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I had the misfortune to host a site with fused networks for a little under 8 months.
in that time I had lost count at the number of times the Owner David McKendrick was abusive to me.
His emails were just plain abusive,rude and abrupt-I actually think this guy has a major personality disorder and should be kept away from customers because he just lacks any sort of customer facing skills.Honestly,I could not believe how rude the owner of the company could be to his customers.

Biggest Pro: quick replies from support but some replies are absusive and nasty-who needs that
Biggest Con: David McKendrick-Definitley a classic sociapath-AVOID like the plague

Reliable hosting and friendly service

I've been with Fused for 3+ years to my knowledge. In that time I've seen a few outages on the shared system and every time, I've received emails outlining everything that was happening. Every time I've asked for help, someone replies in less than an hour, which is as fast as I'll ever need.

Simply put, reliable, efficient service and help when I need it. David does have a lot of involvement with the business as previous comments have indicated but I find it refreshing. I smile how now people want impersonal, uncaring support people who just "do their job" that they can abuse or harass at will. If you're not updating your installations, setting up huge cron jobs on a shared server or otherwise being dumb - you shouldn't be here. David will close you down and give your your data without delay. Should you be babysat for this?

If I was going to use shared space to TEST jobs, I'd be using my linux server at home and setup virtual machines. If you don't have the ability to do that, get a dedicated host. For shared hosting, this is a great place to be if you are a good shared hosting netizen and can handle yourself. I'm staying here for sure.

Fused has been fair to me and I'm happy to be fair with them. I was with two hosts at the usual $3.99 a month or whatever and then I couldn't even get my data back, so I'd rather deal with someone who doesn't take any c*** than someone who ignores me.

Biggest Pro: Fast servers, good plans, reliable uptime
Biggest Con: David won't babysit you if you are dumb.

Seen the rest ...

It is true that this last year (2010) has seen an increase in downtime. There's no avoiding that it seemed to start when the supplier affected multiple resellers (such as Fused) and created a major boondoggle throughout the whole USA and Canada network that no-one expected.

Personally, I've never had any bad service from David at all. He answers his phone when called on the 800 number, has recently increased his staff to handle the new business and the reliability issues are being handled in a professional manner.

I've been all around the place when it comes to internet Service Providers and I feel secure that I've probably found one of the best in Fused. That's not to say they're perfect (we all wish that of course but it's not attainable) but when I called my previous ISP about a problem, all I got was a taped message to leave my name and number and they'd call back when they could. I'm still waiting for CANACA to call back .... At elast David answers his phone.

The csot is not expensive in comparison. As always you will get what you pay for (CANACA was really cheap [proves my point]). They are entirely reasonable in cost, service and I would recommend them to any of my friends. As for my enemies, CANACA is great !!!! LMAO

Biggest Pro: Service answering by real people.
Biggest Con: Downtime they can't control. but 98% of the time, I'm up and fine

Fused is Rude

After a few years of rude and abusive support from the owner, David McKendrick, I finally left.

NEVER have I experienced such a rude and uncaring owner of a company. He also tries to do about 90% of the tech support and is over worked and stressed. After what I experienced, it seems that David should never be allowed to have any interaction with the customer.

Biggest Pro: good uptime
Biggest Con: Owner is borderline psychotic

A mixed bag

I was really impressed by their service and quick response to emails at first, and recommended them to a lot of people. Something seems to have gone horribly wrong over the last year though. Downtime is on the rise, and support is growing more erratic. David McKendrick, apparently the CEO, now responds to emails in a very terse and condescending manner. Maybe he's only interested in larger clients and my three domains aren't enough to be bothered with.

A couple of months ago my account was suspended without any notification, I had to go to the site and see a suspended message to find out. I emailed to ask what the problem was, and the full text of the response was: "Billing related issues." I responded explaining that I never missed a payment, and got a response from David saying he'd look into it. I never heard anything else about the issue, but my account came back online. Terrible experience, but I let it go because previous service had been great.

Today I found my account suspended again, and again there was no email notification and I had to go the the page to find out. I emailed to ask what the problem was, and received a terse response saying that my account had a virus, that it had been a virus the last time as well, and that he is closing my account. Pretty surreal, but I'm well rid of them.

Biggest Pro: Tech support was good
Biggest Con: Erratic service, Unstable CEO


I've been with Fused network for roughly 3-4 years, with 8 sites hosted with them, and more to come.

Their uptime and reliability if phenomenal! Over the years I've hosted with them, there's only 2 instances that I can recall unscheduled outages. Obviously, like all hosts they have scheduled outages for updates and all, but those don't count. Their uptime is great! I know I can always count on my sites being online, which is a great feeling.

The speed of their servers are very fast. I'm currently working on a CRM for a roofing company, and we have some very extensive, and heavy, MSQL queries + PHP functions and all that good stuff, and their servers handle them with no problem! Whether you need just a static site, or a dynamic site, their servers are fast enough to handle what you need!

Their tech support is great. They respond within minutes, even if it's 3 in the morning with a ticket at low priority. And their responses are always helpful and accurate, none of these cookie cutter answers.

Customer Service is great. They have a very nice and loose way, where they're able to have fun with their clients. I always get a nice laugh to their responses. I understand some people can't handle sarcasm and all and have said they have horrible support that are rude, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. They have excellent support.

Definitely the best bang for the buck.

Biggest Pro: Excellent Customer Service
Biggest Con: None that I can think of.

Worst Host Ever

Horrible attitude. One of the worst hosts I have ever dealt with. Very unprofessional. Instead of being understanding when I contacted them after finding my site down with a "bandwidth exceeded" and no warning that it was coming up on exceeding, i get yelled at and sworn at and my account killed.

They are horrible, pathetic hosts and I would recommend everyone avoid them like the plague.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: David McKendrick

Go with Fused.

Of all the help that David has provided me on getting my site up and running, praise is the minimum he and his team at Fused deserves. They go all out to help you. When I started to look for a web host, I was skeptical about all the big names. All my friends told me horror stories they had about the web hosting and customer service nightmares. I have been a customer of Fused for over a year now and would never think about switching to another web host.

Biggest Pro: Customer service. Customer service, customer service
Biggest Con: none.

I'm glad I switched hosts

I used to be with GoDaddy for a few months but I ran into speed issues so I decided to switch to Fused Network. After 3 months, all I could say is that they're really good.

There are two things that I like about their service 1) Support and 2) Speed (speed of my site and speed of their support). After moving my site, I ran into some problems and even if it was my fault, David still helped me fix the problem. Response time was anywhere between 5 mins to an hour, I am really pleased with their support. Fused has been hosting my site for about 3 months and so far, the service is really good, no more slow websites or timeouts. They may not be the cheapest host around but you certainly get your money's worth.

Biggest Pro: Excellent tech and customer service
Biggest Con: Price

Great Service

FusedNetwork, in the dictionary I am sure it says "See - Impeccable Customer Service"

I figured I would update you guys since most people don't bother coming back and telling how their hosting has been going unless something goes wrong, which gives the host a bad name.

I could never say anything bad about fused network... they go above and beyond what any other host offers as far as willing to do stuff for their customers. David really cares about you and your website. He is willing to help you thrive. If you need help or an answer to something, or you need help doing something, a quick email to support and you get a reply usually within 15 minutes (I don't even think the man sleeps )

Seriously... They might have slightly higher prices (and they are not EXTREMELY high... just they aren't the cheap-o hosting) you get, however, what you pay for... I promise you will not be displeased with them.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service
Biggest Con: Price

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