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The Best

They are not well known and maybe that's for the best because they haven't turned into some ad riddled mega giant Walmart of webhosts. You are NEVER inundated with pop up ads, messy interfaces...Futurequest is amazing. Submit a support ticket and you turn around to find they've responded with lightning speed and they're ALWAYS right. Brilliant. The control panel is simple, large font, easy to navigate. The only site I've ever had down with them was Hostway's fault for being a lousy registrar and Futurequest figured it out for me in no time. Plus, it's always the same two guys that I speak to. Amazing! What service!

Biggest Pro: Best Support
Biggest Con: Nothing

FutureQuest Best Web Hosting Company!

FutureQuest: best choice Web Hoster!
I have had a website + IRM with FutureQuest since 2006 and unfortunately have to stop running those sites, but I am already sorry to leave FQ.

All that make their success is their high quality support (24 hours a day/365 days a year) with a smile.
plus their remarkable uptime, as well as the speed and responsiveness and proactive security measures and monitoring systems. Another very appreciated Plus: a dedicated Ip address, and ssh, ftp, user control panel, many email addresses. Everything for everyone.

The full monty for anyone who is looking for a Great web hosting experience free of hassle!

Furthermore FutureQuest packages are not expensive at all, although quality and peace of mind have a price and with FutureQuest your website is running free of unpleasant adverts unlike many cheap hosting companies...

In the Uk or France I could have chosen 1&1, but would they offer such a good service and people ready to answer my mails in the next minute? I doubt it.
I am leaving 5 years after I joined FQ and their wonderfully helpful community of happy customers and I am sorry to leave, but if I choose to run another site later, FutureQuest will be my only choice again. They are a great company and deserve you joining them!
Thank you FutureQuest for your excellent service!

Biggest Pro: Outstanding customer service

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FutureQuest an Excellent web hosting company

I am leaving FQ, only because I have no use for my website anylonger, but I am sorry to leave them.

I had carefully chosen FutureQuest after a long and thorough research on the net before even buying my domain name and when I eventually created my website, FutureQuest was my only choice.
I have never been disappointed, and never regretted my choice, and I stayed with them 5 years.

They are great people, who offer a great service, their customer service is paramount. And their systems are running without any problem.
Some other competitor may offer a cheap package (as someone said on the previous comment) but your site may be cluttered with publicities. None of that with FutureQuest, and knowing that they are there to reply your mail in the next minute you send it, and always polite and pleasant, make the great difference!

People at FutureQuest are so helpful, it makes a totally new experience!
If I make another website I will come back to them.

I am sorry to leave them, and I wish my comment will bring new customers to this wonderful company!

By oliver.e on January 17th, 2012 at 09:54 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Unix | Email: [Logged]

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Absolutely fantastic service

The best service in the business. Always quick to respond, always polite, always know what they're doing, and they *always* fix a problem when it arises. They have even on occasion worked to fix things that were clearly "off the menu" -- not a part of the schedule of services.

They will not provide tech support for things that are not a part of their system. If you need help with your HTML or your PHP, they direct you to the forums. The forums are full of helpful people with a wealth of knowledge, but there is of course no guarantee that someone on the forum will solve your particular problem.

FutureQuest provides post-mortems of outages. They inform people well ahead of time for scheduled maintenance. They're honest, and their tech people frequently chime in on the forums to give the whys and there wherefores of the web business. If you're on shared hosting and you're doing something that's a threat to their other customers, they speak to you frankly (and politely) about it.

I just can't say enough good things about this host. (Only gave an 8 on the billing because they could make things easier for resellers. They're not doing anything wrong, but if there's an area they could expand their services to make my life easier, this is it.)

Biggest Pro: Best service. Period.

Once great, now mediocre

FutureQuest was once a great hosting company. Top notch tech support, awesome forum, unbeatable uptime, and more. FutureQuest was really an industry leader.

Today, FutureQuest is a stale, overpriced, underpowered, and unreliable hosting company (relative to their competitors). The forum, once a large selling feature, is mostly quiet and no longer a very helpful community resource. Competitors have continued to improve uptime and service, while lowering prices, but FutureQuest has not been able to keep pace. Part of the reason is that it is locked into its own proprietary systems that it has been unable or unwilling to invest in improving. Another problem with the proprietary system is that glitches have caused problems for several years that FutureQuest has been unable to track down. An announcement of a server restart is made on an almost daily basis, which is not good when you consider FutureQuest is not a massive hosting company.

FutureQuest's reseller program pales in comparison to what competitors offer and FutureQuest does not really have a good understanding of a modern reseller program. They do not offer their resellers tools to enable efficient account management and they have changed the terms so that the financial incentives are not very compelling either.

Biggest Pro: Historical quality
Biggest Con: Outdated

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