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GoDaddy Shared Hosting

GoDaddy, one of the largest domain registration company, also offers hosting in three packages, with the price depending on how long you apply for. My initial though was, "Wow, that is pretty cheap. Why not get one?" So I got the package and registered a domain with Godaddy. The registration and setup was completely easy. But then I tried to set up my website. I was using Wordpress 2.5, the latest and most updated version that came out. I tried to install it and there were problems. I couldn't renew my password, nor could I switch between the Design and HTML mode in Wordpress's WYSIWYG. I never had a problem with wordpress before, yet it didn't work with Godaddy. (I even tried to install Wordpress through their automatic software installation. It took about 4 hours for something I've done before in 5 minutes, but it didn't solve the problem.)

When I first registered, Godaddy even phoned me if I needed help setting up my account. (I would've never expected this.) At that time I didn't try to install Wordpress yet. After my problems, I emailed Godaddy at their customer support, and recieved an email stating that GoDaddy couldn't help on third party software. After this, just switched back to my old host.

Overall, the price is outstanding, but they have complications in their support.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: support

GoDaddy is a great start

GoDaddy is the big one when it comes to web hosts, and like many I was drawn in by their low prices. I've hosted many sites with GoDaddy over the years.

GoDaddy's customer support, for me, has been excellent. I've heard some horror stories about them, but as with most hosts they seem to be isolated events, and mostly in the distant past. Wait times are a pain for any type of customer support, but I usually find GoDaddy's answers (and actions) to be quick and helpful.

Uptime has been pretty much consistent for me over the years. I have, however, opened my browser a few times and found some of my sites lagging or missing while most of the Internet seems just peachy. These incidents have been few and far between, though, and were always remedied within minutes. In general, I'd say their hosting service itself is quite good.

That's quite good, not great. GoDaddy is probably in a pretty high percentile for hosting quality, but that's largely because there are so many garbage hosts out there. These guys provide reliable hosting and decent quality, but there are better hosts out there as well.

If you're a more experienced user, you can get more for your money at a place like Hostgator, and I'm weighing the benefits of moving my hosting over there for at least some of my sites. I'm starting to notice some performance issues with my sites as well. FTP connections with my servers seem to be encountering more and more errors these days, and there are times when my sites seem to run a little to slowly. This is largely because of the sheer volume of sites that GoDaddy has running off of a single web server -- and while most hosts will do this when you're not buying dedicated hosting, some are more reliable.

I do wish the buying experience were a little friendlier. When buying or renewing any product, you need to plow through way too many special offers to bundle in. If you're inexperienced, you may worry about needing some of these extras. Chances are pretty good that you do not. I've never seen a site that tries to upsell you in the colossal way that GoDaddy does, and that probably remains one of my biggest complaints. In a Web 2.0 world where sites are getting prettier and more usable, GoDaddy seems to maintain one of the most cluttered and tedious shopping experiences out there.

So to sum it up -- GoDaddy is a great low-price option with no major show-stopping flaws. If you're a beginner or running one or two sites, GoDaddy might be your best option. But if you're running a larger site, or multiple sites, and you know your way around a web server, you might be better off someplace else.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Performance lags at times.

GoDaddy Hosting

Pros: Cheap, reliable hosting. Customer service is knowledgable and professional. Variety of payment methods accepted.

Cons: The control panel. Everything is too spread out, have to spend time finding out how to change simple settings.

GoDaddy hs been in the biz for awhile now. They know what they're doing. The pricing for their services are fair. Granted, there are cheaper solutions out there, but server reliability and customer service just wouldn't be up on par with GoDaddy. Believe me, I've tried a variety of different web hosts. GoDaddy may not be the BEST, but it's definitely up there with the better lots. Overall, I'd say GoDaddy is a recommended host.

So far everything good with GoDaddy

I have had GoDaddy for over a 1year and a half now. Haven't had any huge problems, except for one time they messed up on my billing, but I go that fixed once I talked to a Floor Supervisor/Manager. I own a music site, so I need space, and speed, and bandwidth. Guess what ? I get it all with GoDaddy. The download speeds are great, I have 100GB of space, and I have more then enough bandwith. There is rarely anytime where my site is done, so they are very reliable. Only beef as I mentioned before, there technical support is the best or the most knowledgeable other then that, I recommend them to anyone.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Customer Service

Worth the money

As my first host, godaddy has pleasantly surprised me. 100% uptime, customer service which was quite quick to respond with personal support to my problems. Well thought out control panel for my account and the billing was done quite well. My email has been kept clean from any offers for more advanced hosting programs.

Two things I didn't quite like though. First was that you can not parse php on html pages. Second was that when your buying services from godaddy, make sure you are looking to see which check boxes are chosen. Almost everyone is checked when going through the buy section so when you look at your confirmation before you buy something, you may have a lot of extra features you never wanted before.

All in all, a great and reliable host for a first time webmaster.

Biggest Pro: Cheap prices
Biggest Con: No parsing of php on html pages.

super Cheap,worth it

I like this company! its cheap and super fast!
I have been using Godaddy hosting and domain services for almost 2 years now,I started with the small plan,then later upgraded to dedicated hosting,and i think that their services are amazing,they have very inexpensive packages for domain registration and hosting,and the plans include online set-up , instant account activation and free adwords vouchers,its a lot advantages for a cheap value. But there is some problems: The customer service is terrible,they dont have online chat or instant messaging support, and they answer your emails after days,at their site says \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Expected Response Time: 2 hours\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' but i never got a response in less than 15 hours,at least they have the phone support,but is no 1800 number for costumer service, so phone calls can get expensive as most time you are on hold for 20-30 minutes or more. The control panel interface is extremelly hard ( and ugly too) to newbie users,the Cpanel have a lot of functions in the Account Management tool,but are a lot of details and it makes the control panel complicated and harder.And another problem is that you cant upload large files, and any email account can have more than 10MB size,and i had some problems with billing details.
overall,GoDaddy is a good company,but i dont recommend to newbie users,i recommend only to experienced users,their service is good,but not perfect,so, Using Godaddy you will pay less but you will have less quality and support.

Biggest Pro: the prices
Biggest Con: the support

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Cheap and fast!

I have been using godaddy hosting services for almost 2 years. The service is really good,the plans are cheap,they had fast connection speed,the only problem its the Technical support,they don't respond quickly,unfortunately Go Daddy does not offer live chat for instant help online,and i dont like they user panel, the Account Management tool are similar to other control panels,but its complicated with a lot of details,overall,they are really good,and they accept paypal,so its easier to international users.
I recommend!

By Ingrid Kuhn on October 4th, 2007 at 11:00 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 3 - 5 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Godaddy shared hosting

I am hosting my website with from last 1.5 months. In this thime i have purchased some other products of godaddy as well. But i particularly like their hosting because of their hosting metropolitan section. As i am not a very experienced programmer so it really helps in installing custom made scripts with just a click.

Till now i have not faced any uptime problems.

The one issue which really bothers me is that they have made their site very complicated. You will have to read their help section a lot if you are new with them.

While making a purchase pay extra attention as they sometimes add extra products to their cart.

GoDaddy makes things easy

I have been hosting my website with GoDaddy for 7 months now and I am very satisfied with the service that they are providing. Once, I had some problems with my account and it got closed. I contacted the GoDaddy team and they looked into the problem. The refunded the entire amount that I paid and let me create a new shared hosting account. I was delighted. Their customer service is very good. No matter at what time you call, you can find that their representatives are online and ready to talk to you. Its really wonderful. But, their technical support isnt that good. I have to say that I have had some technical issues that took really long to be solved. Maybe this is where they lack. But you cannot hope to get as many features provided for such a low cost.

Biggest Pro: Customer Support
Biggest Con: Technical Support

I tried many web hosts but they are simply the best

I tried many web hosts but they are simply the best.They never bothered me for this and that.My servives was perfectly up .Unlimited emails.Prompt reply whenever i have asked them for help.I never have a bandwidth and disk space issue with them .I never had a server load issue with them which normally all ISP used to do they force sites on shared hosting plans to shift to dedicated one.They are allready best in selling domains and due to there sincere effort they have kept themselve very fast in providing all the services.Although i donot like the control panel of shared hosting .But overall my expierence is very good with them.

Biggest Pro: Honest
Biggest Con: cpanel

GoDaddy Hosting - Not As Good As I Thought

I have been using GoDaddy as my hosting service to host my website that is hosted right now on different hosting company. I personally wasn't happy with GoDaddy shared hosting, because my website was loading really slow and the uptime of the site wasn't so excellent as the technical support said. The price is not that bad for the hosting plans, but I would not suggest you to use their hosting because your site will load really slow and you the site won't be even to uptime of 95%.

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