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godaddy review.

godaddy hosting is my dedicated server by now. they offer me unlimited domains. what i like the most of godaddy, is their fast transfer! i can upload big files with them and theres no problem, the speed is very fast.

maybe i was looking for a reseller plan, not a dedicated server. but this was my first purchase of hosting, so i dont really care.

i used a 20$ coupon for this order, so they sold it to me for about 50$.

Biggest Pro: coupon.


Godaddy is a good hosting company. They offer fast and reliable hosting solutions for everyone. I just joined with them around 2 months ago and I am very satisfied with their pricing and customer support. The only thing I do not like about godaddy is that do not offer cpanel. Whcih makes hosting your website a lot harder. This is their major downfall. Otherwise they are the best in their market for their pricing and support.

GoDaddy Hosting is Great

I have never had any problems with GoDaddy. I host several websites there and I have never had my site down when I checked it. I found it quite easy to navigate their site and have no complaints.

Their prices are great and even greater when you use coupons and I use coupons for renewing too. I got $20 off my year of hosting. That's in addition to their discount for paying for the full year instead of monthly.

The customer service is pretty good for a company that's as popular as they are, which it should be. I haven't had any serious problems so I can't really say much more about it. My dealings with customer service were just basic questions about how to do something or how to find something. I never had any technical problems.

I trust GoDaddy and I will continue using them until something happens that makes me change my mind.

Biggest Pro: Uptime + Reliability
Biggest Con: None

GoDaddy - Clean/friendly/efficient

I've used GoDaddy for all my domain registrations and hosting. I love them. Never any problems; they offer all kinds of awesome packages (domains are 1.99 with any hosting plan) and I trust them - which i can't say as much about some other hosting websites I've used.

Biggest Pro: super-user friendly
Biggest Con: Auto-renew can be a pain to turn off

Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

I had ups and downs with GoDaddy. Originally, I was happy with them, but that was because I never had any problems and so I didn't have to deal with customer service. My first problem was actually not their fault, but after quite a lot of back and forth with them instead of trying to help me they said, and I quote, "We would be happy to help you find a new host." Now to me we could have easily reached an agreeable solution, but they didn't seem interested in helping me.

Another problem with them was that I received an email for $25 free worth of Google Adwords credit. The email mentioned nothing about the offer only being available to customers with certain hosting plans, which as you can guess did not include my hosting plan. According to the email I was entitled to a free $25 credit. I jumped on the offer and signed up with Google. After the 3 day waiting period had passed I still hadn't received anything from GoDaddy. I ignored this and forgot about it for some time. I only remembered about it when I got a letter from the bank with my credit card statement. I didn't use this credit card for anything else, so I was surprised when I saw that I was late with a payment etc etc. When I contacted GoDaddy about this they were not helpful and simply said the plan I was on did not qualify, case closed. I said that if my plan didn't qualify, I should not have received the email, or at least the email should have stated that the offer was only available for certain accounts. They didn't budge from their original position... end of story.

The only good thing about my time with GoDaddy is that my website was almost always online. Other than that all I can say is that their customer service has left a horrible taste in my mouth that will never go away. I will never deal with GoDaddy again for hosting. Unfortunately I still have my domain registered with them. Lucky me!

Biggest Pro: Good website uptime
Biggest Con: Service. What service? The worst I have experienced with any company in all of my life.

Go Daddy

Go Daddy is a very reliable host; I am currently hosting five proxies, one forum and an articles website, all websites are still up and running smoothly.

Go Daddy's Economy plan only costs $6.99 USD per month and using a coupon, an extra $1 USD can be discounted.

Biggest Con: Renews automatically.

GoDaddy Quirkiness

I got into website ownership kinda late in the game, so my review will be a little biased since my knowledge of services has grown by leaps and bounds. After initially buying a hosting package with Godaddy in 2005, I was sent the most expensive plan that was full of things I had no idea were or even knew how to use. the salesperson clearly"saw me coming". I felt really betrayed with that experience. But now I'm having technical issues and things going on with server movement. Because of these actions I lost an entire database of information pertaining to a well established directory that was hosted elsewhere. I guess I got what I paid for.

Biggest Pro: Ability to pay monthly using Paypal
Biggest Con: Tech support and frequent shuffling of servers

Cheapest and the most Reliable

Well I will certainly go with this one. They are probably the cheapest one around and the uptime is almost 99% There are many coupons available so that you get the best deal. Bob Parsons review comes in real handy.

Overall there performance has been beyond any doubts and everything is very simple. There online support is real good and fast too.

Highly recommeded.

Godaddy Love the Little Extras With It

I've been using Godaddy for 9 months. It is my first paid host company. I have never experienced a down time. I find their customer support on the telephone to be second to none. Their email support is a little disappointing with wait time and often times the email rep will not specifically address your question. I find their site very difficult to navigate, but there have been recent improvements and updates to their site, so I guess that is a good thing, except for the fact that I was only just learning my way around the "OLD" set up :).

I find their pricing to be terrific. Also, if you don't mind having a Google ad banner across the top of your website, Godaddy will host your site for free when you use them to buy a domain name. I have six sites sitting on free host right now that are under construction.

There are discounts available every time you buy at Godaddy. If you are new to making websites you can get a site manager and ftp to help you with your project.

I love the catch all email address function and the 25 subdomains that come with your domain hosting at Godaddy. The possibilities are endless!

Godaddy also has an affiliate program so that you can refer others and make a little money that way. I have not tried this, but I have read about it and I believe you can do the referrals through Commision Junction, so you would need to sign up for CJ before becoming an affiliate for Godaddy.

I occasionally click on the Bob Parsons blog link at the Godaddy site for a quick read of useful and sometimes quite funny information.

Oh, and don't let me leave out the "Godaddy Girls"! They bring beauty to the company as well.

These are my honest opinions of Godaddy dot com and I do recommend them 100 percent.

Biggest Pro: The fantastic service on the telephone.
Biggest Con: The difficulties navagating their website if you're a beginner.


I was one of the sites back then to get hacked on dreamhost along with another 350,000 people, the, the ftp is horribly slow as well. I am no newbie as well I a sure you as I have T1 as when I switched to Go Daddy things where great, I seriously highly recommend this host, great quality, hope this helps! gold bless

Biggest Pro: Biggest pro fast FTP transfers, very fast
Biggest Con: sometimes they do a lot of maitence

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