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All websites are closed immediately

I'm a Gazzin customer for nearly five years. A week ago my all websites are hosted on closed immediately.

When I type URL of my websites, different Arabic web sites are opened instead of my website.

I havent ever seen these websites whole of my life.

I cant access my WHM and CPanels. I cant login and I cant access my accounts.

I've sent nearly 20 messages to support center of Gazzin.

But anyone cant solve my problem and my websites are still closed.

I loss money , reliability for customer.

Supporting team are always answering my questions but on this problem anyone cant re-load my websites.

Proof you get what you pay for

I've been with nearly 4 years.
At first everything was great except their system was initially setup so that I could not administer my reseller account. However, a quick request to add ownership of my reseller/primary account followed by a couple quick responses and it was resolved.

Since then I have notified them of a non functional knowledgebase which is still broke.
I have made request on several occasions to fix email and sendmail which they have.
Then once all my scripts quit working.
Then my site or their server was hacked.
One time because they changed billing software, they charged me a late fee when I was setup for recurring CC payments. They fixed it but didn't refund the fee. They acted like it was my fault somehow. After having a few issues like this its easy to remind yourself, its cheap, what can you expect.
Then came the addhandler issue that required 36 posts between myself and support before they decided it would be easier to move me to a new server then to fix it, which caused more issues like the ones already mentioned plue more of my time.
And the latest which has inspired this post, They moved me again without notice and I was unable to access anything. WHM, cpanel, FTP plus the sites was down. I created a ticket only to find that their new support suite wont let you respond or even open a previous ticket. What kind of company thinks they can survive doing business like that? At their request, I have given them the passwords to the sites and services for which they gave me one password for all. I'm thinking, okay, I don't see the need for a password change but WHM can change them back. The password didn't work and I still can not access anything however the sites are back up. They insist they can access everything and "everything is working fine" after me telling them otherwise more than once. They tell me the issue is resolved and therefore they are closing the ticket. I told them go ahead cause I'm looking elsewhere. A week ago I would have recommended gazzin but in this light I think not.

I've given a 5 for uptime & reliability only because of the uptime, they have proven to me to be unreliable.

Tech support & knowledge got a 5 only because they do answer tickets but in my opionion
they are lacking some administative knowledge.

Customer service & billing same as above.

Price value for the money, a 5 only because of the price, value for the money would mean to me it has been worth my headaches and time which it has not.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: administration


Have been a long time customer, I'm VERY disappointed with the poor level of service on all fronts. I host many client domains (and have lost a lot) and in the past month, our server has been down 5 times, for anywhere between 90 minutes and 18 hours. They had problems back when I first got service with them. They claimed it was because I was on a shared server, so I moved up, paid more for their virtual private server ( their recommendation) I still had problems. Then they recommended I move to a dedicated private server and that would resolve my downtime issues. I went from $15.95 per month at a shared level to $179 per month service level at dedicated even though my bandwidth and storage needs were no where near needing a dedicated level of service. Since then, we've been moved twice more to alleviate 'problems'. We finally hit smooth waters for a short time, then the power supply failed. I understand components fail, but they were not monitoring our server, I happened to be out of town, and our server was down for at least 8 hours before I noticed, and another 22 hours while they figured out what they needed to do to fix it. 30 hour downtime for a power supply that I should not have even noticed being down?
Another issue has been IP RBL for email to hotmail, msn, juno etc. Resolution for this took 6 months, numerous trouble tickets, and finally getting the owner(?) involved. Once he was involved, amazingly the problem was temporarily resolved within a couple days, only to return less than 30 days later.


• NO PHONE NUMBER to contact them
• NO LIVE CHAT to contact someone immediately. Used to have this.
• NO SERVER MONITORING in case your server goes down
• CRYPTIC EMAIL REPLIES to server issues and resolution
• NO POST-MORTUM on resolved issues
• ONLINE TICKETING BARELY FUNCTIONAL. you cannot view ticket details!
• OFTEN SLOW RESPONSE TIMES even when ticket is marked CRITICAL! Sometimes DAYS!
• SERVICE RELATED ISSUES CAN DRAG OUT MONTHS and multiple trouble tickets opened before finally being resolved

Need I say more?


Increasing Problems ...

They are loosing quality. in this moment all my sites are down for more than 3 Hours .. a year ago one database get corrupted they can get me a backup with an old database one client lost all data.

I must say that in this 2 years some months were really good zero problems but in the last months this downtime problems happens more often. i'm searching for another provider.

Some Tickets :

Note : ping responds but sites are not loading at all. Im givin an 8 the price its very good and has a small an well balanced resellers plans

Extremely satisfied using their service!

I'd like to share with you my personal experience with gazzin. I have been using its services for more than 4 months and I have never had any problems with it, except one time I had downtime, but it lasted for about 20 minutes. I am using its Basic shared hosting plan. Since the time I hosted my website with this really reliable, honest and competent company. I'd like to say that they have support team which is always willing to help you if you need it. During the time I have been dealing with them, network uptime is perfect and when I had some technical questions, their support was always ready to assist. I am thankful this secure company again for good services. I highly recommend this web hosting provider to those who are looking for reliable company.

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