back.

Biggest Pro: Big company, accessible tech support, big boobs in ads.
Biggest Con: Slower and slower service. Don't screw your long-term clients. We knew you when you weren't nothin!

Response by Mike, who is an employee of Go Daddy:

If a shared hosting account fails billing on the expiration date the account will stay up. On day ten after expiration the account will be suspended if it fails the second attempt to renew it. On day twenty after expiration the account will be canceled if the third billing attempt also fails. Accounts are not deleted after a week of failed billing. There is a $150 restore fee if the account is canceled to restore the content.

Posted on June 27th, 2012 at 15:08 EST

Technicians just want you off the phone

I am on day 8 of trying to set up a website with GoDaddy hosting, not counting a weekend. As of now I still cannot access that website. I am working past a deadline that has already been pushed forward and which we are now going to still be late on.

To summarize, GoDaddy’s support is as quick as possible to get you off the phone, and has no idea what the next-step in any resolution is. They will get you off the phone waiting for e-mails that are never going to be sent, or tell you to go to URLs which will never work. They very simply do not know what they are talking about.

I work for a company that designs webpages for small businesses. We were given a project to re-design someones website.

I started out trying to move a domain name from one GoDaddy account to another. I was told this would be an easy process as it’s just from account to account. No, I would not be charged anything, and it would only take about an hour.

We were going to do the domain transfer after, but all of GoDaddy’s hosting solutions REQUIRE you have the domain name on the account or you cannot set them up. We were trying to set up a Quick Shopping Cart and a WordPress Blog, and neither would finish the setup process because the domain name was not on the account. The entire process will not work until the domain is in the account. We are stalled.

When I actually went to transfer this domain name, it turned out to be more complicated than originally projected. For starters, I am on a reseller account. The company I work for has set one up so they make a small amount of money for the webhosting space they sell. On GoDaddy, reseller accounts are technically under a different Domain Controller, “WildWestDomains”.

What they do not tell you is that support for WildWestDomains is the same support as GoDaddy. It’s literally the same people. However they do not let their technicians admit this. If a call comes in from a reseller account, they have to pretend like they have no idea how GoDaddy ‘works’, can’t admit they’re GoDaddy and speak vaguely about how GoDaddy will handle things on their end. Even though they are GoDaddy and are the exact same people.

While this is still GoDaddy, WildWestDomains is technically a separate company for liability reasons. So the domain actually had to be transferred, which then cost us money. Fine, okay, that’s complicated but it extends the domain name for another year so it’s not so bad.

The first tech I spoke to said he was adding the domain transfer to our account and that an E-Mail was being sent, right now, to the Account Manager on the ‘losing’ side of the transfer. That’s our client. The client had to be called so we could get this authorization number from him so we could start the transfer. We were told this was all we would need.

For starters, no e-mail was sent. We lost a day on this, while he tried to find it. I called another technician. It turns out no e-mail was sent. We have to purchase the transfer, and THEN an e-mail gets sent. I ask if we’ll need anything else, they give me a vague “it depends on the losing domain and how they handle things” and they spend 10 minutes denying they’re GoDaddy and know EXACTLY what the ‘losing’ domain will do in this specific situation.

Okay fine, we purchase the transfer and we bug our client again to forward this e-mail. It takes them a few hours to get back to the office and forward this e-mail to us. Okay. By the time we enter in the authorization codes, it’s in the evening. The account says ‘pending transfer’ and we decide to wait for it and check back the next day.

It is now day three, and I make my fourth phonecall. The domain has still not transferred. It still says ‘pending’ in the account. I call again. I am told that the previous tech was incorrect, and that YET ANOTHER e-mail has been sent to our client to ‘confirm’ this transfer, and this is why things are held up. I am told this e-mail will contain a link to accept the transfer and that all I have to do is click on this link. I call our client. They are setting up for a concert, in the rain, and will not be back to their office until very late. They cannot forward us anything until late into the evening.

I get these forwarded e-mails on the morning of day 4. None of them contain any links to anything. I make a fifth phonecall. The previous tech was incorrect, and there is no link being e-mailed. Instead, we need to log into the clients account and accept the transfer from there. We could have done this yesterday and not hassle our client yet another time. Every single time I call, the technician I speak to does not know what the next step is and leaves us waiting for nothing.

I log into this account, which we have the information for. I accept the transfer. I am told it can take a few hours but it should be ready ‘soon’. We spend day 4 trying to set up the WordPress account and the Quick Shopping cart. Both do not work, at all. They say the domain name is already in use. The domain name shows up in our account, but is inaccessible to use to set up products. We assume it is still transferring.

The morning of day 5 we stop assuming and call a sixth time. It turns out that while the domain is in our account, and we should have full control over it, it is ‘linked’ to another GoDaddy account and thus we cannot do anything to it. This other account is the client’s previous account. Why it did not remove this ‘link’ when we did the transfer is not explained to me. We remove this ‘link’ and I am told it should be ready in ‘another couple of hours’.

It is not done by end-of-day. We come back the following Monday finally able to access the domain name that is in our account. We set this up, but it is ‘pending DNS change’. This is day 6, not counting the weekend. We are due to show the client some progress to the design changes this afternoon. We still do not even have access to the account. Day 6, call 7. I am told that it can take up to 48 hours for a server to go live. I ask, when it is live, can I use this IP address I see here to access it? I am told yes. We can FTP into the IP address and see the files for wordpress, but when we enter the IP address into a browser we get a 404. I am told it is because the server is still setting up and that once it is set up we will be able to use that IP address to view the site.

We spend day 7 refreshing the site, waiting for it to go up. We were told it could take up to 48 hours. I have been calling support frequently so I decide to be patient. By the end of day 7 the site is still not working by that IP address.

At the beginning of day 8 the site is still not functioning. It is Wednesday. Our due date for showing design changes has been pushed to today, and we still do not have access to our server. I call again, now the 8th phonecall to technical support. I am told that the previous tech was incorrect, and that the IP address listed will not resolve into the website. I will need to set up a preview DNS in order to view it. This could have been done 2 days ago but the tech said the site was still being set up. The previous tech told me I could view it by the IP address that was already listed. The previous tech was wrong. The preview DNS should take ‘a couple of hours’. I have heard ‘a couple of hours’ quite a few times before. I’m still waiting for the preview DNS.

Every single time I call, the technician is entirely incorrect about what my next step should be and what I can do right now to get this website working. I always ask ‘What is my next step, what am I waiting for, what is my expectation.’ Everytime I am told to wait for incorrect details. They are as quick as possible to get me off the phone and waiting for a solution that will not come because it is entirely incorrect.

On two separate occasions, I asked for a manager. I have never spoken to one.

If this was my project, I would have demanded a refund by now. I am just a designer; I do not get to make those decisions. But under my own power, I will never use GoDaddy hosting for any reason ever again. Their support is terrible and always leaves me waiting for things that will not happen.

I can only hope that now, finally, within a few hours, I should be able to preview this server. However given that every time I called there has been some missed ‘next step’, I am fully expecting to still not see this website by friday.

Do not use GoDaddy hosting for any reason.

Biggest Con: Their technical support does not know how their own system works


NO!Godaddy is the worse website hosting and their customer support are not friendly at all,I'd never get my answer from them!I didn't even get all my money back,i felt like i was ripped off by them.I was told to get all my money refund in 14 days.But they told me the different things when i called the billing department again in the same day.I have a clear mind and good memory,but i was trying to ask them the same question "can i get all my money back for all the product i bought,and the guy from the billing department said that "Yes,you can absolutely get all your money back for all the product you bought in 14 days."Then i found out that their customer service were so not caring and friendly at all and i never get my answer,so i called them back for the refund on the 6 days from the purchased day,but i was told that"you can't get all your money back ,the 2 of the 4 product are not give you get the refund in 14 days,you only can get the refund for these 2 product within 5 days".I was absolutely asking them if i could get my money back for these two product and he said absolutely YES.I am still so angry about that as i was totally get ripped off.I am a quiet and caring person,but this time i can't be quiet anymore.I was still so angry not only got ripped off ,but because they are so unfriendly and not caring customer service!They were just too proud of themself.I had never had a bad experience like that before and i think would never forget it in my life.

Biggest Pro: yes

service getting worse

If you get a dedicated server, then their service is very good. If you go anything cheaper, you get crap. Their VPS is always down or frozen due to too many accounts on one server. RDP into my account and it's always slow or locks up. Their control center is the worse. I have call support just to figure out what to click on to get my billing statement. They make it really easy to upgrade, but not downgrade. You can buy more stuff but you have a hard time if you want to change something or cancel.

The company itself is going down the hole.

Frustrating Account Change Policies

I attempted to go from a delux plan to an economy plan that would cut the price in half for services I don't use. Customer service states that in order to downgrade I need to backup my entire site, forum databases etc and recreate in another place just to downgrade pricing. As a customer of 6 years I will opt to find a host with better prices/reviews etc if I have to go through the trouble to recreate my site. Displeased to say the least.

Biggest Pro: Danica Patrick commercials
Biggest Con: Bloated Billing Policies

Response by Mike, who is an employee of Go Daddy:

I am sorry you ran into this misinformation. With Go Daddy shared hosting we have always allowed you to upgrade and downgrade plans. The process to do so is shown in this guide:

Posted on June 27th, 2012 at 14:55 EST

Very bad service

Hi, I recommend you don't take the services of Godaddy

I asked them for a module call XMLRPC that I need for Moodle.
First they told me that this module was not available for shared hosting and I should buy a new service (much, much expensive of course)
After 1 hour I got an email and told me the mentioned module is available for anybody with a shared service.
After all this they sent another email telling me I should use a PEAR to connect my Moodle script to their module but never gave me the information to connect it.

So after 10 years as a customer I have to change of server provider.


Save yourself from Godaddy while you can!

I have been running my website for a couple of years. I thought I might do something in Coldfusion in future and decided to switch my hosting company to Earlier I was with and was completely satisfied.

I have had the most miserable life with Godaddy. 'Horrible experience' is an understatement. I just don't know where to begin.

The most basic service, "serving the website on the internet" is ridiculously patchy, twice or thrice a week my website goes dail-up era slow!
Sometimes during these bad modes it takes minutes to open a page on my website (even pure HTML!)

The customer service is all over the place. There is no live chat option, and for every complaint you try to lodge the one and only fix the ignorant and insolent customer care people have at the tip of their tongue is: "Get a dedicated server" !
I mean I know I live in Germany but there has to be some sort of consumer protection law out there in the Wild Wild West???

Lets talk about the so called "Control Center".
The idea that the company that hosts other people websites has a website that takes ages (exaggerated but not too much!) to load is insane! Control Center is so hard to navigate. To perform the smallest of tasks you have to click up to 7 clicks! (and each costs 20 to 30 seconds!).

Even FTP connection sometimes crashes and burns!

I can only say... I hope Godaddy go bankrupt very soon!

And all of you who are thinking of switching or hosting a new website at Godaddy: Save yourself while you can!

Biggest Pro: Nothing!
Biggest Con: server &connection speed AND uptime & reliability

In the name of the Elephant - goodbye GoDaddy

I just watched GoDaddy CEO, Bob Parsons, ambush, shoot and kill and African elephant.
So I'm done with as my web hosting service.
Below is the video link to Bob's "hunt".
QUESTION: What else has Bob killed?
I'll tell you one thing Bob killed - and that's any interest I have in being a customer of his business.
In the name of the Elephant...

Biggest Con: Bob Parsons - CEO & Great White Hunter


This company should be banned only for its illicit practices. The main reason I quit was the complete lack of CS especially from the technical side. The only thing GD CS knows is copy-pasting pages that they may think could be relevant to your problem. I send them at least 10 tickets during my first month: it would take them 24h to tell me I needed to submit some security code in order to receive an answer and then another 24 h to copy paste staff irrelevant to my issue. When I would follow up on the same technical issue they would simply recopy-re-paste the same crap without a sign of personal attention. A couple of my tickets were not even answered.

When I decided to quit I naively thought that this company has some refund policy in place. I asked CS and they said they would be happy to request a refund on my behalf as if they were working for another company. They instructed me to cancel my subscription first and then they would request a refund (PAY ATTENTION, they don't offer a refund because in their terms of service all sales are final and not refundable). When I got into the process of cancelling my sad hosting plan of 3 years that I stupidly got myself into, I was presented with an alarm page that if I cancel I am not entitled to a refund !!!!

IMAGINE: CS tells you go cancel your account to qualify for a refund and when you attempt to cancel you are told you are not allowed to a refund !!! YES, THIS IS HOW GD DOES BUSINESS

I am not sure if I will ever get a refund and how skimmed it will be but GD is more of an CON-ARTIST DADDY. Once you are in, you are all by yourself. Unless you are good with server configurations, forget it, it's a Do It Yourself thing.

GD sucks, I mean it, because no matter how good you are with IT, sooner or later you will need tech support and GD doesn't do tech, only sells aggressively to naive folks like me who fall for 4G hype.

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