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My Experience with Go Daddy Hosting

I have a site with Go Daddy and have not found any times yet when my site has not been online. The back admin area is fairly user friendly but it is not the best. I would prefer the more common cpanel. One feature of Go Daddy hosting that i do like is metropolis which enables you to have some software installed automatically. From what i have found Go Daddy is probably more targeted at being user friendly to people that are new to web hosting.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: No cpanel

My Site Runs Smoothly

Well It was January 2007 and I and my friend decided to have a website after having several sub-domain sites and free hosts. Before that time we had been online for around four months each doing something to earn money . By the January End we were having $30 that was enough to buy the domain and hosting for 2 months . We did the same and on February 6 we launched our site and at that time we did not have enough money to get host it for whole year .But we managed .

We bought the domain and hosting at and the billing was so smooth and easy that we did not even get to know when were we billed and that was so impressive .

Regarding the account : Any changes whatsoever in the domains are immediately emailed to the email account we used for registration.

Before our hosting we used free email account that looked unprofessional as well and now We have our professional account.

The server has not had any downtime , its up since the time we have purchased our hosting plan . MySQl is good but I think that they should have used a fast server for the MySQL .. opening it through web interface takes time.

Last The Account Control Panel takes time as well which I think is not advisable for small bandwidth connections .

Biggest Pro: Server Uptime 100%
Biggest Con: Account control Panel take time to load

For my hosting needs I GoDaddy!

Well my first impressions of GoDaddy's hosting was that they were going to have great uptime, great customer service, and a big price. I found that their uptime was beyond amazing, I usually have a 100% uptime for the week nowadays. My webpage also loads incredibly fast. Their support team always answers your questions politely and honestly. The pricing isn't horrid but it could be way better. That is the only thing keeping me from loving GoDaddy Hosting.

Biggest Pro: Uptime
Biggest Con: $the price$

Very Satisfied With Godaddy

I am very pleased with the service from Go daddy. Very quickly after purchasing the domain and space I had everything setup and running. I have not experienced any downtime since I have had the service. Everything loads fast on the site and I feel like I am getting a generous amount of bandwidth for the price. Not only this, but the best thing that happened to me was about a week after having the service they called me up just to ask if I had any question about anything or needed helping with anything! I was a little thrown off by that, but it felt like they were going that extra mile on the service side of things. I really appreciate that in a company. I would definitely recommend the services.

Biggest Pro: Service and value

First class customer services

I bought a hosting plan after having Go Daddy recommended to me. My other sites are hosted by other hosting companies and I was happy with them but thought I would see what the competitors offered.

Although I found the optional extras a bit too pushy when I ordered my domain and hosting package I have to say that overall the service is A1.

What makes the service one which I will change my others to as the hosting runs out is the customer service offered. I had a few problems initially and sent emails asking for assistance. I received the information I needed within hours which I thought was brilliant as I have waited days with other hosting providers for assistance.

I would definately recommend this company especially as they also are keen to offer discounts pre sale for those who do a lot of business with domains etc!

Biggest Pro: Hassle free, everything in one place
Biggest Con: push optional extras a little too much

Running my site for 1-2 years already and not one complaint...

Godaddy is considered one of the top hosting companies in the world. With their awesome plans and cheap prices you can't go wrong. I have been a customer with godaddy since I started making my own websites and I have never had anything bad to say about them except that they are too perfect!! When I was having trouble with the installation of my script, I called godaddy and told them about my query. They immediately guided me on how to install a script for their server. Not only that! They even gave me a free email address for using their hosting plan. I don't know any hosters that do this kind of service at such a low rate. Though their servers may go down once in a while due to problems, it is always back up for less than an hour or so. They are reliable and you can't go wrong if you choose this hoster.

Go Daddy has it's Pluses and Minuses

I have 2 domains hosted with GoDaddy and 8 registered with them and overall I must say I'm pleased with their service. I have had virtually no problems with server downtime, and the speed is just fine for my needs. I have used both their phone and email customer service, and they have handled all my requests. I like that I can always reach a rep on the phone if I need to. This was particularly helpful when I was building my first site - it was great to have someone on the phone walk me through this new world of websites. One thing I can't stand about GoDaddy is the Website Tonight feature - it is cumbersome, difficult to use and expensive too - if you don't know how to build your own site or have template to load or something. The only other thing I've had problems with is when I've gone to transfer my domain to another hosting service - it took a long time and they make it difficult, so I finally gave up and am just using their hosting if I register the domain at GoDaddy. Overall though, this is a reliable hosting service as well as good value.

Biggest Pro: Cheap prices and easy to reach customer service
Biggest Con: The website builder tool (Website Tonight) is terrible

GoDaddy Shared Hosting

GoDaddy Shared Hosting is one of the cheapest, best performance hosting I've used. I've tried Asmallorange.. they're fine but I just don't have the money for it.

GoDaddy is very well equipped with handling any questions you may have in a short amount of time.

I would recommend them to anyone who needs a cheap webhost with great benefits.

GoDaddy has good servers - value for money is great.

I have couple of websites i run with GoDaddy servers, the overall experience with them is great, the fact that i can buy a Deluxe package and host all my websites on a one hosting account, contributes it very much.

1. You have cheap domains each time you buy a product, the domains are for as low as $2.20, if you buy a hosting for a year you can purchase 5 domains, each for $2.20

2. You have plenty of coupons to use and discount the price that you pay.

3. You can buy Deluxe plan which will host all your websites on a one hosting account, it has lot's of space and bandwidth as well to keep them running.

4. The over all prices are great and cheap, not too many difference between other companies on products else then Domains and Hosting.

5. They accept PayPal.

1. Their customer support on emails can't understand most of the time what you asking them for. I didn't tried phone support yet.

2. Servers are located in the USA so your connection to them can be some times slow becasue of the distance.

My hosting came up almost cheap with all those discounts.


Satisfied with the hosting plan

My website is hosted at GoDaddy for a few months now and I am very happy with them.

-The server is fast
-Fast connection
-Control panel works great
-Great value for money

I am not satisfied with:
-The support desk is quite slow in answering your questions
-The database management software (phpmyadmin) is very slow

Biggest Pro: Server speed

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