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I was ripped off twice by GoDaddy

Rip Off Company
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I got a domain for a business I had and closed 4 years ago in 2014 GoDaddy charged me $255 in 2016 because they said I had hit the recurring payment button and would not remove the charge at that time I cancelled the service and behold in 2018 again they charged me $255 I called again and again they didn't remove it, they wont cancel my account and since I have no access to my account because of the old password used they wont help me in getting to my account. I asked them to cancel the recurring payment and to cancel my account and they wont do it. Their treatment is down right discriminator and rude, they can care less about you once you leave and apparently they must be in trouble when they keep charging fees unnecessarily. DO NOT USED GODADDY they don't care about you when you leave them and will lie and cheat even by Lying to your credit card company so that they can get those $$$$ DO NOT USE THEM especially if you're Hispanic, I was treated like a second class citizen and I was treated like dirt, this coming from people that answer phone for a living go figure.
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Biggest Pro: NONE

Don't use GoDaddy!!

I had 4 websites hosted with GoDaddy. I cancelled 2 of them and found out that they billed me for two years for unused extra services related to those websites, even though I specifically said to cancel all services associated with those websites. They refused to credit my account but asked me to commit for another year. When logged in to access your accounts, they are very deceiving with regards to what you're paying for. I paid for an extra month of hosting for my portfolio website, and they put it back up for a day then it was off again. They said I should have paid for the website builder not the cpanel hosting. They wouldn't transfer the funds to the proper place stating that billing errors could only be rectified with 48 hours. I called them at the 72 hour mark. The customer service rep said he had seen this happen a lot, they had relayed the issue to upper management to no avail. There are better free hosting services. So much for my portfolio review with a potential new job.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Overbilling

Go Daddy will screw you if given the chance!

Go Daddy was great as long as I was paying them money.
When I wanted to get my sight up and running they said their Shopping Cart vendor did not like my sight. They were pleased as punch to take my money when they should have known of the difficulties in advance! I literally wasted hundreds of dollars and an enormous waste of time.
I am also having trouble with my e-mails and AT&T suggested that Go Daddy was a problem system.
I have to give credit for their technical support but the business is bad news! Stay away or get stung down the line.
John Rademacher

Biggest Con: Do yourself a favor and pick another company. You'll be glad you did!

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As long as you spend money here the'll help...

For several years I was getting help from Go Daddy Support on setting up a Quick Shopping Cart.
Only after spending 500+ dollars did they inform me that I could not use my product with credit cards.
Go Daddy is deceptive and while technically proficient they are not helpful to your business and making money.
I well do every thing I can to not use or support them and Please for your own good find another company.!

By John Rademacher on June 20th, 2016 at 15:01 EST
URL: Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Reseller | Platform: Linux | Email:

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Weak support team

I just needed to get my domain pointed to go daddy and needed a ip address and to configure on go daddy end.. but the instructions were not making sense, when I called the support team they didn't understand them either.. 5 different tech. support members and a sales man/ tech. support . Could not get the information I needed in two days 5 hrs trying to get it right on day and 4 hrs the next day . nick was the worst will all my information in front of him he was asking me questions with all the answers in front of him. Blake Irving is the CEO and his support team is a reflection of his leadership.. I 'll find a better leader..

Biggest Pro: finding out at the gate they had a weak support team.
Biggest Con: Having to waste all this time while I could of been up and running with another host in two days.

Please don't go with that hosting provider. Their after sale service is worse and person appointed to talk to customer are not trained and does not have any knowledge. Worst experience. Do not provide any support through chat, mail, tickets only over paid line which is highly costly.

Biggest Con: Worst after sale support

worst support of godaddy

GODADDY.COM technical support is very bad ..... customer care agents need a training they don't know anything about webhosting , email id support, they were doing job in hosting company but they don't about DEDICATE IP ADDRESS and how it's work ....and they will give you the solutions before your questions ... customer care agents is PATHETIC they don't know how to talk with the customer....they need a training .... MANAGERS are also same...... i hope company will destroy soon ....

hidden costs, terrible support

I've had several of my clients' sites on Go Daddy over the years. I've never liked them much, but could usually tolerate them. It was always strangely difficult to access a database with phpmyadmin, their site managment software is Kafkaesque, and their low-priced hosting packages were lacking in really basic stuff, like site statistics. They have a low base price, then charge extra for things that everybody needs. Poof! There goes the price advantage over their vastly superior competitors.
The final straw came when they froze a client's account for no discernable reason. All we need to do is point the DNS servers for a domain at a different host, but we can't login because the account is frozen. After twenty minute trying to get support, the support person couldn't/wouldn't do a gosh-darned thing because we didn't have the PIN code. He asked me to login and get the pin code. I couldn't login because the account is frozen. He can't unfreeze the account without the pin code. Round and round we go.
I will never again use Go Daddy for anything.

Biggest Con: insanely bad support

Go Daddy - Fraud, Cheater

Hello Go Daddy People & Respected Mithun Chakraborty, Ojas Chakraborty,

Customer #: 7268935

Very sad to inform you that your CSR & Sales Persons are making fraud in your company Go

This is my 2nd experience with go daddy CSR/Supervisors are not treating properly as well as miss guiding/Cheating people.

Fraud Case 1 -
Executive - Laxmi

I have taken VPS hosting the lady Laxmi told me that it will install instantly ( miss guided). And actually it taken 72 hours time, it made loss of Rs.15000 in my personal level, becasue then i need to buy VPS on another server, becuase of urgency. Before making payment to go daddy that lady not informed me, even i asked 2-3 times, does it work immediately or not? to increase sale & targets she said yes it will work now. I cheated by Go Daddy people in this fraud case no.1

Fraud Case no.2
Basith- Supervisor ( very Bad Person ) , George - marketing executive

I asked them to install SSL certificate on but they said its not possible because you have to purchase SSL from our end otherwise we won't allow. Then i said that while taking the web hosting i asked so many times to your people that it will work or not but your sales guys told me that it will work. Now they are forcing me to take SSL from your company go daddy. Which is very costly & 3 times higher rates ( 5-6k) from competitors. Your Senior person Basith is behaved arrogantly & disconnected the phone forcefully. He said whatever you want to do it please do it, i cant hold on phone like this.

If you people are behaving like this then i will go to Cyber Crime people of Indian Government & will go to media for justice. Even i have wriiten to Mithun Chakraborty, your brand ambassador, because he was MP/MLA in India & if this person is doing your advertisement, i need to inform him. Mr. Mithun Chakraborty, please help me on this matter, atleast you can ring a phone and can ask these people for justice, these people are oftenly doing such practices & threatening us ( KUCH NAHI HONEWAL HAI ), Please raise your voice against injustice, we belive you that you are supporting stragglers.

Because of Go daddy i am loosing my client & business, so please reply me Go Daddy People immediately & humble request to Mithunji


Ok, here is the scope.
If you are planning to have a site that will occasionally be visited by people, nothing more than a phone book replacement, then yes, Godaddy is an excellent solution for you. However, if you want to have a site that generate MANY visitors (online store, membership site, etc), DO NOT even think about going with Godaddy!
Here is why, the more traffic you have, unless you want to run a super slow and an un-cached site, your site may be generating lot of cache (Temporary files that speed up the browsing experience). Well, bad news! If your cache folder is containing more than 1200 files, YOUR HOSTING ACCOUNT WILL BE SUSPENDED!! Another bad news is, if you have an online store, obviously you would want to have many pictures of your products to attract more buyers. With Godaddy, unless you have a small store, you are SOL because the same rules apply, if your image folder reached 1200 files, your account WILL be suspended. Oh no, you wouldn't have that many images. Think again! The main purpose of a cache is to accelerate your website loading time. Caching your site is very important especially if you are running any CMS system like Joomla, Wordpress, Opencart, etc. And believe me, if you only have 50 products with 5 images each, and you get about 200 hits a day to your site, with the way Godaddy system works, your account will be suspended in no matter of time!! Now, again, if you ONLY want to have a phone book replacement website, then yes, go with Godaddy. But if you want a successful website that generate high traffic, Godaddy system are NOT equipped to handle your site. Go else where! But, they say it is supposed to be unlimited? DREAM is good but REALITY bites! To me, Godaddy is nothing more than a big giant liar that get big by pushing false advertisement to fool potential customers.

Biggest Pro: NONE

Learning African countries vs. Godaddy

Two weeks, 5 sites consistently down and Godaddy still ruins my life.
One job lost, thousands of membership site clients unsubscribing and my partners wanting to kill me.

This was not just one of the worst IT experiences I have had (after 8 years in the industry) but it was one of the worst experience of my life. Businesses lost, unimaginable stress and teams of workers sitting around for 2 weeks as they could not access the sites.

In total I spent over 90 hours working on something that should be the most simple process ever - moving from one hosting to another. Wrong.

To begin with they tell you to make a backup of your current hosting and upload it their server which can then unzip it and 'away you go'. Well, it couldn't unzip it, 2.8GB is a super large file.

So I had to download the file unzip, re upload the unzipped files and then the fun began. This is when wanting to kill myself and everyone at go daddy began.
From a host of MySQL database errors, some they fixed, some they caused and all of which was 'outside of our current support' but of course the sales staff say 'no worries we help guide you through all that'. It's not simple with them, its not easy and they may even ask you to upgrade to a Cpanel system which means all your emails etc go back to the stone age. I hate you.

Before that their 500MB of email space was only 500 accounts at 1mb each - bastards. There's another $100 given up for extra email space - not what sales tells you. Lies.

The Music: What do you think would happen if they actually played depressing / not-upbeat music the whole time? People would be topping themselves.

Finally I spoke to 'Phil' - who, after spending an hour on the phone and helped me escalate my claim twice - one of my other sites on the server failed. FML . Thank god after a few biscuits and episodes of 24 they fixed what they broke. After now a total of $100 skype dollars of credit wasted they told me to begin it all again as they can't seem to fix the database for the primary domain or guide me on how to do it. Now, I do wish I was an American so I could go postal on their customer service department.

Hear me guys - nothing, not even FREE hosting forever and ever is worth going with these guys. You know when you buy a ticket for a flight at a cheap price but after one piece of luggage and taxes the $60 flight is now $190? Well that's Godaddy on the web.

So much has been lost in business, time and sanity with these guys. It took so long that my house-mate bet me he could learn all the countries in Africa before this problem was solved.

He got it to 51/51. He beat me - and Bob Parsons I'm gonna hire Jean Claude Van Dame from your stupid ads to come and sodomise you in the skull.

I hate you go daddy.

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