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fast and cheap but quality sucks

Sure it's cheap, sure the uptime is good. But it's the little things, many of the little things are not bundled with

I would recommend for basic websites but if you want to take your site to the next level GoDaddy is lacking to many essential features to run a powerful PHP web site.

Biggest Pro: Easy to use
Biggest Con: Lack of MOD-rewrite functionality

Godaddy experience

I have been hosted with godaddy for a few months now and I got to say overall it has been very good. My site has not been very demanding yet, so I can't say much about heavy traffic tolerance, but the uptime has been very good, 99 % i would say. I have had some questions to be handled with the support and I have to say that the best thing about godaddy is their support. On different times the support staff has been very polite and fast. On the negative side I would mention the complexity of registration and the hosting panel. On registration you have to scroll trough numerous ads, which might be quite annoying, but luckily you have to do it only once. The hosting panel is strange for me, because I have spent most of the time using cpanel. Still considering the ups and downs, the product you get for the money is excellent so I really recommend Godaddy.

Biggest Pro: support
Biggest Con: registration

Review for Go Daddy Hosting

I've heard bad reviews about GoDaddy, I've been with them for more than 6 months without any problems. I just use their basic services so that could be the reason that I don't get bad service.

I haven't had a problem with downtime, like I have had with other webhosting companies.

With their control panel, everything is simple to navigate and organize, all your domains, hosting plans, databases, etc... I've never setup a MySQL database, but with their control panel it was very simple. It's very simple to install applications such as WordPress in just a couple minutes.

Good customer service, and good prices. I had no idea you could purchase 1 hosting plan and host about 600 domains (or some high number) on that one particular hosting plan. In the beginning when I first started I would purchase a domain and a web hosting plan, for every website I wanted to start. Then one day I was on the phone with them for a cust support issue. They suggested to me, that I can pay a couple extra dollars per month on my hosting plan to get a deluxe plan, and then I can host about 600 domains with that hosting plan. So, I don't have to purchase web hosting for every domain. They cancelled all the other services, and even gave me a refund! Then signed me up with the plan that would save me money in the long run.

I'm not trying to sell their service, that's why I didn't list prices, what I'm trying to say is they didn't have to tell me that, they could just make more money without me me knowing that information, and I'm sure all web hosting companies work like that, so in the future I could go somewhere else and do the same thing, but it was information that was provided to me to help me save some money. Instead of the company trying to make more money from an uninformed customer. I think that qualifies as good customer service.

GoDaddy is overpriced, but there is a reason I'm keeping them

Pros --

- They never go down. Stable as a rock.

- They have 24/7 phone technical support. (Which is the real reason I won't switch away from them. I like to tinker with websites, but I'm not a hosting/server expert, so I often find myself calling at 3am.)

-- Tech support people are helpful. They know their stuff and can answer questions quickly and efficiently.

-- There's never a long wait time on the phone. And it's not hard to get a real person.

Cons --

-- The website is very annoying. It's hard to tell an ad from a feature. You can't even manage your own domains without having to flip through 5 ads for "upgrading your service". It's impossible to find what you're looking for on their site.

-- Very expensive. I could easily find stable hosting for far less.

-- Tech support calls are long distance calls.

-- You only get one email per domain name with their deluxe hosting plan. I don't think it would kill them to give me 5-- especially for the money I pay.

Overall: I'm sticking with them because I am a night owl who frequently registers domain names and wants them up and running quickly. Their tech support is alwaysthere, which is comforting to me.

I've been with other companies who either a) put me on hold forever or b) like to respond to tech support via email only. Godaddy has real people on real phones.

I don't like the price... or their website's insanely impossible navigation... but I'm sticking with them for now.

Biggest Pro: 24/7 telelphone tech support
Biggest Con: annoying website & high price

Great host

Well, first of all, I want to begin with how great it is, and then have a few complaints.

The hosting is cheap, and, in my opinion, very reliable. You have much disk space and traffic for a low amount of money (note that for the longer you buy it in one time, the less you pay). That's why I think it's great.

Now, a few of my complaints. I just LOVE cPanel, and it works soo easy. GoDaddy hasn't got cPanel, but have their own piece of software. No fantistico like thing, or whatever, you all have to upload it by yourself, because the file viewer doesn't unzip zip archives (as far as I know). And loading the control panel, or the PHPMyAdmin script seems to take ages. This isn't me, as I have a rapid internet connection.

Their support is great, I got the right answers within a reasonable time (within 24 hours).

Biggest Pro: Cheap, but reliable
Biggest Con: No cPanel

Problems coming, problems going

We have had several websites with Godaddy and we are gradually removing them all. Their "tech" support seems to consist of outsourced labor from the sub-continent that have no real connection with the caller.

If you're lucky enough to get someone fluent in English you find their knowledge is based off a set of canned replies

Oh and *woe* to anyone who wants to suggest that they could make life easier with domain name transfers, you will be subjected to a ridiculously low level of support and that is if you can get a reply.

They are fine if nothing goes wrong, but don't expect any service if (when?) something does go wrong.

Very happy to be moving the last of my sites away by the end of the year

Godaddy-not quite like the big daddy in hosting but quite good.

i myself have about ten domains hosted at godaddy.Its quite good but u will b quite disturbed from the small issues if u r a newbie like i was few months back.A few of my emails containing queries went unanswered and did not even reach the customer support that was why i was disturbed and had to wait for more.But the other side to there hosting is that it is very easy and simple to build a website using the templates and other facilities they are providing,Also they have another disadvantage that if u dont know there promo codes while buying from them u would probably pay more than others and this hurts financially u know.specially when u come to know that u could have got the same domain for 2$ less.But all these disadvantages could not weigh over the advantages that they r giving like templates,quick customer supports etc.all in all i would give it ++++ ot of five. go for it.

Biggest Pro: easy process for building websites

Great price for what I was looking for

I am really happy with this domain hosting service. I found that the price was very competitive compared to other and their website is extremely easy to use. I am surprised to see little blurbs that help me figure out what the heck I'm doing. This hosting service is great for a "noob" like me. The only problem is that it takes a while to load even though it's parked. I had a technical issue when I signed up with another hosting service and I called godaddy and they were extremely helpful. (I accidently signed up for two hosting services at the same time) godaddy charged me only 9.99 for a year for my domain whereas the other site wanted over $100. Same service, same domain... just a lower price and good customer service. I recommend godaddy for peoploe who are starting out because it's a really good price and when you're still experimenting with the idea of a website for profit, a low price makes the decision easier. I'm not sure what the website does for the more experienced because of course that's not me, but for those who don't really know much about web hosting this is definitely my top pick. The other hosting site I almost chose was so expensive and their customer service was non-existent. The people over at customer service were very knowledgeable and helpful, they were able to address my problem quickly and I didn't have to transfer to fifty different departments to get an answer. The wait time on the phone was very short and once connected I probably only spent a minute on the line before they were able to find a solution. They also didn't try to "sell" me another promotional item before getting off the line which when they do that it tends to make me feel negatively toward a company. The call was free and they made me feel as if if I ever had another problem I would be more than welcome to make another call. The woman on the line also did not give me the feeling as if she were expediting the call which made me feel as if she really cared about the issue at hand. They were clear speakers and were native to the English language which makes me more apt to use a company since it's less likely they are outsourcing. My site always loads and I've experienced very little down time. Overall I am very happy with this web hosting service and am highly likely to continue being a customer of theirs.

Biggest Pro: Tech support, price, usuability
Biggest Con: connection speed

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Godaddy is awesome

We just bought the domain a few weeks ago but it is parked and is ours. We are very happy with godaddy and it will be only a few more days until we have our site up and running. Godaddy helped us with all of our needs over the phone and the price was very reasonable compared to other hosts. I highly suggest Go Daddy

By Melanie on July 22nd, 2007 at 00:37 EST
URL: Customer for Less than 1 month
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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My Experience with Go Daddy Hosting

I have a site with Go Daddy and have not found any times yet when my site has not been online. The back admin area is fairly user friendly but it is not the best. I would prefer the more common cpanel. One feature of Go Daddy hosting that i do like is metropolis which enables you to have some software installed automatically. From what i have found Go Daddy is probably more targeted at being user friendly to people that are new to web hosting.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: No cpanel

My Site Runs Smoothly

Well It was January 2007 and I and my friend decided to have a website after having several sub-domain sites and free hosts. Before that time we had been online for around four months each doing something to earn money . By the January End we were having $30 that was enough to buy the domain and hosting for 2 months . We did the same and on February 6 we launched our site and at that time we did not have enough money to get host it for whole year .But we managed .

We bought the domain and hosting at and the billing was so smooth and easy that we did not even get to know when were we billed and that was so impressive .

Regarding the account : Any changes whatsoever in the domains are immediately emailed to the email account we used for registration.

Before our hosting we used free email account that looked unprofessional as well and now We have our professional account.

The server has not had any downtime , its up since the time we have purchased our hosting plan . MySQl is good but I think that they should have used a fast server for the MySQL .. opening it through web interface takes time.

Last The Account Control Panel takes time as well which I think is not advisable for small bandwidth connections .

Biggest Pro: Server Uptime 100%
Biggest Con: Account control Panel take time to load

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