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The good and the bads of Globat

Globat was the first paid web host that I've used. Since I've used a shared type of hosting plan I didn't expect too much.

I have been using them since 2004, and I only had some minor problems with them.

One of the main problem is the speed of the server, sometimes, it happens to be slower than an average website.

Their online costumer support was very reliable, each time I've had some problems they answered my questions fast.

The number one problem with them was that they are going to charge you with "upgrades" that you haven't brought, and that you dont need!!

But as far as I'm concernet the price is resonable, and the website that is hosted there seems to rank better than other websites that are hosted on other servers.

Biggest Pro: cheap, webmail,
Biggest Con: not too reliable, slow

Globat Sucks

Recently, I have been using globat to host my website. The problem is, globat sucks. The first problem I had was random downtimes or features of the admin panel being taken down for maintainance, with no notice to me. One day I was trying to upload files, while that feature was being worked on, and currently down. I had no notification of this, so I thought there was a problem. I called up globat, and I explain the problem. The guy on the phone yells at me, saying that I should have known they took down that feature for maintainence. Also, they have an auto install script for wordpress, which is convienient, but they do not notify you of big expliots, and needs to update it. My site was hacked with a wordpress exploit, I explain the situation, and they send a normal response. "We take every step to ensure your bla bla bla, but you are keylogged bla bla bla". I know it was a thing with wordpress just by looking at the log files, and these asses say someone accessed my account to do it because I was keylogged?

Dont use globat.

Biggest Pro: Auto install of awesome scripts such as phpbb2, wordpress, etc.
Biggest Con: Crappy support, confuzing layout, intrusive ads in administration center

Globat Review

Globat worked great for me. I created a website because I went to travel across Europe and I had just bought a new digi-cam and I wanted to be able to upload my pics and vids on the site so everyone could see them back home. My site contained videos, and pictures and I was able to store alot of them. I had tons of space to upload my content and I never ran out. I paid about 100 bucks for the year and my friends and family had no trouble d/l the content, things were fast and all for a reasonable price. The server went down a few times for a short period of time, but it was hardly noticable.

Biggest Pro: Lots of Space

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