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complete waste of money

In search of a good hosting solution, and after reading some comparison charts, i decided to go for .

After just a week or so of active membership (some uptime flaws, reasonable speed, ftp uplod, mysql db, etc), i found myself without access (login error) and the explanation i received was and i quote "..your account and email were found suspect and one of our techs deleted your account...";... just like that!

In addition i was told that the only sollution was to register again. (only a fool would... perhaps).

I immediately replyed that although my account was found suspect (i am yet to know that in detail since no reasonable explanation was given), they did not find my payment on their bank account suspect in any way! (which no refund policy is available).

My advice: be carefull, and AVOID, as you may find yourself with your account deleted, from one day to another, withount ANY explanation, email, etc.

TO AVOID!!, best regards

Biggest Pro: very speedy in receiving our payment and activating the account
Biggest Con: complete tech incompetence (deleting accounts) and inventing escuses to blame customers

Been with them for over 5 years..

I'm going to try and be as forthcoming as I can while leaving out some of the personal attacks some of my predecessors have used in their reviews.

I've been with Globat for more than 6 years. Initially i signed up because at the time I was dealing with a company by the name of LiquidWeb that was just incredibly difficult to deal with. I've got a technical background in Linux so a great deal of the issues that were technical in nature were not as problematic as they might have been for someone else. My primary reason(s) for leaving LiquidWeb? Uptime, server speed, cost. -- Which is probably the primary concern for most users.

So at the time I moved from LiquidWeb to Globat, Globat's draw was the price tag.

Initally things went well but, like others have mentioned, Globat likes to charge you for things you didn't want, didn't request, didn't hint at, didn't approve of, didn't know about. When I say that I literally mean, without warning, they will decide it's a good time of the year to charge you anywhere between $30-$120 for something you didn't even, well, see the previous sentence. And while the first couple of times it seems like an honest mistake, by the 3rd or 4th year you just wait in anticipation for it. The mantra? Shame on me. I should learn from my (or rather their) mistakes.

It is frustrating, no question, but I've come to a point where I'm not as high strung about these sorts of things as I used to be. If you opt to message them through their internal chat system, the results can be productive. Calling them? I wouldn't recommend it, You'll only shorten your lifespan.

Globat was fantastic for the first four years but lately I've been seeing a decline in server performance, customer service, and reliablity (uptime). I can only surmise this issue is related to growing pains. Too many customers taxing systems incapable of handling the load put on them. While this seems understandable and tolerable from an IT standpoint, I don't see many upgrades happening to lessen the blow. Meaning the service that I received many years ago is not what I'm receiving today. Leading me to believe that some of operating profits aren't going where they should to keep customers happy. My contract with Globat is about to expire going into the 7th year, I think at this point it may be time to move on to something better.

For the PRICE it's a good deal. For the reliablity it's an OK deal.

Please make no mistake about it though - if you can deal with the issues it's a fine deal. If you don't have ability to deal with their shortcomings (and there are a few) you should really consider another outfit.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Unwelcome costly random charges.

Globat is a horrible excuse for a business

Do yourself a favor and save some time by just punching yourself in the nose if you are considering using Globat. It is as painful an experience as you will ever have on the internet. The hosting reliability and customer service are horrible. Days can pass before issues that originated with Globat are addressed.

They also have a fun little trick they do with your credit card. They like to send an e-mail to you that looks alot like any other spam. The only difference is that if you don't respond, they sign you up for a useless service that costs $30.

Do yourself a favor and check out the hundreds of people who have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau on Globat. They are quite good at taking money without delivering results.


Globat will bill your credit cards for bogus upgrades that you didn't ask for. They let me domain expire, after charging my credit card. They will force you to call their "Dedicated Cancelation Line" to cancel your account, which you can only do from 9 - 5 PST M-F. The down time was too much, the support was blah, at best and the speed was usually crappy.

Biggest Pro: Learned what crap really is.
Biggest Con: Being billed for unrequested "upgrades"

Globat accident

Here i try to save a buc and I get taken on a 4 day ride.

Thursday I randomly pick globat as my web host. I spend most of the night designing my site.Friday I attempt to upload files they do not take. I call customer service. I end up talking to some man that hardly spoke ENGLISH and gave poor instructions. Just about every phrase he said I followed with "I DONT UNDERSTAND CAN YOU REPEAT THAT". I called back SATURDAY same thing. Monday morning I call and no luck. I am frustrated at this point and I simply tell them I want to cancel service and want a refund. The guy states I need to call the main office which is located in The United States. I responded What! Where the hell have i been calling? He replies The Philipines sir! he gives a 1800 number. I call and of course a machine plays and hangs up on you in the end. I call back to the phili[ines furious and fustrated. The guy is able to cancel my account but as for a refund i need to email them. I do that and get a responses later that day stating I should receive a refund near the end of september. Its now mid july. Why does it take a day to take my money but over a month to get it back???? What a philipino nightmare! My advice go to a web host that isnt outsourced....

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: Biggest Con? They were all Cons!

Those poor CS reps just doing their best to field complaints

THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH FOLKS. Anything worth having will cost you in time or money or both. If it says free beware of the gotcha's. Pony up and invest in the real deal.

I've known about Globat for about 2 years. I never used them, but recommended to a friend because of the free 12 month hosting partner offer from Template Monster. I bought the template ($67.00) to get the free hosting offer. A couple of months or so I was looking to consolidate my hosting accounts for a number of domains I manage. I slowly moved one by one over to Globat and learn after the fact that they don't have a logical admin console along with other management related issues that hamper efficiency.

Beware the billing and marketing tactics. Within days of signing up they'll deluge you with special offer emails offering and additional free hosting account. I received 3 from different people. Not to overlook the sneaky billing of an additional year without your approval not even 2 months after signing up. They'll send you an email offer that you'll wish you had read to opt-out or they'll bill you regardless to whether you respond or not. You have to call them once you discover the charge on your card for a credit. Oh yeah, they also charge you after 12 months for the heavily marketed up to 10 free domains on an account for each domain you added to that single account.

Then I realized they have a very very slow server. A few days ago I discovered the server was taking up to 3 minutes to return a page and ultimately timed out on all domains. Then the server was down four HOURS because they said they had been attacked so they shut each down and rebooted one by one. FTP is touch and go. I discovered today that POP3 email was not being deposited and have been waiting all day for email to show in Inbox 2 support tickets later. Their excuse was that there was some issues at EVERYONE.NET??!! They're outsourcing email!!! What the f**k! I looked up and sure enough they are a 3rd party email service. I didn't sign up for that. Makes me wonder if Globat is paying their bills to their partners.

This is reGDdiculous! I will be moving as soon as I find a reliable Reseller Host.

BTW: As of the conclusion of composing this email I still don't have email. It's been an entire day since the discovery and reporting of no email.

Biggest Pro: free free free
Biggest Con: you get what you paid for...nothing

Globat is good

Globat is one of the better hosts out there. Sure they take a lot of heat of there automatic upgrade program, but if you didn't know there is a simple way to opt yourself out right from their Command Console. All it takes is to login into your account.

As for uptime, I've never really noticed anything wrong. As far as support goes, this is another area that I've personally never needed. i can however talk about thier sales department which has always been helpful to me. I simply called in and asked for a deal, and sure enough I got a great one.

Biggest Pro: Pricing and promo's
Biggest Con: heavy call volume so wait times might be high.

what happened to globat

they went off line from 6am today and its still off line at 430pm same day

no phone no email no anything no contact what so ever they went off thats it

are they still operating ???? don't know

left message with voice mail no call back

am I going to be moving yes am I going to try to get a refund on my money that I paid them YES

am I going to take them to court small claims or anything IF I CAN

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: not on line anymore AT ALL

Globat still exist?

Hey guys...

I have several sites hosted here... today no one works, I went to their site but their own did not worked also....

I feel not too good about this....

Does anyone know if this is temporary or should I expect a very bad notice?


Biggest Pro: Used to be several, but know I am really angry, dissapointed and concerned !!
Biggest Con: unexpected complete shutdown happen on all ny hosted websites without any notice!!

Globat Usage

I have been a Globat customer for many years and I have to admit that I have not encounterd many technical problems until this past year. I have had several problems with email. My mail server was changed a few times and I had some mail missing for a while. I contacted support many times and got the run around. The support was terrible.

I also had problems with an upgrade. I was interested in their pro build products for creating my website as I am not well versed in web development. I looked at the free templates and there was nothing there that met my needs and you have no means to alter them except for the color. I contacted support and asked very pointed questions regarding the capabilities of the upgrade and was assured that it would meet me needs. Needless to say it did not. I contacted billing immediately and explained the situation and they would not refund my money. Considering the fact that I had documented contact with their support staff, I felt that my money should have been refunded.

Biggest Pro: Abundant space for the price, generally good reliability
Biggest Con: Unknowledgable support staff, some language barriers with support, automatic billing

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