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Don't Care About Their Customers

Tonight i had finally made the choice to purchase a domain and hosting. GoDaddy had some of the best prices i'd seen for start up costs and a plan i thought would work for my needs. As i had never purchases anything like this before i wanted to be absolutely sure that i was getting what i needed and wanted out of my website. I decided to call and speak to a sales rep before purchasing anything. I asked a few questions...Asked them again in a different way and then a few moments later asked them again to be sure changing how i asked them each time. I as a consumer need to be fully aware of what i am buying as to not have any issues. Well after i specified what i needed out of a website, what i did and some features i wanted we agreed on this one package. Great i paid for it..I go to log into my account and realize in the site builder that i don't have features i specifically asked for. I did some research and then made a call back. The next rep i get on the phone apologizes and says he'd wished i'd talked to him first, which we hear ALL THE TIME and then said he didn't understand why the other rep would have said these things. I began to express my dissatisfaction with the site and what i bought and was pretty much brushed aside. My opinion didn't matter. I was given 1 of 2 options: 1. Keep the site i had absolutely no use of or 2. cancel my account. HMMMMM Well on the one hand i can't use it at all or this one i get my money back....I ended up opting for the refund and canceled my account because honestly i didn't feel as tho that was rectifying the problem. It wasn't my mistake it was theirs, their rep told me misleading information and they couldn't be bothered to make it right. They'd rather lose a customer than try to keep one. If they had just refunded my money and let me keep what i originally paid for for the year they weren't going to be out much if anything and i would have been happy and i would have at least been given time to save the money necessary to upgrade my account. Instead they either wanted more money or cancel.

This confirms my now belief that they are greedy scum bags who don't care about their customers. Go somewhere else, pay the extra few dollars for better service and better attentiveness to your issues.

Don't sign up for protected registration

Do not sign up for protected registration. It would more truthfully be called "You Can't Terminate for the Life of Your Credit Card" registration.

I have been trying to terminate my protected registration. Four phone calls and 3 emails later, I am still unsuccessful. They are requiring that I produce documents that don't exist (and that were not required to create the account). Customer support only refers me to an email address (that keeps requiring non-existent documents).

This has been a very frustrating process. Because of this, I don't recommend GoDaddy.

Hard to Update

My main complaint about Go Daddy's Website Builder Tool is that it is way too hard to update and format content. We have a couple moderately complex pages with embedded tables. Controlling the formatting of the text seems to be a crap shoot - I have yet to figure out the secret of how different text fonts get determined. At times, I've been unable to override the defaults. Positioning of content on the pages is unwieldy and should be a lot easier to control.

Additionally, linking uploaded content is tedious because the selection box displays only about 5 uploaded files or documents at a time. We have dozens of uploaded files, so searching through the alphabetized list when you've loaded something new is cumbersome.

I'm not sure I've ever gotten the website backup feature to work... it seems to run forever and never complete. I've always ended up canceling the backup and just published the new pages - and hoped for the best.

We have not noticed performance issues, and have been able to work tech support when we had a problem. The overall is pretty low primarily because content maintenance is so cumbersome.

Biggest Pro: Seems to have all the functionality we need.
Biggest Con: Content maintenance is very cumbersome

realy realy realy bad

Six weeks ago I built my second website, my first with go daddy. It was a terrible experience go daddy's software just doesn't work and when I tried to find a solution on their site the information they had was for older versions of their software. Next I tried calling their tech support but their tech's are also their sales staff and they just read you the same information you found on their sight that didn't work, next they tell You are doing something wrong and email you the same useless information that you read on the site to start with.
Todays great challenge was adding five words to my footer text, here is how it went; First I typed in the text it was the wrong size so I reset the size this time the size was correct but the color was wrong now I change the color and the text moves up to the top of the page. I chased the problem around a few more times but each time I changed one thing something else would also change.
Ok now it is time to call tech support so I go to the bathroom and get myself a cup of tea dial up their number and wait. When tech support answers the phone I explain the problem and they look at the problem (their software will not let me look at what they are doing) but they tell me the problem is solved. Now I must log in again and when I look at the site it looks like I want it to look so I publish and the front is the wrong color, I will not bore you with the rest of todays story but let me say this a very simple site I am trying to publish, is a very basic site and they can not even take care of it.

Biggest Pro: Danica looks good in green
Biggest Con: Nothing works

Be afraid!!! Be VERY afraid!

I have been a GoDaddy user for several years. I signed up for their online web storage and their support was almost nonexistent. I emailed them to cancel the service and they sent back a set of instructions that I had to do myself to cancel the service. BUT when I signed up for the online storage all I did was call them, but when I wanted to stop it they make me work for them! I followed the instructions and a few days later I tried going onto my web site and all I got was the ‘parked domain’ display screen from GoDaddy. I emailed them and they said there was no web site online because I had cancelled my hosting services with them. BTW – I am fully paid with them for all my hosting services through the end of 2013 so why would anyone at GoDaddy think I would want to cancel all my services when I had just emailed them to cancel only their useless Online storage!!?? They have no direct phone support and their email support has been just a series of scripted ‘canned’ responses almost every time I have needed assistance. Now with this monumental screw up where they totally took down my web site I am positive the place is run by a total group of IDIOTS! I am looking for another web hosting company and my lawyer will deal with the money I lost by them taking down my site etc. My suggestion… stays as far away from GoDaddy as you can unless you like being ‘screwed by idiots’!!!

Biggest Pro: there is no biggest pro point for Go Daddy
Biggest Con: their nonexixstent customer service

Incompetent Service @ GoDaddy

They took down the website without proper & thorough investigation of a "competitor's" complaint letter. Godaddy sent a notification to contact them after the website had been taken down. Contacted customer service and was instructed to write an explanation based on complaint. Request was fulfilled immediately; but they still kept the website down. 48 hours later, they did not restore the service until letter was sent giving Go Daddy an ultimatum of restoring service at noon or legal action would ensue. Website went up at noon.
This company is unreliable, untrustworthy & has pathetic customer service.
See for yourself. Check out "Carl", a bragging godaddy employee; probably the same guy who sent notification after the fact; bragging about this type of abuse on his twitter page:

Response by Mike, who is an employee of Go Daddy:


I do not have the full details of your particular situation in order to determine exactly why your account was suspended. However, it sounds like it may have been suspended due to a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice. In accordance with the DMCA, Go Daddy is obligated to restrict all access to disputed materials in an expeditious manner. As such, it would be necessary for us to suspend the hosting account in question to ensure the copyrighted materials could not be further distributed or viewed. All hosting providers who wish to remain DMCA compliant will disable access for a site that is the subject of a complete copyright notification. Your concerns have already been addressed directly by our Copyright Department. However, I hope that this helps to clarify any remaining confusion with respect to DMCA process.

Posted on July 17th, 2012 at 16:19 EST

Good for domain registrations but terrible for web hosting!

I have over 30 domains registered at GoDaddy. I used to host with them for several years but I no longer use them for web hosting. They switched me from different platforms and different servers without letting me know. They lost several of my files in the process even though they said they saved everything. I never did recover the lost files. I have spent hours on the phone with them trying to resolve various issues but never seemed to get anywhere with them. Life has been much better since I host my domains elsewhere. I now use BrainHost and HostMonster and get great service from both of them. I do NOT recommend GoDaddy for webhosting!

Biggest Pro: As a webhosting service, there is no pro. Great for domain registration.
Biggest Con: The domain interface is terrible as well as managing domains. is fine for getting domains, but useless at hosting

Hosting at is extremely frustrating. I have had web site hosting for over fifteen years and this is one of the worst sites if you have anything but a simple five page site. For those, this site might be OK.
Their tools crash more often than Evil Knievel. Hosting complex sites should be eliminated from their offerings, because they cannot handle complex sites. Their only interest is to extract as much money from you in the shortest period of time with the least amount of effort on their part.

Biggest Pro: They are very good at selling their domains
Biggest Con: They are horrible at hosting

Go away from godaddy

The uptime is not as advertised.
The support sucks. I have to send at least 3 emails referring to the same issue. I do not know if those people are being paid by the emails they send. Rarely the support team solve the problem.

I seriously think to change hosting company.

Biggest Con: not essential support

You be the judge

You be the Judge - here is my experience, Feb 17, 2012

Bought multiple domains & deluxe hosting plan on GoDaddy in 2007. Since then I was a loyal customer knowing that there are better hosting options. In the past 4 years I have opened roughly 9 incident tickets, out of those tickets 7 were opened between Jan 28, 2012 and Feb 12, 2012.For recent isssues
I was told:
1. It is your code problem (not changed since 2007)
2. It is your incorrect htaccess file (nochange 2009)
3. It is the mysql database design that is causing the problem
4. The server may be having traffic issues 5. WE CANT HELP YOU AS WE CANNOT REPRODUCE THE ISSUE
6. SORRY to hear about the problem but our tests indicate no issue
7. It is your ISP (I tried Comcast, Verizon, ATNT)
8. Move to our new servers I took the advice#8 - opened a new hosting account with GoDaddy - could not login as the server was in a lock down mode and was not available for 72 hours - so I had a down site & new hosting account that I could not access.

Moved to a new hosting vendor - ALL good Now

AVOID GODaddy at all cost to save yourself from the kind of aggravation I have gone through - In all 15 hours of holding on the phone we NO result.

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