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Becarefull with Gnxonline

I already hosted at gnxonline since 2003. At first theres no problem. They respond to your ticketing support within 24 hours. But a few years ago, i suddenly can not access my control panel. When i asked the tech support, they give me my new password. They change my password without me knowint it. And after that , all the service went so bad. The worst one is now. on 5th July, I already renew my hosting & domain, since they dont allow me to transfer my domain to another hosting. The payment was success, as i asked my credit card provider (hsbc). You know what ? until now my website is down, my account is at the state of expired. I posted complain & tech support + emails. No one answering. I think this company should be charged of internet scam.

GNX are terrible

I have been using the GNX 'power' hosting, and I bought my domain name from them. They have provided an incredibly bad service. To begin with I didn't have many problems, and the support usually responded to my tickets within a couple of days. But in the last year, my website has gone down inexplicably for weeks, and no-one gets back to my tickets. When I email them I usually have to wait for several days for a response, and usually the answer is very unhelpful.

Most recently the site was down for three weeks, again with no response. I am a freelancer, and I need the site to get new work, so I requested the EPP code in order to transfer to another service. No response. Eventually they asked if I'd paid the 'domain transfer fee' and had a receipt for it. My wife transfered a few months ago and hadn't needed to pay any fee. So I've asked them about it. No response. I've tried contacting the domain registrar directly, but GNX own the domain and only they can give me the code. I have a feeling it will take several weeks to transfer to another service, and all this time my site is down. - Holding domains hostage, an evil company

After unwisely signing up with GNX in 2004, they hosted my website for two years until I finally switched over to, who have only done excellent things for me. I highly recommend them. However, GNX would not release my domain name to transfer to another host, and have consistently cause site outages by not renewing the domain on time (I was paid several years in advance).

So I have recently had to rescue my domain name from GNXonline, who had become completely unresponsive in the last year or so to any of my requests, especially to have a domain transfer. I ended up calling, the company they register their domains through, and was given an excellent website that helped me to rescue my domain.

The website is:

After filling out the form I was contacted within 30 minutes by a very polite service representative who said that, even though I was not the registrant of the domain (surprise surprise, it was in gnxonline's name) that they knew of the problems that customers were having with the company and would do their best to work with to fix it. Within less than 8 hours my domain was happily sitting in my very own domain account, free from all traces of GNX.

Hope this can help some other people who are trapped in a similar situation.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Con artists who provide no customer service, will take your money without providing the promised services

My account is terminated for stupid reason

I started a forum for fish discussion. I have 300-500 unique visitors / day and That Lousy hosting company which I think is a reseller, Terminated my account.

Reason for termination : My websites has too much trafficts and took too much server resources and that was against their hosting terms. Stupid is it not ?

300-500 visits / day is considered too much. How the hell are you considered yourself a hosting company.


Biggest Con: You will lose your domain + Database. They terminated without consent

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