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I have been using Gigenet for well over a year now and I have to say their service is flawless. My server is always up and running top notch. Their network has an excellent blend of providers that provide great speeds to everywhere. Support typically answers all my tickets within 10 minutes.

I have been using dedicated server providers since 2000 and I have to say Gigenet is by far the best!

Biggest Pro: Uptime/Reliability
Biggest Con: None

gigeservers review!

Okay, so I have switched to gigeservers a little over 3 months ago, I am currently with a reseller of them on there high risk protected network, sharing a server with someone.

There speeds are very fast, I haven't had one time it's been slow, or lag.

I have had a few hours of downtime due to software messing up but nothing being there fault.

I've had some big attacks[DDOS, HTTPD FLOOD, ETC], and small attacks yet my site has still held up to them, along with using iptables and a simple script everything has been taken care of, without any downtime, and they don't just NULL your ip like most isps or just try to cancel you because they can't handle things.

Price is very good, you get what you pay for, I pay $100 a month with 20% off, so it comes to about $80.

I get 500gigs of transfer, and 1024mb of ram.

I can mention the reseller if anyone wants, but any support I have needed hasn't taken longer then 2 hours to respond, or fix.

So I am going to have to say I love gigeservers and I plan on sticking with them a long time, I know they have always been good, but after being through host after host, or having my site attacked once there so quick to send the letter to cancel you or tell me, sorry we can't host you anymore.

Anyways I'm giving them and the reseller, an A+

Gigenet continues to offer us top-notch service!

We began using Gigenet in January of 2007 when we released a new hosting environment to our clients. Gigenet has offered us an extremely reliable service at a very affordable price!

There have been few instances where we've needed to contact custom service, however, our questions were answered quickly and accurately.

Gigenet has my vote for any type of service -- be it shared, VPS, dedicated, or colocation! We'll continue to use Gigenet as our main server provider for a very long time.

Keep up the great work Gigenet!

Biggest Pro: Everything!
Biggest Con: Nothing!

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