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I was crying my heart out because of not once. I hope all their headquarters on top with Globat's owner will go to hell this holiday season. They have a very bad karma because they hurt so many people. Globat will provide you with web-building and shop-cart software that are incompatible with each other, have scrips problems and do not work properly with the Security Certificate that they will charge for it. Your buyers will get warning that your site in insecure and you will lose all your sales. Globat will never credit your money back for their lousy services that do not work or work partially. Globat tech-support will bounce problems from one tech lever to another and nothing will be done month after month. I just stuck with them because they gave me very substantial financial loses that I cannot afford to go forward. I will not able to pay my housing next month because of them. We are a small business and we are trying to make a living for our family. Is there some honest compassionate lawyer and judge who is not corrupted to bring those bustards to court for fraud or those people do not exist anymore in the US?
Globat is cheap? I lost hundreds thousands with them! I lost my dream to bring my business to the next lever to this Christmas. Globat is a bloodsucking shameless, greedy monster!
Globat speed is slow. My website takes 2 minutes to open on Internet Explorer that is crap too. Get Mozilla if you still will another crap-Microsoft.

Biggest Pro: NONE

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GLOBAT sale service & does not provide & too slow web site open

Is this a crime to sale someone a service that is not working, do not fix the problem when they caught, have no integrity to give your money back.

VICTIMS! You need to know this. Globat sales you SSL to secure your shopping cart, to protect you and your buyers from exposing confidential financial information over the Internet. They provide you with software (Shopping cart 11.2) that is not compatible with SSL. Your shop gives warnings to your precious buyers on every browser that it is not secure to buy from your website.

If you have IE browser which is the old stinky slow crap, which gives you senseless warnings all the time; you will think that on all other browsers buyers will ignore warnings too. However on all other better browsers buyers do not bombarded with the senseless warnings and that is why they take warning seriously and will turn away from your site and will not come back and will tell people that your site is not secure to buy. You are wondered why you have no sales month after month with a good product.

When you realize what the problem is and contact Globate tech support your hell will open loose. You can not see them to give them a black eye for a crappy job, cheap and old software, equipment, delays, frustration, financial loses, your black eye from your wife, your diarrhea and no sex for financial troubles and etc.

You never will get Globat boss on the phone who is a fat and happy flying butterfly and is not care about the quality of service of the company that he gave a birth. Nobody care about your problems that Globat caused to you. You can scream and cry and no one will care that your testosterone level dropped to zero.

Finally they will wake up in a week and downgrade your shop to the version 10 that is a crap. This downgrade mess up your shop and more problems will arise. You will not sleep, take shower, eat, you will lose weight, stop hating lawyers and etc.

They cannot fix several problems at the time. You will need to submit a ticket after a ticket. The tech support on the phone is a level one specialist that knows what is an enema is and has no idea where they need to stick it. They will not help you. They will submit the problem to the level 2 who knows what hole they need to stick that enema. The next level 3 who knows that exact anus that enema belongs, will fix one problem, giving you a geeky answer which put you on the next round with a new enema.

Another very bad problem is the slow speed. Your website will open very slowly during the Internet RUSH HOURS when buyers are hunting. The old fart Internet Explorer opens my Globat hosting website in 69 seconds. Download speed on my computer 18Mb right now and I need to wait 69 seconds for each page to opens!!! Mozilla with it fuzzy tail needs 57second. Chrome that I did not like before opens my website in 24 second each page. I’m switching to Chrome and try to lean it. One thing is positive came out from this hell with Globat. I was able to compare what browser is working faster.)

Globat low price? I lost tens thousands $$$ because of Globat phony SSL.

My fight with Globat that is lasting almost a month seems never end. I have no choice to build a new website with my own software and find another hosting. Money back? You will get a bird as an answer. Do you have any suggestions or we just stuck with the criminals. Please advice.

By Mary on June 23rd, 2013 at 20:48 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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I've been with Globat for over 10 years and every minute has been hell. There are constant "upgrades" to your hosting package, with corresponding increases in price. I've had my website hacked twice. I set my plan to NOT auto-renew, which they interpreted as a cancellation. So for the past 3 months, my domain had been host to a site called "Word Quest". When I asked for a refund or three additional months added to my plan for the hassle and loss of business, they refused. I don't know how they stay in business.

Bad Billing Practices

I have never had any complaints about their services, which for me (small-timer) were fine, the site is well-organized, support is good etc...
HOWEVER, the Globat billing practices border on theft or sometimes clearly and simply are theft. E.g. they used to send me emails saying that if I do not opt out of an upgrade, they would simply upgrade my account, and off course they would upgrade the bill accordingly.
I just discovered that they have been charging my credit card for an account that has been closed for ages and that they have added several upgrades to this account. The weird thing is that they are doing this on a credit card that did not even exist at the time I was a client with them. I know it is easy to get confused about such things, but in my case it is clear. After being self-employed (which is why I had the site), I closed the site and went to work for a bank (which is where I got the credit card).
Overall, it does not matter how good their service is, or how cheap they are, I have paid three years of hosting ($500) for a website that did not exist, so I can only recommend to stay far away, and if you have been had, complain to your credit card company immediately. If the credit card companies withdraw their cooperation from Globat, the company is out of business instantaneously, so they do have influence.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Costs in the end

Globats SUCKS!

Prices continues to creep up with renewal. Found it cheaper and more reliable to go with GoDaddy. Moving domains from Globat was a painful experience. They continued to bill for Domain Privacy even after I cancelled my subscription and would NOT refund my money. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANY TO GLOBAT!!!

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Billing practices

Only Interested in your Money

It's almost impossible to cancel your service. Three phones calls later, I'm still being charged. They give you a special phone number to call and cancel your service. The problem is no ever answers that line. I had to contact my credit card company and dispute the bill to have it canceled. Everything is good til you have a problem with this company.

Stay away from Globat

Stay away from this web hosting company! This company practices negative option billing. This is where they send out a notice of a new serice that will be attached to your account unless yoy tell them you do not want it. If you happen to miss a notice suddenly you have new services attached to your account that you don't need and want but have to pay for. I cancelled my account because of this but I just discovered that charges are still going on my credit card from this company. I received confirmayion of my cancellation but the after there are still charges on my crdit card. Looks like this company is a blatant rip off. DON'T GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD NUMBER!! Terrible. There are good hosting companies out there. Don't fall into the Globat trap like some of us have.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Continue to charge credit card after account closed

RUN FAR FAR AWAY from Globat!

The original webmaster for our organization signed up with Globat and I've been dealing with them for the last year. I have decided to move to a new host because our account is about to expire with Globat and their customer support has been so AWFUL. The customer service has been one of the worst that I've even encountered. I have been trying to move my domain name for the last 3 weeks....many emails and literally more than 30 phone calls is still in the works. They have basically been holding our domain hostage and sent me FIVE INVALID Authorization codes. It took a formal complaint to iCANN (the domain regulating organization) to get the correct Authorization code. Then Globat changed the nameservers on the domain and once a transfer has been initiated, no changes can be made until it is complete. This can take up to 14 days (I'm on day 6 with my website down).

RUN, don't walk, AWAY from Globat...I would not push them onto my worst enemy.

Biggest Pro: There are NONE
Biggest Con: HORRENDOUS customer service


Choose globat only if you plan to have no problem.

I had several problems during the + 3 years with GLOBAT.

The only time i got the issue solved I had to write to Lou del RIO (CEO or so).


The support seems to be run by retarder trained monkeys, they can only say they are sorry, and close the ticket.


I only stay because it is prepaid and I hate to pay twice.

Biggest Pro: Apparently cheap (only when subscribing)
Biggest Con: Technical support unexistent

WARNING! True story - skip at your risk

WARNING - this is a true story and if you skip it you have yourself to blame for using Fatcow or Globat for web hosting. So pissed am I that I´m even entering my e-mail address so you can be sure it is legit. Fatcow is Globat - when you call customer service you get the exact same people. Globat´s ratings have gone so far down the toilet that they are trying to fool people with a new name. If you don´t believe me, contact their sales person who screwed up my account, his name is David and his number at Globat is: 877-513-7446, x6947
Over the last couple of years I have endured the worst service by Globat. So I figured things couldn´t get worse, their mistakes were an anomaly, so I didn´t move my account to another host - WRONG. Mistakes are the norm.
Here's my story - stick with it, it becomes a nightmare:
Issue 1: The epic begins. One day in late Nov-2009 I discovered that my 2 domains were suddenly split into separate accounts and I was sent an e-mail stating new monthly charges. WHAT! A call to Customer Support (CS) - and even the rep was baffled because my account allows many domains under 1 account, using the same storage and bandwidth. He said he would fix it and put things back as should be.
Issue 2: Next day I discover that my entire site for domain 2 was completely deleted. On hold for long periods, CS reports "of course you added a domain." NO, your rep combined my account that was separated, I replied. CS - your files were all deleted, you have to upload them. I attempt to do so but my logon info is invalid for domain 2. Another call - oh there´s a different incomprehensible file structure and redirection for domain 2.
Issue 3: Next day I discover that my e-mail accounts for domain 2 are gone. CS - You have to create new accounts because your domain was deleted and added. Attempt with failure, their system won´t let me create any new e-mail account for any domain. Another call, on hold, the CS doesn´t know why. On hold for another 30 minutes. Hang up, call back - I´m told 1st rep went to lunch, but you can now create e-mails. What! I´ve been on hold waiting. Hmmmm, I can hear them scratching their nimble heads. I´m somewhat put off. Supervisor please. He´s sorry for all the inexplicable mistakes, offers to help by giving me free hosting time on my account. Connects me to David.
Issue 4: The nightmare really begins. David checks my account. I still have 9 months left. My rate was higher and they have a better, cheaper package. He´ll refund my 9 months and charge me for 1 year at the better rate. Ok, I agree. Later that day, my account info shows no refund, my credit card was charged, my renewal is at double the rate. Call back to David - "don´t worry now, call back in 1 year if you have problems." RIGHT! You´re going to remember me in 1 year. Where´s my refund for the 9 months?
Issue 4 on steroids: E-mails later and calls on hold, CS Billing Dept - sir you account expires in 1 year. Yes, I know, David change it. But I had 9 months left originally. I want everything put back to the way it was, expire in 9 months, refund for the 1 year charge. I want nothing from you, and I will not renew. CS - Our info doesn´t show that you had 9 months, prove it. WHAT! That´s right, prove it. Are you kidding? CS - We have no records, we can´t look up anything, the company was bought about 11 months ago and we lost all our records. You´ll have to prove it or live with it. So I dig through e-mails and records and find an e-mail from... the Billing Dept. A few days later my account is put back in original state.
In all, I spent 5 hours on the phone with these morons just to get my account back to it´s original state, 2 domains under 1 package. Several times on hold the line went dead and no call back. I had to prove I had an account and it´s expiration. No one gave a s__t that I had endured such a mess. Thinly veiled apologies and boiler plate e-mails "We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you."
YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! If you decide to use Fatcow or Globat, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Biggest Pro: non
Biggest Con: Customer Service

FTP times out, Tech Support rude & incompetent, Forced upgrades

My needs are simple. I am a film composer that needs to send files back and forth with my clients. I've run into so many issues with downloading files via FTP. I can't download larger files, it times out. I called, the tech in some who knows what country, knew nothing of how to resolve this problem, I asked to speak with a manager and the support guy rambles on and refuses to let me speak and hangs up. Double negatives here..have a problem that shouldn't be an issue and then horrible support. I will be working on changing hosts and am anxious to spread the word on how horrible Globat is. DO NOT use this host. In fact, you will be given "offers" to upgrade and if you don't reply to decline the "offer" your service will be upgraded automatically and you will be charged for it! INSANE! I had to spend hours battling over two years of upgrades that yielded of hundreds of dollars that I didn't agree to and have it pulled directly out of my account. DO NOT USE THIS HOST, You will regret it as I have, be smarter then me and take my advice.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: FTP times out, Horrible support, forced upgrades

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