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Godaddy domain hosting review.

I bought my second domain to explore the domain hosting market. After my current hosting provider I decided to go for GoDaddy. I registered the domain and it was a disaster to me. I registered the domain but there was a problem after I needed to change domain nameservers to host my website. The website was not so easy to use and GUI was not easy to make work.

When I tried to log in after some time, a hilarious thing happened. The login was difficult. One has to have a userid which is a string of digits and it was difficult to remember. I forgot the password and wanted to recover my account. It took me at least an hour to recover my bad account.

There is one more thing they had a market place to auction domain names which I never got to understand there were domains and people placed bids on it. I thought it maybe it is an opportunity to earn some cash but it never went through although I thought my domain was a catchy one, nothing came through. The had another feature to park domains which enables domain owners to earn money by transferring publishing rights over to GoDaddy. Godaddy then publishes ads on the domain when earned any revenue and the owner gets the share. I hope this sums up everything in this review and may it will be helpful to other users too. Cheers.

Not the best, but I am happy with it and it is reliable

Although I have posted a review about here but I in light of new experience I though why not leave another review discussing few more pros and cons of the service.

Recently I needed functional email with my purchased domain and I looked into the control panel and opened email account. Unfortunately I hadn't created email account when I purchased the domain and hosting. Now it's been two years and I can't create and email because that feature is only available in first year of purchase, later we have to pay to avail the service. this not a good.

I googled and found several hosting sites which offer free email till we own the domain. Now is looks better. And also if we compare the prices we could find many other companies with less cost and more features. On the top of my list is but I guess these extra buck we pay to ensure the the reliability.

By the way it is very convenient to adjust and control language and versioning and GUI is certainly much better than average hosting company. But site builder is fairly simpler and there are not many themes to chose from. For a web developer or programmer it is a decent option but for beginner or inexperienced person it could be daunting to use the service

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Not the best, but I am happy with it and it is reliable

Being web developer I have significant history of experience with multiple hosting companies, My first ever package was pretty basic plan and from that day it became my choice and my recommendation for clients. In the beginning it felt offered more than I need but then with the passage of time I experienced several shortcomings in the service, briefly described below.

The first ever issue encountered was the unavailability of service in my country (probably my continent).But the website was functional in US and UK as confirmed by my clients in those regions. Then I contacted the online support but that was not very helpful, it isn't that support didn't responded, but the representative told that site is accessible to him he can't do anything about it. that was really frustrating but then eventually problem resolved.

The most problematic thing I faced with is their slow (dead slow) SMTP service, to cope with this issue I use third party SMTP service. If my client's project is critical in mailing service than I suggest him to purchase elite package in case of shared hosting or getting third party mailing service.

Although offers several perks with different packages but I have used many hosting services which offer much more. for example offers free ssl, which is big plus for me and I have not experienced any downtime so far.

Beside slow smtp hosting service is also quite slow if not using cache. Many times I decided to move to some other service. But overall for simple sites or expensive packages it enough.

But I still use because it is overall good experience. except few times it's support is good as compared to other especially on phone call.

By Muhammad Zubair on September 3rd, 2019 at 11:03 EST
URL: Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Godaddy - best for small business

I am with godaddy since 2 years, and overall satisfied with the service. Mentioning few pros and cons I have observed. I am writing it for godaddy India.
1. Easy to book and build website for non technical user.
2. cost friendly. I received very good value for first year, although there wont be much coupon codes available for renewals. So take 3-5 years subscription in beginning only.
3. good for small businesses and blogs
4. Provided c panel interface is really easy to use, you can subscribe for wordpress services and can make your own blog.
1. Some site security issues, easy target for spammers and hackers. I am dealing with many wordpress redirect issues.
2. Support is overloaded, and its really bad sometimes.
3. Irritating phone calls for upgrade. They would keep calling you every week even if you have taken full subscription.

Overall it is a good and most trusted platform in India. There are cheaper options available in market, but the price is more on renewals. So I would prefer go daddy and I am happy with it, I already have 5 years subscription and willing to renew after expiry. They just need to work on their customer support and understand that every time its not just about selling, if they try to help customer, he will eventually buy.

Biggest Pro: Easy to book and build
Biggest Con: Pathetic customer service

One of the best hosting company

In recent times providing good customer support is the key to success for any business especially in this information age we live in. As a web hosting company there is a high standard required for customers to be able to trust that the services advertised will be provided given the competition amongst web hosting companies. I can say with facts that Go daddy have execeeded my expectation.

Their customer support is second to none as they will provide all answers to you questions and guide you all the way till you are happy and satisfied, their support staffs have excellent knowlege of the services they provide and have assisted me in getting my website up and running with ease.

I have also used the Go daddy help pages to search for how to secure my site with ssl certificate and have found it very help as I was able to buy and setup ssl certificate on my website on my own.

The host uptime and reliability, server speed and connection, technical support and customer service of Go daddy is what makes this host company one of the best.

I really like the service they have provided for me so far and would recommend them to all who intend to get web hosting. You can count on Go daddy to deliver the best hosting service. Thanks

Web Hosting with GoDaddy

Let me begin by saying that I like GoDaddy very much as a hosting provider, and have used it for many years on different websites, in this occasion I'm reviewing my experience with the latest website I worked with. The site is for a doctor and nutritionist, it begin really small using the smallest shared hosting option, but since the doctor is very active in social media it began getting a lot of visits and GoDaddy start sending email alerts that we were getting close to the resource limits, so we had to upgrade two times already since the site went online.

On the plus side getting notified of the limit being reached before the site went down o blocked for visitors is a great feature and we are more than happy with it, however we did came across a rare behavior in the GoDaddy admin panel in one instance, when we clicked the option to upgrade our hosting plan and were redirected to the page with all the available options, we could see the button to upgrade but they were disabled, we couldn't click them and it didn't say the reason. Even weirder is that a couple of days later we tried again and the buttons were enabled and this time we upgraded without any issue.

Besides the weird behavior their web interface present time to time, I must say their technical support is awesome, not to long ago we had problems installing a SSL Certificate, since we did not buy it at the beginning and only got it recently it wasn't setup at the start with all the other options. Event though we got the certificate from a third party, the GoDaddy personal was really patient with our ignorance, and did the whole setup in no time and they were incredible friendly while doing it.

To sum up, their basic hosting plan resources are way to basic, but you will probable have o downtime issues since the notify you early on, your might have problems doing some tasks from their web administration panel, but since their technical support is outstanding this should not be much of an issue.

Biggest Pro: Technical Support
Biggest Con: Web Administration Panel

GoDaddy Review From

I've used GoDaddy for years to host a handful of sites. From creating new websites for friends who wanted to bring their business into the online realm to personal sites for sharing with friends and family, it's always fast and simple. They've always had the tools I needed to get the job done. I appreciate that from a host, which is why I keep going back to them. 

Once or twice I had minor issues, and GoDaddy tech support was wonderfully helpful. They walked me through the fixes I needed, and it only took a moment or two. As someone who's not super tech-savvy, I would have been totally lost without the assistance. They've always been courteous and prompt when I needed anything. 

Lately, I've been working to grow my personal brand as a writer, and I started a website. Their DIY website tools are a time saver, and they work perfectly for someone like me who wants a plug and play experience so I can manage my site easily. In addition to my website, they also helped me set up my connected email accounts and track my metrics, so I know what's working and what isn't. Honestly, I'd be lost without GoDaddy as my host, so they get two thumbs up and five gold stars from me. 

Biggest Pro: Great Customer Service
Biggest Con: Limited Pages on SIte

Beginner Friendly But Unreliable

You might be thinking about the odd title, I will explain why.

The reason why I said GoDaddy is beginner-friendly is due to their hosting charge and fast customer support. I remember the time I started hosting my first website with them, I had a lot of doubts since I was a total noobie at website creation. For people like me, they have a lot of premium addons which will make our path much easier. And their customer support is fast (not so tech-savvy, but fast) They have managed to reply to my queries within 5 mins almost all the time. Another reason that I refer to them as beginner-friendly is due to their price range for new customers. From where I live you can get a shared hosting and a domain name for a dirt-cheap price. So for those people who want to experiment in this field, Godaddy would be a great option. Another important thing is that they have servers in almost all the major countries, so if you are looking for a country-specific audience, this would be a major advantage.

Now the reason why I said they are unreliable: after the learning curve I started to pick up technical things about hosting a website, and I noticed that on my website somethings are not working as they are supposed to work. For example server response time, it varies each day, so when I look it up through Google Pagespeed tool, it is constantly varying from 1.5 to 7 seconds, 7 seconds!!! I tried a lot of things to rectify this issue only to find out that this is an issue with the hosting service provider. I tried contacting their customer support, all I got was to change the hosting to a better plan. Some of my fellow webmasters told me that this is a common thing in Godaddy's hosting. So I decided that when I hit the one year mark I will move to another hosting platform.

I am not particularly angry at their service, because I believe I am receiving the value for the money I paid initially.

So this is my conclusion: if you are a beginner trying to test your luck in this field and don't want to spend a lot of money while doing it, this is a reasonably good option. But, if you are already an experienced webmaster who is trying to host a website which has expected daily traffic above 500, this is not for you.

Biggest Pro: Beginner Service
Biggest Con: Slow Servers

My experience so far using Godaddy services

Godaddy web hosting company has been an excellent and efficient website hosting company I have used since I started my website. I'm not saying their isn't other web hosting company out there which is as good as Godaddy but trust me, I have been using this company for more than 5 years now and I have nothing more than admiration for their services.

Since I started using there services, I have not had any downtime on my website and the speed is impeccable. I mean, if you are running an entertainment website, you would already know that much videos and graphics are involved and site loading should be a little challenge but for using godaddy, this is not even a challenge. My website loads in seconds.

One admirable experience I had with their tech department was during the time I wanted to integrate a database system into my website and was finding it difficult to achieve. I called the tech department and they walked me through the procedures and within 20mins on phone with them, my database was up and running.

Just like I said above, there are plethora of web hosting companies out there and undoubtedly good too, but if I have to recommend a web hosting company to anyone, I'm going with Godaddy.

Godaddy Hosting: Through my eyes!

I've been using Godaddy shared Linux hosting for since more than 7 years.
It being one of the renowned players in their business have several positives and negatives. Based on my experience below are the pros and cons:

- Great Uptime, reliability and connection speed. I'd rate 9.5/10 for it.
- Large pool of 3rd party applications to be installed in just a matter of click and is pretty convenient for less tech savvy guys.
- Clean console UI, easy navigation even for novice or non-tech person
- Support readily available to assist
- Great customer experience

- Support, though easily accessible and very helpful are short of technical expertise and aren't able to resolve hardcore technical issues
- Upgrade of server or versions of application like PHP, SQL is a nightmare and causes a lot of hickups.
- Boasting low cost provider which relatively isn't the case
- Too many cross-sells while choosing a hosting plan / domain or making any purchase
- Renewals are often costlier than original purchase
- Basic features like SSL/Backups or Migrations aren't available with starting plan which other service providers are using as giveaways.

Biggest Pro: Usability / UI and Uptime
Biggest Con: Support's technical competency

GoDaddy hooks you with short-term offers, but no long-term value.

Hi there,

I have been using GoDaddy since 2015 for a range of domains and have used a variety of their extra products, such as the Business Deluxe Webhosting (with add-on upgrades to enhance bandwidth, server speed, and e-mail storage capacity).

Their sign-up process is fairly straight forward and their pricing offers to hook you in are attractive, but don't be fooled, as these tend to spike when you're due to renew.

One of the issues we encountered was that some of the URL's were renewed (billed) prematurely several months before they were due to be billed. These specific URL's were due to be transferred to new owners, but as we had several months left until the renewal date, we were not in a rush to transfer them. After they had billed us, we were unable to transfer these URL's and the only option GoDaddy presented us with was to cancel the URL's outright, which would have resulted in putting them on the open market again.

We've also had technical issues in the past, most notably on a website that we had where we used explainer videos, which would take forever to load. We ended up having to upgrade to the maximum server capacity in terms of dedicated CPU's & RAM, and it still wasn't sufficient, despite our videos being the industry standard 1-2 minute explainer videos.

In addition, we had some questions around using the software that was included in our Business Deluxe hosting package (such as Wordpress) and spoke to their customer service line on multiple occasions, only to discover that their customer service was unable to help us and seemed quite incompetent to answer fairly basic questions.

We continue to use GoDaddy though have considered switching on multiple occasions and would recommend to look for another provider if you're looking for a new one.

Good luck in your search!

Biggest Pro: - Affordable & attractive pricing
Biggest Con: - Poor customer service

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