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Recommended for user friendliness!

I am very happy with Glowhost web hosting service. Support is really good. I spent nearly a week looking around for webhosts, and even though it doesn't rank on many webhost top 10 lists, I finally settled with Glowhost provider. It's a hidden gem. I will definitely point all my friends towards them for hosting. After setting up an account with them, I couldn't be happier, and I know that I made the right decision.

Good support, good service

I have been very satisfied with Glowhost web hosting thus far. The service is highly trustworthy and reliable. All packages are totally affordable and designed according to our needs. One standout feature of glowhost website hosting service is their 24/7 support, which I’ve found very useful for helping to resolve and answer technical questions and issues that arise from time to time.

100% professional host

Excellent service, quality, and speed! No complaints, just another happy customer :) I must say that since we have been a part of Glowhost, we are very happy. The service provided to us is great! Fast service for support and any and all of our questions have been answered. If we have a question that can't be answered it is sent on to someone who can and we have never been left wondering.

Perfect Uptime, Fast Speed, Cool features

My experience with glowhost’s customer support has always been top notch. If it’s a low priority issue, I’ll send an e-mail and they usually respond within a few hours. If it’s a higher priority issue then I open a live chat, which always connects me to a qualified tech within a couple minutes. One way or another, my issues (which have been very few) have been resolved promptly.
I've had my website with them for a number of years. It's solid as far as being up and running at all times.

Best costomer support ever!

I have been with godaddy, dreamhost, ixwebhosting, ipowerweb, ... and I am still with some of them but glowhost has the best costumer service ever. They even fixed my php code. Very fast responses ( %90 of the times it doenst take more than 25min to get response from them) , ( godaddy would take me hours to a day)
very professional.
There were moments that my website went down due to problems with their servers, once even for 8 hours which cost me some angry clients, but over the course of 9 years of presence on internet and putting up websites, glowhost have been the best choices among shared hosting choices. I havent tested their dedicated ones though. believe me costumer service makes a big difference

Biggest Pro: excelent costomer service
Biggest Con: Down time sometimes, yet better than dreamhost and ipowerweb and godaddy

Don't use GLOWHOST

Glowhost behaves in a very unprofessional manner. They did not send invoices after promising them, and then when a payment was late because of an unreceived invoice, called us "lazy". I have never been treated this way by any business.
The responses are always from the same three people, so I suspect it is a very small operation. They do not know how to treat clients. There prices are not particarly competitive so there is no reason to use them.

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