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Godaddy - Best hosting provider for new website owners

Prices aside, everything about my experience with GoDaddy was perfect. They help with everything from buying the hosting to transferring your website from a separate service. Professional support is available and responsive 24/7. They even assist in website design with WordPress.

The interface is intuitive and simple enough for any beginner to pick up and start hosting. I also consider GoDaddy to be the most secure hosting provider as they’ve proven capable of keeping spam and malware attacks away from my website.

Another thing I like is their timely reminders of service renewals and discount offers. The daily reminders were a bit much, but it did keep me from accidentally having my website hosting suspended.

I found GoDaddy’s packages a little costly. I found other web hosting companies that provide the same service for less. I suppose with big brand name recognition, they’ve increased their prices over the last few years. With a little more research, you can easily find comparable good local hosting with good uptime and support without the extraneous features.

Biggest Pro: Support
Biggest Con: Price

Best Customer Experience

I am a professional web developer and interact with many hosting providers to manage client's websites. For my personal and professional purposes, I have been using Godaddy for more than 6 years. What I like about the service most is the user-friendly interface to manage services. Interactive menus are easy to navigate through different options to oversee all the services. Whether it's pointing the external domain to your hosting or host multiple domains on a single plan, it is easy to set these up. I am also very pleased with the uptime of the servers. I have hardly ever experienced the server downtime unless it's a major upgrade or any technical security issue. The only thing I could think of in terms of improvement is the technical chat support. Sometimes it is really difficult to connect with the technical support team through the chat support because either agent is not available or the chat support does not load at all for some reason. This leaves the customers with the only option to call the support helpline even for the smallest queries. In my opinion, overall the hosting service is very good and a fair value for the money. I am very happy with the service and definitely not changing any time soon.

Biggest Pro: Value for money
Biggest Con: Chat support

Best Hosting To Grow Online Presence

I have been using GoDaddy for the last two years and I’ve been very impressed and satisfied with their service and support. Their customer support is second to none and I can confidently say their services are worth every single penny.

GoDaddy’s SEO-friendly hosting services have immensely helped me enhance my online presence. Their security for hosting is great as well. Even though I run multiple websites, domains, applications, and even an email marketing application, I’ve rarely run into any issues. The few issues I’ve had were immediately solved by their stellar customer service.

Overall, I highly recommend GoDaddy and can say with extreme confidence that this is the hosting service for me!

Biggest Pro: Price

I shifted to Godaddy after a bad experience.

I shifted to GoDaddy after running into several bad hosting experiences in the form of server uptime and RAM usage with 2 other brands.

I previously used Siliconhouse India and bought a reseller account that was far cheaper than other popular brands. That, and Indian customer support, had initially swayed me. I planned on providing hosting to several individuals and other resellers, but their server uptime was below par. They also suspended my account without any warning just because I had slightly ran over my monthly RAM usage. After suspending my account, all my client sites got suspended without any available backups. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

I soon thereafter made the switch to GoDaddy and am extremely happy with my decision. It’s more expensive than Siliconhouse, but the peace of mind is priceless. I host multiple domains and am constantly notified of the renewable fees, resource usage, etc. I’m very happy with my GoDaddy experience and highly recommend them for anyone looking for a competent multiple domain hosting service.

Biggest Pro: Far better services

Best Web Hosting Ever

I have been using GoDaddy as a host for the past 2 years and have never been disappointed. I’m currently hosting a website and it is one of the best hosts I’ve ever used. The website runs fast and uptime is impressive. On the rare occasions I face downtime, recovery time is extremely quick, and the support team is helpful and pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend GoDaddy for people who need a reliable hosting service and want to live without the fear of prolonged downtime. In the past two years, I’ve had about 3 or 4 minutes of downtime that was fixed in the time it took for me to open a support request.

I would gladly pay more for service of this quality. Issues are so rare, and the fact that any problems are resolved within minutes is just the icing on the cake. I give GoDaddy a 9/10 on their services and support.

Recommended for Hosting!

Go Daddy is well known in the hosting space, and it is probably one of the cheaper providers around. I have been enjoying Go Daddy’s economy plan for one year. It offers me shared Linux hosting with 100 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth with 99% uptime. Wordpress and many others apps can be installed very easily and they have a simple-to-use control panel. That’s enough for my needs. I was using a different hosting provider before and had issues with uptime.

I am quite satisfied with their services. I read rumors about Go Daddy’s uptime and speed, but in my personal experience, I have not had any downtime at all. Maybe I am just lucky.

One of my favorite things about Go Daddy is that it has the best support system. They provide various means to get support like email, chat and telephone. I have contacted support many times to resolve my issues and they helped me every time. When I was transferring my domain, I was having issues and they walked me through each step of the process to connect it to my hosting.

On one occasion, I was charged when I applied to purchase an expired domain, but the owner wasn’t releasing it. Even though Go Daddy charged me, they refunded the amount after I chatted with their support team. That was a really good experience with their support.

I like everything about Go Daddy, but the price is a little higher now. I still recommend them for web hosting and domains.

Godaddy - Economic solution for web hosting

When it comes to economy solutions for web hosting, Godaddy is the King of hosting and domains. Godaddy offers one of the largest selections of domain, hosting, and email services.

I have had domains with Godaddy for years, and for the past two years I have had hosting with Godaddy as well. My account provides me with a semi-dedicated server from Godaddy.

While the speed of the websites I have hosted on the Godaddy service are not as lightning fast as the cloud-service hosting providers, the Godaddy support team is always trying to be as helpful as possible. I have spoken to them on a few different occasions to help with technical support, and they have always been happy to help over live chat and over the phone.

My biggest concern has been the speed of the Godaddy hosted websites that are delivered seems to be much slower compared to the hosting services offered by premium cloud-based hosts like Kinsta, WP Engine, and Pantheon. However, you cannot compare with the high level of customer service and the incredibly low prices that Godaddy offers their services at.

Godaddy provides a great selection of service at economy prices. I am a fan of Godaddy for my low-traffic websites and smaller personal projects.

Biggest Pro: Incredibly cheap web hosting
Biggest Con: Slow speeds for websites

GoDaddy Review

I have been hosting my web service on for over 3 months, and I can't tell something better about it.
As a web developer, I wanted to host a ton of websites with my subdomains which would be used for a staging environment of my clients' live websites and GoDaddy made me easy doing that!
Here are some reasons why I'd love to strongly recommend it.
1. For my web designing and development experience, I can tell that GoDaddy has a perfect UI/UX so that the customers can easily purchase a favorite domain, and easily combine that domain with a hosting server.
2. GoDaddy has a good customizable DNS zones.
3. It also has fairly reasonable and well-detailed pricing plan offers.
4. Particularly, GoDaddy always supports customers' problems immediately and ask any questions kindly and patiently.
5. It is well combined with Cpanel and All-In-One Control available within one GoDaddy account for all hostings, websites, domains, so on.
6. Furthermore, GoDaddy hosting offers a ton of web application templates for non-technical customers.
7. A combination with Office 365 email is a plus I think.

In one word, GoDaddy is a best hosting server I have used ever.
I'd love to highly recommend GoDaddy as your new hosting provider!
Even if you are either a non-technical person or super programmer, if you are looking for a hosting provider, GoDaddy is your Guy!
Thanks so much, GoDaddy!

Biggest Pro: Perfect Live Chat Service
Biggest Con: SSL Certification is too expensive

Godaddy domain hosting review.

I bought my second domain to explore the domain hosting market. After my current hosting provider I decided to go for GoDaddy. I registered the domain and it was a disaster to me. I registered the domain but there was a problem after I needed to change domain nameservers to host my website. The website was not so easy to use and GUI was not easy to make work.

When I tried to log in after some time, a hilarious thing happened. The login was difficult. One has to have a userid which is a string of digits and it was difficult to remember. I forgot the password and wanted to recover my account. It took me at least an hour to recover my bad account.

There is one more thing they had a market place to auction domain names which I never got to understand there were domains and people placed bids on it. I thought it maybe it is an opportunity to earn some cash but it never went through although I thought my domain was a catchy one, nothing came through. The had another feature to park domains which enables domain owners to earn money by transferring publishing rights over to GoDaddy. Godaddy then publishes ads on the domain when earned any revenue and the owner gets the share. I hope this sums up everything in this review and may it will be helpful to other users too. Cheers.

Not the best, but I am happy with it and it is reliable

Although I have posted a review about here but I in light of new experience I though why not leave another review discussing few more pros and cons of the service.

Recently I needed functional email with my purchased domain and I looked into the control panel and opened email account. Unfortunately I hadn't created email account when I purchased the domain and hosting. Now it's been two years and I can't create and email because that feature is only available in first year of purchase, later we have to pay to avail the service. this not a good.

I googled and found several hosting sites which offer free email till we own the domain. Now is looks better. And also if we compare the prices we could find many other companies with less cost and more features. On the top of my list is but I guess these extra buck we pay to ensure the the reliability.

By the way it is very convenient to adjust and control language and versioning and GUI is certainly much better than average hosting company. But site builder is fairly simpler and there are not many themes to chose from. For a web developer or programmer it is a decent option but for beginner or inexperienced person it could be daunting to use the service

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Not the best, but I am happy with it and it is reliable

Being web developer I have significant history of experience with multiple hosting companies, My first ever package was pretty basic plan and from that day it became my choice and my recommendation for clients. In the beginning it felt offered more than I need but then with the passage of time I experienced several shortcomings in the service, briefly described below.

The first ever issue encountered was the unavailability of service in my country (probably my continent).But the website was functional in US and UK as confirmed by my clients in those regions. Then I contacted the online support but that was not very helpful, it isn't that support didn't responded, but the representative told that site is accessible to him he can't do anything about it. that was really frustrating but then eventually problem resolved.

The most problematic thing I faced with is their slow (dead slow) SMTP service, to cope with this issue I use third party SMTP service. If my client's project is critical in mailing service than I suggest him to purchase elite package in case of shared hosting or getting third party mailing service.

Although offers several perks with different packages but I have used many hosting services which offer much more. for example offers free ssl, which is big plus for me and I have not experienced any downtime so far.

Beside slow smtp hosting service is also quite slow if not using cache. Many times I decided to move to some other service. But overall for simple sites or expensive packages it enough.

But I still use because it is overall good experience. except few times it's support is good as compared to other especially on phone call.

By Muhammad Zubair on September 3rd, 2019 at 11:03 EST
URL: Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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