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Overall RatingFootnote 2 68%
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after an 8 day running battle with paid tech support, my issue will not be addressed and a refund will NOT be provided. I have had this site running on this server for 5 years, and suddenly they no longer support PATH_INFO or SSI. This causes 90% of my site to be 404 not found and the remainder of the pages to be garbled and completely un-readable. The billing department was able to get more information in 1 hour about the servers than tech support could in 8 days! It took another 3 days to address my question about a refund.

They make it easy to set up a website, and have OK uptime, but if you have a problem, they just don't care!

Biggest Pro: Equal opportunity employer
Biggest Con: Tech support is can't read

Best webbuilding for newbies!

Their are tons of webhosting services out their that have become very popular. Among those freewebs I believe ranks the best. As a newbie in web building, I believe this is a stepping stone to become a great web designer and builder. Their paypal checkout progam is for newbies and experienced businesses. It is so simple in fact that you can make a full working websites within an hour or so. They also have 100's of customily beautiful templates which looks very professional. I have a small t-shirt business and freewebs has made me over 200 dollars in 2 weeks with their paypal checkout. When I become more experienced with web designing I know that I will still be using freewebs for my online business

Biggest Pro: Web building
Biggest Con: can sometimes be slow is the best site for begginers

Freewebs is by far the best host for new web developers out their. It gives you a step by step intro on how to develop a professional website while not having to do much work! They have templates that professional web designers takes hours or even days to complete. I have never seen Freewebs in downtime mode. Its always 100% uptime reliability. Their technical support team are one of the best I have ever talked to. When I have a problem, they know exactly what to do. I give an overall ration of 9.8.

Biggest Pro: Easy to use, great support, 100 % uptime reliability, Great for begginers
Biggest Con: No ftps or mysql,

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